50 Best Facebook Marketing Groups

Written By Taylor Ryan
August 13, 2020

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Let’s get started with The Best Facebook Marketing Groups to help you connect!

As marketers, there is never a moment of having enough knowledge and resources. Finding the newest information can be challenging, however. We have found out that the best source for the newest marketing trends and practices are actually coming from Facebook marketing groups!

That is why we made a research on Facebook resources for Marketing and Growth-Hacking.

Here we are presenting you a list of 50 Best Facebook Marketing Groups out there! Each group is handpicked, and focuses on marketing and growth hacking discussions!

Every Facebook Marketing Group is different – in group size, focus, rules and guidelines. Every marketer, either beginner or advanced, will find something which suits them.

Check every one of them and decide which one you want to be a part of.

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50. Product & Growth with Josh Fechter

50. Product & Growth with Josh Fechter

This Facebook Marketing Group is all about sharing, learning about marketing tactics. No matter what your position is in the company, this group will help you to grow. 

Lately, the group has seen a decrease in regular posts. However, when looking at the older post it still has a lot of value.

Number of members: 25,486

49. Traffic And Copy

Traffic And Copy

Traffic And Copy is a forum for entrepreneurs who want to share their knowledge with fellow friends. Topics are Growth-Hacking, Copywriting, and Entrepreneurship.

This group has been operational for 4 years and it is still active. There is a new post every week, discussing the latest trends in digital marketing.

Number of members: 12,385

48. GrooveLearning – an Entrepreneur Community

GrooveLearning – an Entrepreneur Community

GrooveLearning is promoting itself as a group only for learning, so no selling involved. It is focused mainly on marketing for new entrepreneurs.

The group regularly has in-depth discussions about small business marketing and creative ways to generate revenue. 

Mingling with like-minded entrepreneurs can reveal growth secrets you didn’t think about!

Number of members: 12,280

47. Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers community is the oldest Facebook Marketing Group revolving around social media.

Here, experts can learn and help each other with any social media related challenges.

Members submit on average 15 new posts every day, and the number of members is growing regularly – 1,000 members last month.

Number of members: 37,489

46. SEO & Marketing Ballers

SEO & Marketing Ballers

It is a private Facebook Marketing Group for SEO and other marketing tactics. It is one of the smaller groups, but a very engaging one.

The rules here are easy – no spamming or promoting your own products.

Smaller groups are great as the members will take time to respond. In general, the group serves in-depth answers to your question.

Number of members: 4,281

45. Facebook Advertising Experts

Facebook Advertising Experts

Facebook Advertising Experts engages ad managers who want to grow their business fast! This forum is a great way to learn more about different types of advertising.

Post here if you need some helpful tips for your business, for example for your Facebook ads campaigns.

Find the best ways to increase your ad budget ROI, and share successs stories with fellow marketers!

Number of members: 8,984

44. Digital Marketing Questions

Digital Marketing Questions

This Facebook Marketing Group is a place to answer your marketing questions. The discussion topics in the group are about digital marketing – PPC, SEO, SoMe, and Analytics.

People mostly ask for help and get their answers pretty quickly. If you have urging questions, and need of experts’ opinion. this group will be the right place for you!

Number of members: 14,518

43. Digital Marketing Hub

Digital Marketing Hub

This group is one of the bigger Digital Marketing hubs on Facebook. It is a good place to learn, and share your knowledge with other marketers.

The group activity circles around one post a day. One of the ground rules is no promotion or spam.

With the strict rules and just a few posts a week, this group is featuring only high-quality content and discussions.

Number of members: 46,158

42. Learn Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing

Learn Digital Marketing is one of the largest Facebook Marketing Groups available to learn digital marketing via Facebook.

The group admins are strict about rules and guidelines that need to be followed. 

This community is very active, having 1,000 new posts every month. The discussions vary from SEO, content creation, PR, SEM, to funnel building and amplification.

Number of members: 165,940

41. Growth Hacking Secrets

Growth-Hacking secrets

This Facebook marketing group is about growth-hacking marketing. It requires constant engagement from the members.

The group admins organise the group with several smart links for questions.

It is all about growth hacking and finding creative ways to market your products.

Number of members: 4,047

40. Future Marketing

Future Marketing

Future markting is the place to learn how other businesses are getting their market share.

It is a forum to exchange and gain knowledge, from tricks to hacks of others. Moreover, the group admins supply their members with free marketing tools.

This group is highly focused on testing new solutions and showcasing trends.

Number of members: 6,178

39. SaaS Growth Hacks

SaaS Growth Hacks

This forum claims to help many members to grow their SaaS company. It provides knowledge and tricks around this topic.

Around 600 posts every month makes the group very engaging and up-to-date.

SaaS Growth hacks have multiple well-known growth hackers on board, that frequently share their experiences and findings.

Number of members: 18,333

38. Marketing & Growth Hacking

Marketing & Growth Hacking

Marketing & Growth-Hacking is all about marketers helping each other with best practices and tactics.

This Facebook Marketing Group revolves around marketing, growth-hacking, SEO, analytics.

One of the refreshing approaches in this group is that every member must provide a summary of interesting articles they have found – so not just dry links.

Number of members: 5,835

37. LinkedIn Growth Hackers

LinkedIn Growth Hackers

This forum focuses solely on LinkedIn and how to get the most out of this platform. Owners of different businesses are here to spread their techniques. 

Their 4 core values are support, share, learn and network.

There is no place for spam or promotion here. This group reserved for entrepreneurs who aim to succeed with help of LinkedIn.

Number of members: 5,198

36. Digital Marketing – (SEO, SMO, SEM Jobs)

Digital Marketing - (SEO, SMO, SEM Jobs)

This digital marketing group covers many marketing ategories, such as content, SEO, SEM, etc.

It is a great resource for both beginners and advanced professionals in the field.

Admins are encouraging the group to post their latest experiments with SEO.  This group grows rapidly with 10,000+ members every month.

Number of members: 216,912

35. Females in Social Media & Digital Marketing

Females in Social Media & Digital Marketing

This Facebook Marketing Group is reserved only for women in digital marketing. This approach creates a great community with like-minded people.

Learn and grow professionally with other females all around the globe. 

This is a safe place for all female marketers out there. The group is growing at a fast pace and features 1,500 posts every month.

Number of members: 13,233

34. Sales / Marketing Executives

The sales / Marketing Executives Facebook group was created with one idea in mind – exchanging information and supporting each other.

It is a great place to get free help from professionals, that you would have to pay for otherwise.

Everyone can contribute by sharing valuable information such as marketing articles, videos, growth hacking tips, and others.

The owner of this Facebook marketing group, Jonathan Weaver, believes that this group can help others with their business and lifestyle goals.

Number of members: 21,136

33. Marketing Strategies for Business Leaders

Marketing Strategies for Business Leaders

The group led by Unicorn Innovations is here to support its members.

The group occasinally allows promotional advertisements for recommended tools that can help your business grow

Within three years of existence, the group manages over 16.000 members with an average of 11 posts a day.

Number of members: 16,122

32. Social media and network marketing

social media and network marketing

Social media has been a ‘hot’ topic for the last couple of years.

Here you can learn more from thousands of members around the world about their social media and network marketing tricks.

This is one of the oldest groups – created 10 years ago. It has around 1,000 posts every day. The number of members is growing steadily by 10,000 monthly.

Number of members: 170,522

31. Marketing for Women in Business

Marketing for Women in Business

This group is all about Marketing and Business development for women.

Female entrepreneurs can get insights on how to be a ‘pro’ in the business world. Women from all over the world can support, learn, and share in this forum. 

It is one of the oldest marketing groups – 11 years of existence. There are around 200 posts daily.

Number of members: 50,205

30. Instagram Marketing Secrets

Instagram Marketing Secrets

This Facebook Marketing Group is about growth strategies for Instagram.

It is open for anyone who wants improve organic growth on their Instagram profile or business page.

This relatively new group (created 1 year ago) is bringing 1,000 new members monthly.

Its discussions feature organic growth, IG automation tools, engagement pods, Influencer partnerships, and the newest trends on the platform.

Number of members: 12,299

29. Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO

Digital Marketing, SEO, SMM, SMO

Become a better marketer by learning digital marketing from group members and their uploaded videos.

This group engages over 60.000 marketers. 

It is a place to be if you want to learn digital marketing in a new way.

With 5000+ members joining every month, this group features discussions and trending topics.

Number of members: 67,089

28. Humans of Digital Marketing ☑️

Humans of Digital Marketing ☑️

Humans of Digital Marketing is a forum for all different ways of online marketing.

This is the perfect place to share and get knowledge from like-minded marketing specialists.

This marketing group is specialized in SEO, SMO, SEM, SMM, Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Marketing, E-commerce Marketing & Web Analytics.

Number of members: 94,344

27. The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage

The Daily Carnage group focuses on providing the latest news from the marketing world.

Marketers have a great chance to stay up-to-date with the everlasting marketing field.

This group’s slogan is to ”Get ready to break free from the monotony”.  There are around 33 new posts every day that makes 1,000+ monthly. 

Number of members: 11,868

26. Word Workers

Word Workers

This group is made for copywriters, content creators, researchers, students, pro novelists, etc.

This place serves them as a way to get support in this field of creative marketing.

You can share your struggles here and develop yourself in writing or find great writers for your blog or newsletter.

The group is relatively small but very engaging.

Number of members: 4,730

25. CXL – Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth

CXL - Conversion Optimization, Analytics & Growth

Do you wonder how to get more conversions for your business? If so, this group will help you to get all the answers to this topic.

You will learn more about Conversion, Optimization, Analytics & Growth.

This group is active, its knowledgeable members will answer any question, and you can be sure to find answers to your marketing challenges.

Number of members: 9,125

24. Marketing Solved

Marketing Solved

Marketing Solved serves us as a community to get more insights, tricks, and offers for the marketing field.

It is a great place to be if you are on the lookout for digital marketing-related deals, news, trends, etc.

It is all about engagement, answering questions, and providing expertise.

Number of members: 17,910

23. Charm Offensive

Charm Offensive

This group is about digital business, and how to grow it.

If you are looking for more resources on growth-hacking – this is the place to be.

Jon Buchan, the creator of the group, has been a marketer for many years.

Jon’s expertise and fellow member knowledge make great discussions and provide answers to any questions.

Number of members: 12,552

22. Coffee With Dan

Coffee With Dan

Coffee with Dan is a vibrant group for all growth hackers.

It’s about doing the work and getting shit done.

The group started as a way to be productive for the admin, but now it serves thousands of entrepreneurs in gaining and exploring more of growth-hacking.

Join and learn about the mindset of a Growth hacker!

Number of members: 16,886

21. NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group

NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group

Here you can learn about the niche marketing of affiliate marketing. Nichehacks are created especially for growth-hacking and digital marketing.

This group has strict rules to follow, such as no promotion, no spam, regular activity, and respect for other members.

Number of members: 55,441

20. Stacking Growth

Stacking Growth

Do you want to grow and boost your business? This is THE place to be.

Stacking Growth is a community that focuses on influencers, innovations, brands, and digital marketing.

This group may seem low in its members, but it is regularly active with meaningful discussions covering trendy topics.

Number of members: 4,079

19. The Smart Passive Income Community

The Smart Passive Income Community

This community is about spreading knowledge in online business, blogging, and podcasting.

You are not allowed to self-promote, but you can learn a lot from this forum and its members.

Digital marketers with experience will find it a useful place to reach out and get a chance to be featured in fellow marketer podcasts or blogs.

Number of members: 44,135

18. The Social Media Geek Out

The Social Media Geek Out is a place for all marketers who want to share ideas, jokes, or memes within their field.

It is a laid-back group with many resources.

This group is safe place for all social media managers who want to share and learn together.

There 700+ new posts every month that make the group active.

Number of members: 15,271

17. PICASSO Content Marketing

PICASSO Content Marketing

Content Marketing is everywhere and this group is helping with navigating around it.

This group is highly specialized in Designrr, Kudano, and Picasso.

Here, you can post your suggestions, ideas, and tips about those platforms, as well as content marketing in general.

It is an active group, with new posts coming up every day.

Number of members: 17,650

16. Ahrefs Insider

Ahrefs Insider

Ahrefs insider group is all about the Ahrefs marketing tool.

This group provides its members with knowledge, information, and tricks about this tool.

Join this knowledgeable space to learn more about Ahrefs, SEO and marketing.

Ahrefs has created one of the leading digital marketing tools and joined the best SEOs in one Facebook group.

Number of members: 10,383

15. Superstar SEO

Superstar SEO

Superstar SEO is a place for both beginning and advanced marketers who work closely with SEO.

Being one of the more prominent marketing and SEO groups, it serves great insights into the field of digital marketing.

The group admins and active members regularly provide everyone with free resources to learn more about online marketing.

The group is getting bigger by 1,000+ members every month.

Number of members: 55,155

14. Growth Marketing +

Growth Marketing +

Do you know how to effectively grow your business?

This place will help you to find answers in online business, SaaS, SEO, and digital marketing.

The group consists of members willing to share, gain, and learn more from each other.

Number of members: 55,155

13. USA UK SEO & Online Marketing Group

USA UK SEO & Online Marketing Group

This USA/UK based group is a forum to share tips, information, and ideas on online marketing.

Everyone is welcome, even though the group is based in the USA and UK.

It is a place to exchange knowledge about SEO, blogging, online marketing, link building, blog exchange, and email marketing.

If you are owning a small web business, website, or blog – this is a great forum for you.

Number of members: 100,906

12. Digital Marketing Enthusiasts

This is one of the largest groups for digital marketing. It is a Facebook community for all marketers who want to grow and learn from each other.

It is divided into 3 main pillars – SEO, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. There are 1,000+ posts every day and the group is still growing in terms of members.

Number of members: 155,785

11. SEO Masters Academy

SEO Masters Academy

SEO Masters Academy offers many resources in this field of digital marketing.

This is the right place to be if you want to master your skills in SEO.

The group’s mission is to ‘provide free and advanced knowledge of Marketing‘.

This group also provides courses for its members. It’s an active forum, with over 100 posts every day.

Number of members: 35,492

10. White Hat SEO Starts With an Audit

White Hat SEO Starts With an Audit

SEO is everywhere and that is why we are presenting you with another resourceful group.

It will help you to understand the complexity of this field and implement learnings in your own channel.

This group is meant for anyone: both beginners and advanced experts of SEO.

The group is active with 100+ posts every month.

Number of members: 22,393

9. Lion Zeal Mastermind

Lion Zeal Mastermind

No matter if you are a consultant or digital marketer, this group is for you.

It is all about sharing knowledge and growing together as a community.

Their motto is to ‘add massive value, help others, and build great relationships. They’ll pay back tenfold‘. The group was created by a marketer, Daryl Rosser, 6 years ago.

Number of members: 21,237

8. SEO Signals Lab

Do you want to stay on top of SEO trends?

There is no better place on the Internet than this group.

The forum is a community of independent thinkers with a focus on data-driven SEO and marketing pulse.

Regular discussions feature case-studies, split tests (A/B test), and many SEO trends

The group is growing by 1,000+ members every month and it is very active.

Number of members: 55,878

7. Sales & Marketing Masterminds

Sales & Marketing Masterminds

Sales and Marketing Mastermind is a collaboration between members to share their knowledge.

Do you want to learn or share your ideas? Then this group is made for you.

It is all about the marketing industry. You will up-to-date here with the latest trends.

Number of members: 4,722

6. Learn Digital Marketing Free

Learn Digital Marketing  Free

Digital Marketing is used for almost every brand and business nowadays.

If you want to get better at it, join this group to get more tips, guides, and other resources about digital marketing.

The group is specialized in Google Adwords, Google Analytics, SEO, and social media.

Number of members: 6,217

5. Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free With Marcus Scanes

Learn Affiliate Marketing For Free With Marcus Scanes

Are you tired of reading low-quality content about Affiliate Marketing?

This group has many videos teaching you all about improving it.

Marcus Scanes is the owner of the group and his mission is to share his knowledge.

The group is very active with 10+ posts daily.

Number of members: 5,796

4. Video Marketing Learning Center

Video Marketing Learning Center

Video Marketing Learning Center is a place to be if you work with video content.

This group provides you with hacks, tricks, and tips on how to make video production and promotion more efficient and effective.

Join this group if you are a CEO, coach, speaker, or podcaster and you want to learn more about video marketing!

Number of members: 4,021

3. Growing Your Business with Internet Marketing

Growing Your Business with Internet Marketing

Are you growing your business? Do you need help from your fellow marketers?

Then this is the group to be in. They even have free weekly marketing webinars!

The group members will find all types of discussions about Google ad sense, video marketing, influencers, PPC, SEO, and digital branding.

Number of members: 119,174

2. Using Email Marketing to grow your business?

Using Email Marketing to grow your business?

How to use email marketing to grow your business? Staying on top of the email marketing is getting harder and harder.

Join the group and discover how others have increased their open email rates and automated flows, and learned to write killer headlines.

Email marketing remains the top of investment in marketing’.

Number of members: 16,052

1. Tryootech’s Digital Marketing Pool (Grow Online)

Tryootech's Digital Marketing Pool (Grow Online)

This group looks into blogging, social media, and other types of digital marketing.

Here you can learn, share, and grow with other marketers.

The group is created by Amir Mishra who is a digital marketer & entrepreneur of Tryootech.

Join the best marketers and discuss about SEO, SoMe, PPC, email marketing and other topics.

Number of members: 8,202

Bonus: Facebook Blueprint Certified Marketers

Learn more about Facebook Marketing by connecting with others who are studying or have completed the Markeko Facebook Blueprint exams

Number of members : 20300


There are many places to learn and develop yourself in terms of digital marketing for free! Many young marketers underlook the value of Facebook marketing groups.

Anyone can connect share and express their experience with the latest digital marketing trends.

We came up with the best 50 Facebook marketing groups. Most of the best digital marketers and growth hackers we have met have started with reading Facebook groups and gaining insights others do not have!

You might have noticed how low the impact can be when you publish organic content on Facebook as a company. In fact, it becomes harder and harder to reach the audience organically. Facebook’s organic reach is dead, so go for groups instead.

Groups offer a great solution, as you have a crowd of interested professionals at your fingertips.

Do you know other Facebook marketing groups related to digital marketing or growth hacking? Did we forget about any resourceful group?

Let us know in the comments below.

Let’s help each other!

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