Why call it “KLINT”?

Klint is the Danish word for “Cliff”
We believe in our process. We build you up to jumping off point.

Fly on your own or work with us to fly together.

Too many agencies work on endless retainers. We want to help you build scale and work together for long term growth.

About the owner:


6x Start-up Founder, Growth hacker, Keynote Speaker, and startup junkie from Washington, DC.

I love taking things apart and putting them together faster.

Over the past 4.5 years, Taylor has built and run the digital marketing departments of some of Denmark’s fastest-growing startups.

Bootstrapped start-ups are a testing ground.
When there’s no budget or resources, you have to work smarter. You’re forced to teach yourself how to get results or get out of the way.

Learn with me, become a do-er and watch the results.

Why a Growth Agency?

We want to help companies both large and small find their true potential. If projects take too long to get off the ground, companies fail.

We’ve figured out systems, tools, and processes to streamline growth so you don’t have to make expensive mistakes.

We love the processes of testing, human behavior, and the tools that make them go. Let’s work together to make something really great.

The Team At Klint Marketing:

We’re a diverse, passionate, and international team of growth marketers.


Gints Gailis

Growth Hacker

Gints is an ambitious digital wizard, specializing in all things growth hacking and marketing automation.


Shona Willis

Content Manager

Shona grew up and studied in the
UK where she obtained her BSc in Biology and MSc in Immunology and Immunotherapy. She has always enjoyed editing written work, and is taking steps to pursue this career through content writing.

Marcin Zelent

Full-Stack Developper

Experienced Full-Stack Web Developer driven by a passion for programming and technology, with interests and skills spanning across various areas of computer science including software development, system administration, and cybersecurity. Always ready to embrace challenges, learn new things, and grow professionally.

Karan Khosla

Project Manager

Karan did a Dual Degree at IE University, has launched a Policy Journal, and has recently been working with 3 leading danish startups in Digital Marketing, now as a Project Manager. He loves Football, Debate, Diplomacy, Chess, Trivia, and is always ready to talk.


Tatiana Kormanová

Marketing Manager

Tatiana is an Innovation & Entrepreneurship Bachelor student. Currently working for Klint Marketing to
obtain practical skills in marketing
and growth hacking. Enjoys learning new skills, therefore she will
start her new bachelor degree in
Computer Science.


Gabriella Anesio

Content Manager

Gabriella is a Political Science graduate with a passion for language, including semantics and syntax. Writing is her favorite way of communicating with diverse audiences, ensuring that every topic is made into something interesting for anyone and everyone.


Andrii Gorokhovskyi

Growth Hacker

Andrii is a full-stack marketeer, with 5+ of professional marketing experience. His main focus is SEO (keyword research, amplification, link building, on-page SEO), conversion optimization and marketing automation.


Catalina Ioana Dumitrascu


Catalina is a Multimedia Designer Student, always seeking for the best. Her favorite part is to shoot, develop, and edit the video to capture important moments from our firm. “ Being a photographer & videographer in business is like an eagle. Always looking for the best content that you can create for your team”. “Do”-er is the word that defines me as a


Andreea Viorica Steriu

Front-End Developer

Andreea is a Web Development Bachelor student, passionate about programming, ready to give her best and challenge herself everyday. Her skills focus on Front-End Development, UX & UI Design, but she has a keen interest in Back-End Development too.

The best growth-hackers learn by doing.

Klint Marketing was established in 2019. We bring over 25 years of experience to the table in a variety of industries and specializations.
We’re a blend of marketers with a focus on creative growth mixed with data-driven decisions.

What would happen if you crossed a creative marketer with a technical marketer?