Who is doing the work?

Taylor Ryan Klint Marketing

About the owner:

6x Start-up Founder, Growth hacker, Keynote Speaker, and startup junkie from Washington, DC. I love figuring things out and making them faster.

Over the past 4 years, Taylor has built and run the digital marketing departments of some of the Denmark’s fastest growing startups.

Bootstrapped start-ups are a testing ground. When there’s no budget or resources, you have to work smarter. You’re forced to  teach yourself how to get results or get out of the way.

Learn with me, become a do-er and watch the results.

Why a Growth Agency?

We want to help companies both large and small find their true potential. If projects take too long to get off the ground, companies fail.

We’ve figured out systems, tools, and processes to streamline growth so you don’t have to make expensive mistakes.

We love the processes of testing, human behavior, and the tools that make them go. Let’s work together to make something really great.

Rocket Klint Marketing


The methods of yesterday’s and today’s marketers will not work in the future.

We believe in taking advantage of as much automation as possible.

We do MORE
with less.

Reducing manual work results in greater speed and more data.

Make better decisions based on data.

We don’t fall in love with one tool:

There are countless examples of tools that shine brightly for only few months until the market reacts.

We believe every clients needs are unique and therefore there is no one-size fits all approach.

Our focus is
on Growth

Driving traffic and leads starts with a good user experience and ends with good tracking.

We’re a turnkey operation that helps grow companies from A-Z.

The Klint Marketing team is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.