About Klint Marketing

Klint Marketing is a Full Service International Marketing Agency

We work with both large and small companies

Why We’re Named “KLINT”

Klint is the Danish word for “Cliff

We believe in our process. We build you up to jumping off point.

Fly on your own or work with us to fly together.

Too many agencies work on endless retainers. We want to help you build scale and work together for long term growth.

About the Owner

Taylor Ryan is an accomplished entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and growth-hacker.

Originally from Washington DC, now living in Copenhagen, Denmark for over 5 years.

6x Start-up Founder

13 Years of Digital Marketing Experience

Over the past 5 years, Taylor has built and run the digital marketing departments of some of Denmark’s fastest-growing startups.

Taylor is an angel investor and advisor to numerous tech startups around Copenhagen.

Recently, Taylor was a finalist for Ecosystem Hero of the Year for Denmark (NordicStartupAwards).

Often described as the “best growth-hacker in Denmark,” Taylor runs workshops and keynotes on subjects ranging from marketing tech stacks to corporate innovation.

His latest venture is organizing Growth Secrets, a free growth-hacking event series for Copenhagen’s startup community, and online training courses.

We’re a Marketing Agency

We help companies both large and small find their true potential. If projects take too long to get off the ground, companies fail.

We’ve built systems, tools, and processes to streamline growth so you don’t have to make expensive mistakes.

We love the process of testing, human behavior, and the tools that make them go. Let’s work together to make something great.

How Did Klint Get Started?

The CEO, Taylor Ryan worked through numerous start-ups of his own before moving to Denmark. One of the biggest challenges he encountered was a lack of automation and use of technical marketing in most companies.

“The evolution of marketing is progressing at break-neck speed. Using traditional processes isn’t cutting it these days.”

Blending psychology with tools and proven growth models changes the entire game. Too many agencies are relying on outdated techniques to grow their client’s businesses. Why shouldn’t you be both creative and technical?

After seeing first hand the gap between theory and experience, Taylor set out to build a creative agency that also focused on data driven results.

The early days were tough. But Klint is continuing to grow despite a recession brought on by a pandemic and not being native to Denmark.

Company Mission

We want to grow companies that value data and creativity. Our purpose is to grow and scale companies that want to change the world.

We’re set on breaking the existing model of “creative agencies.” We want to show how you can be both creative and data driven.

Improving the ecosystem as a whole by setting a new standard when it comes to digital marketing.

Working as a Team

The Best Digital Marketing Crew You’ll Ever Meet

Klint Company Values

Clarity and objectivity with all projects

Forever challenging ourselves to be better

Strive to greater achievements and help others to be their best every day

 New Perspective
Avoid “default mode” – always try to find a new perspective

Honesty and transparency internally and with clients

Klint In the News

The Best Growth-Hackers Learn By Doing

Klint Marketing was established in 2019. We bring over 25 years of experience to the table in a variety of industries and specializations.

We’re a blend of marketers with a focus on creative growth mixed with data-driven decisions.

What would happen if you crossed a creative marketer with a technical marketer? Work with us and find out.

Want to join us? We’re always looking for new talents. Check out our latest job openings

Why Copenhagen, Denmark?

Global Entrepreneurship Index

#6 Denmark

Happiest Country in the World

#2 Denmark

Best In Higher Education

Top 5 in the World

Top Bike Friendly City

#1 Urban Transport and Cycling

Most Investment Per Capita = Talent

Denmark Invests in Higher Education

Klint Awards and Recognition

What Is The Future of Klint?

In the short term, we’re eager to work with new and interesting companies from all over the world.

We believe that growth-hacking with creative angles will be the standard in the future.

Development of Standalone Solutions


 We’re constantly improving our own processes and in the course of developing various “out of the box” solutions to eventually sell as standalone digital products.

 Think of it as rapid innovation meets real world applications. This is in-part why we combine so many skill sets within our team.

Training, Workshops, and Courses


 In order to make the biggest impact, we need to reach a larger audience and provide value. Our goal is to propel Growth-Hacking Masterclasses and Growth Secrets training into a large scale course.

 The material broken into templates and training videos made for beginner, intermediate, and expert marketers to elevate their market value.

Not Sure How It Works?

Each new client is different and we take a unique approach. We evaluate companies’ long term and short term growth potential. Your business might require a tailored approach. We want to work with you.

Get in touch and let us explain how our methods will work with your business model.