Winning With Search: How Klint Boosted BotXO’s Lead Generation By More Than 100%

BotXO was struggling to convert their current PPC campaigns into paying users. Klint came onboard and totally revamped their campaign architecture across a variety of paid platforms.

PPC conversions and cost per conversion graph showing increase
BotXO’s partnership with Klint coincided with big reductions in cost-per-conversion, and huge increases in the number of conversions.

By shifting to an intent-focused campaign structure, Klint was able to increase leads by 108%, whilst reducing their cost-per-click by 40% over the same period.

The Client

BotXO provides conversational AI chatbot solutions for clients in the eCommerce and customer service space.

Their innovative chatbots optimize the digital customer experience by providing a superior UX, maximizing eCommerce conversion rates and customer satisfaction with conversation flows based on data about customer behavior and intent. 

BotXO’s chatbots have been incorporated by global brands such as Carlsberg, Trustpilot,, and Daniel Wellington.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Klint, BotXO had seen their PPC campaigns stagnate – with paid traffic plateauing. 

Graph showing increased goal completions on Google Analytics after Klint partnered with Botxo.

Through targeted optimization, Klint was able to implement strategies that not only allowed BotXO to reach their target customers, but convince them to convert, generating warm, solution-aware leads for the chatbot provider.

Klint’s Solution

Beginning with an audit of cross channel PPC activities, Klint discovered key issues with BotXO’s search engine marketing strategy.

Taking into account industry best practices, and conducting extensive research into their competitor’s paid media efforts, Klint was able to develop a roadmap for BotXO’s future search campaigns.

Klint designed a structured search strategy that targeted users based on intent. Campaigns were segmented by the estimated nature of the search phrase into 3 categories:

  • Search objective/intent – targeting keywords that suggest high intent, solution aware users, based on in-depth research of customer behaviour.
  • Competitors – targeting competitor brand related keywords to maintain positioning within the market.
  • Brand – targeting brand related keywords that prevent competitors out-competing BotXO’s organic traffic.

In addition to search campaigns, Klint also implemented Google display network banner ads to generate awareness and relevant cold traffic to use in remarketing campaigns.

Screenshot of key metrics on display ads, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

Retargeting ads were then implemented to target users who have already demonstrated an interest in the company.

From here, Klint was able to adopt a data-driven approach, focused on continuous improvement.

Implementation of an improved A/B testing framework and continued reiteration and optimization of search campaigns meant BotXO’s PPC strategy became better defined over time, generating more marketing-qualified leads than ever, and on a continuous basis.

The Results

Following the evaluation and set-up of BotXO’s redesigned PPC strategy, results were immediate.

Conversion graph showing increased conversions and clicks, and reduced costs for an ad campaign.

BotXO saw their monthly leads increase by 108% (the primary goal of the campaign), whilst cost-per-click decreased by 40% over the same period.

In addition, BotXO also experienced the following:

  • Cost per Lead decreased by 23%
  • Global Goal Conversions increased by 50% across all channels – positively affecting organic/direct traffic.
  • New users of BotXO’s website increased by 60%, with the increase in new users from CPC campaigns increasing by 92%.
  • Overall clicks increased by 131%, with average session duration increasing by 77%.

Via the new PCC campaign, BotXO was able to capture more warm leads via CTAs such as “Book a demo” and “Free trial”.

The huge boost in website traffic also dramatically increased awareness amongst potential customers and users who were not yet solution-aware.

As a result, BotXO experienced significant growth in leads engaging with the platform and moving along their funnel.

Depiction of Botxo's most popular ad

What BotXO Said

“Having been disappointed with our previous attempts to outsource our paid search campaigns, we contracted Klint in order to take the campaigns in a new direction.

Whilst we had some success with SEM, it was proving too costly for the leads generated. But with Klint costs decreased immediately. Despite our budget remaining the same, leads increased. We had not previously believed this was possible, and that the only way to increase leads was to increase our budget, so we were surprised to see how quickly our leads shot up.

This had obvious benefits for our business – we were able to move more leads into our sales funnel and have them engage with our assets, leading to higher than expected sales.

Our collaboration with Klint has been extremely successful, and their contribution to our campaigns have been overwhelmingly positive, by whatever metric you measure.”

Michael Harding – VP of Marketing, BotXO

One of botxo's high-performing search ads.

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