How Klint Overhauled Certainly’s Cookie Policy Without Affecting Their Analytics

How Klint Overhauled Certainly’s Cookie Policy Without Affecting Their Analytics

Certainly needed to be GDPR compliant, but they wanted a tailor-made solution and didn’t know how to make it happen. 

Klint led with industry best practices, providing Certainly with a custom branded, 100% GDPR compliant banner, that kept their customer happy whilst allowing them to make the most of their tracking software. 

The Client 

Certainly is a Danish SaaS company that delivers conversational AI chatbot solutions for clients in the eCommerce and customer service industry.

Their innovative chatbots optimize customer experience by supplying an outstanding UX and providing customer service 24/7. Certainly also maximize eCommerce conversion rates and customer satisfaction with conversation flows founded on zero-party data around customer behavior and intention. 

The company’s chatbots have been incorporated by transnational brands such as, Trustpilot, Tiger of Sweden and Daniel Wellington.

The Problem


Certainly provides zero-party data based solutions for their customers’ websites, but their own website wasn’t compliant with current data laws. This mismatch made the data-driven business appear unprofessional. 

Whilst they knew exactly what they wanted, they didn’t know the steps to take to get there. Luckily, they recognized the need for agency expertise and a process that was streamlined, fast, and above all, compliant. 

Here is how we achieved it…

Klint’s Solution

Beginning with a comprehensive overview of GDPR regulations, Klint then conducted a competitor analysis and created an action plan. 

Certainly’s desire for a custom solution ruled out utilizing any ready-made software that delivers GDPR compliance. This meant Klint had to develop a customized on-brand banner for Certainly that allowed site visitors to opt-out of all but the necessary cookies. 

Klint then set up preferences within Google Tag Manager that would collect the correct cookies, complying with website visitors’ wishes indefinitely.

With Klint’s comprehensive understanding of Google Tag Manager, coding, design and the GDPR regulations, we delivered a sustainable custom-built system in under two weeks. 

GDPR can be a marketer’s nightmare, but customers trust sites that comply with the law and increasingly want to control their own personal data.

To align with these desires, many businesses now empower their customers to make informed decisions about their data, which strengthens the company’s image, trust and goodwill in the long run. 

What Certainly said:

“We knew we wanted to be GDPR compliant but had no idea where to start. Klint had all the expertise we needed for the project, and the process was extremely swift and failproof. I really could not recommend their services more.”

Beatrice Carraro, Director of Brand and Communications at Certainly

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