The LinkedIn Growth Engine_ How Klint Generated 163 Sign-Ups For Certainly In Less Than A Month

The LinkedIn Growth Engine: How Klint Generated 163 Sign-Ups For Certainly In Less Than A Month

Certainly were failing to find an audience for their rebranding event, until Klint helped them utilize the power of highly targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Klint leveraged LinkedIn as a platform to reach a professional audience, generating 51% of sign-ups via social media in less than a month.

As Klint continued to narrow the target audience, the cost-per-click also decreased by 32% over the campaign.

The Client

Certainly provides conversational AI chatbot solutions for clients in the eCommerce and customer service space.

Their innovative chatbots optimize customer experience by providing a superior UX, and solving customer issues 24/7. Certainly also maximize eCommerce conversion rates and customer satisfaction with conversation flows based on zero-party data about customer behavior and intent. 

The company’s chatbots have been incorporated by global brands such as Carlsberg, Trustpilot,, and Daniel Wellington.

The Problem

Certainly’s PR department had planned an event to promote their rebranding, but were struggling to get sign-ups via outreach.

With targeted campaigns that utilized custom audiences, Klint was able to promote Certainly’s launch event to both existing and potential customers, generating awareness for the brand in addition to a significant number of sign-ups for the event.

Klint’s Solution

Certainly was hosting an event to announce its rebranding to its partners, customers, and potential customers.

They were conducting outreach via channels such as their newsletter and organic social media, but were unable to gain traction, particularly with an audience that were not already customers.

Klint understood that the purpose of Certainly’s LinkedIn campaign therefore had to be multifold:

  1. Build brand awareness amongst relevant audiences who are not solution-aware.
  2. Push interested leads closer to a purchase decision.
  3. Build awareness for the rebranding amongst Certainly’s current audience.

As current customers were easiest for Certainly to reach, Klint focused on attracting an audience that was not currently engaging with Certainly’s organic channels. 

To this end, Klint created custom audiences to be used in narrow targeting campaigns.

This required extensive research into who the target customer was, both in terms of the ideal business, and relevant decision-makers within that business. Metrics used to qualify the target audience included location, company, job title, etc.

Once this ‘superficial’ research had been conducted, lists of leads were scrapped to create custom audiences. These lists were enriched and added to the campaigns. Klint then developed the ads that would be used in terms of style, visual design, and messaging.

Due to the granular level of detail collected on the audiences, Klint were able to run highly segmented campaigns, based on variations in region, or size of company, for example.

Adopting an analytical approach, Klint was then able to narrow their targeting by analyzing the results of each segment and continuously enrich the campaign, whilst refining the messaging, generating sign-ups right up until the launch event.

The Results

Launching the campaign one month out from the event, Klint was able to deliver results immediately, generating sign-ups throughout the days leading up to the event.

Klint generated 163 sign-ups for the event, representing 51% of sign-ups via social media.

Klint then extracted macro-analytics from LinkedIn to analyze the results of the campaigns and ascertain which audiences were most likely to convert.

This allowed them to refine campaign targeting towards high-converting audiences, and remove audiences who had shown low engagement and were unlikely to sign-up.

In one case, 20% of the audience engaging with an ad came from a single company, implying a high degree of interest in that potential customer.

This benefitted Certainly in three key ways:

  • Conversion rates increased by 27%, as audiences received a content that was relevant for them.
  • Overall costs, as well as cost-per-click, decreased by 32% as fewer people were shown the ads.
  • Insight was gained on target audiences most likely to move through the sales funnel.

Aside from the sign-ups generated, the campaign had raised awareness amongst Certainly’s a target audience, and as a result, the company saw website traffic increase by 79% in the following month.

What Certainly Said

“Having never run social media ads, we were unsure how to promote our event on LinkedIn. Getting people to attend an event they’d seen promoted on social seemed like a really hard sell.

Fortunately, Klint set everything up for us, including some extensive research that we were unaware went into these types of campaigns.

Klint was also able to continuously refine the campaign in order to improve the targeting over time, which meant we were paying less for more of the audience signing up.

When it came to the day of the event, we were pleased to note that a significant number of the attendees came from LinkedIn – all thanks to Klint!”

Beatrice Carraro – Head of Brand and Communications, Certainly

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