How Klint Helped GoSimplo Re-Engage 48% of Customers Who Were About to Churn

How Klint Helped GoSimplo Re-Engage 48% of Customers Who Were About to Churn

GoSimplo needed a solid strategy and execution to help them retain their existing client base. 

Klint’s extensive experience in Intercom and customer retention proved to be a winning formula, helping to re-engage 48% of inactive customers

The Client

GoSimplo produces business intelligence digital dashboards that integrate with pre-existing company data sources.

Their dashboards provide powerful insights for C-level executives via their clear and concise data visualization. 

GoSimplo specializes in insights on financial and operational performance KPIs for architects, lawyers, engineers, advertising executives, management consultants and other project based businesses.

The Problem

GoSimplo did not have a strategy in place to move their customers further down their funnel and stop them from churning. 

As with any new business, their first priority was client acquisition. However, after a few months of operation, it became clear that customer churn needed to be reduced in order to secure the business’s long term success.

GoSimplo had multiple questions that they needed an answer to key questions like:

  • What is the most important action for users to take within our platform that will ensure they use our solution? 
  • How can we encourage them to do this? 
  • How do we encourage inactive customers to use the platform again?
  • What should we do to nudge all of our client base further down our funnel to our paid solution?  
  • How can we offer help to those customers who are struggling to use the platform? 
  • How can we automate this entire process?

Fortunately, Klint had a solution. Intercom’s automated inbound messaging software would allow GoSimplo to keep their customers for longer and reduce the burden on GoSimplo’s client acquisition channels to replace churned customers. 

This targeted approach allowed GoSimplo to push 66% of leads further down their funnel. 

Here’s how we did it.

Klint’s Solution

Klint’s experience within Intercom and understanding of the logic required to effectively use the platform was a crucial component of GoSimplo’s success. 

Mapping and customer journey

Klint began by wireframing out all the possible permutations for customers who had signed up to GoSimplo, and which actions they would need to take in order to move further down the funnel.

Klint nailed down three key questions that would push a customer to convert: 

  • Has the customer tried to integrate GoSimplo with their existing data sources? 
  • If they have integrated, have they integrated two data sources or just one? 
  • Has the customer been active on the platform over the past 30 days? 

The answer to each of these questions would determine the type of messaging that each individual customer would receive from GoSimplo. 

Logic and Triggers

The next stage was to formulate the set of conditions that would ensure each customer received the correct email flow. 

In collaboration with GoSimplo, Klint created triggers that would help define different groups, then examined how these triggers could be bypassed. 

For example, if a customer had been invited to join the platform by a colleague, they would not meet the condition for integrating, so would fall into the email flow prompting users to integrate their software with gosimplo. 

However, because an organization was only required to integrate once, this meant that conditions had to be established within the system in order to ensure that users who fell into this category would arrive in the correct flow further down the funnel. 

This complex set of logic conditions permeated the entire process. 


The final step to the process involved Klint’s expert copywriters crafting copy for each part of the flow and different stages of the funnel.  

GoSimplo opted for a friendly yet informative tone in their emails, with a strong focus on encouraging users to use the platform. 

GoSimplo wanted to build trust with their customers by unifying their tone of voice across all channels and presenting a consistent and coherent narrative. 

The Results

Klint’s efforts certainly paid off. As a result of the Inbound Lead Management on Intercom, GoSimplo:

  • Managed to re engage 48% of customers who had become inactive on the platform
  • Automatically offered help to customers who were struggling with technical issues
  • Encouraged 66.66% of new leads who hadn’t integrated GoSimplo with their software solution to move further down their funnel. 

The best part? Once the Intercom system is operational, it only requires occasional messaging tweaks and monitoring for issues. This means that after the initial cost of set up, GoSimplo’s funnel will remain structurally sound without draining resources. 

What GoSimplo Said

We are so happy with the results of Klint’s efforts. They’ve helped us to retain a significant percentage of our customers and clients. With a startup, customer churn can really affect your chances of success as you can expend significant amounts of effort and money just replacing the customers you’ve lost. With Klint’s assistance, we’ve set up a platform that will serve us well as we expand.”

Kenneth Weesgaard – CEO & Co-Founder, GoSimplo

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