Launching a SaaS: How Klint Developed GoSimplo’s Digital Roadmap

GoSimplo needed a full suite of marketing services to help launch their business with limited resources for paid media. 

They decided to partner with growth hacking agency Klint for maximum results. 

Klint built out GoSimplo’s digital presence, increasing their SEO domain authority by 15 points, launching email campaigns that attracted 169 leads in 30 days, and re-engaged 48% of dormant customers on GoSimplo’s platform.

The Client

GoSimplo produces business intelligence digital dashboards that integrate with pre-existing company data sources.

Their dashboards provide powerful insights for C-level executives via their clear and concise data visualization. 

GoSimplo specializes in insights on financial and operational performance KPIs for architects, lawyers, engineers, advertising executives, management consultants and other project based businesses.

The Problem

GoSimplo needed to find customers, reach out to them, and start converting people. 

From a base close to zero, they needed a digital marketing strategy that would prompt a steady stream of customers into their funnel, whilst retaining currently on the customer journey.

Klint’s Solution

Together, Klint and GoSimplo narrowed the problem down to four key areas (each aligned with a stage of the marketing funnel): 

  • Building awareness
  • Lead generation
  • Turning leads into customers 
  • Retaining those customers 

Klint’s broad experience proved essential in the success of GoSimplo’s launch strategy. 

Having established their key goals, Klint developed a techstack for GoSimplo and created a project around each of the desired goals.

Klint began with a single aim – putting GoSimplo in front of their potential customers wherever they might be looking for a solution.

The first step was to insert GoSimplo into relevant review sites, publications, and listing sites – increasing GoSimplo’s online visibility alongside their competitors.

This had the added benefit of building their backlink profile significantly, making it easier for potential customers to find their site through search engines. 

Klint then developed a list of (thousands of) industry specific keywords that were relevant to GoSimplo’s product and market. Competitor content analysis was also performed to determine success factors and industry standards with regards to SEO.

From these analyses, Klint developed a keyword profile for website optimization, and suggested SEO blog content that would attract high-intent potential customers.

Lead Generation: Converting audience to leads

Once potential customers landed on GoSimplo’s site, they needed a way to lead them further down the sales funnel.

If a customer didn’t immediately sign up for a free trial, how would GoSimplo nurture them as leads?

Klint found the answer in Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – encouraging the audience to disclose personal information and contact details such as email address.

By offering the audience valuable content and downloadables, Klint was able to capture their emails for targeting with promotional materials such as newsletters, promotional offers, and other marketing materials.

Customer Generation: Email outreach 

Due to the nature of GoSimplo’s platform, potential customers needed to be using integrating software. This limited the pool of potential customers.

Klint’s industry experience allowed them to build lists of leads who used these integrations using marketing automation tools that scrape leads from websites and social media platforms.

Klint then launched outbound email campaigns encouraging recipients to sign up for free trials, pushing potential customers closer to a purchase. Whilst not every lead signed up for a free trial, the secondary effect was increased awareness amongst the target market.

These email campaigns were A/B tested and optimized to maximize results, continually refreshing the campaigns with new leads.

Customer Retention: Intercom 

Intercom’s automated email flows represented a great opportunity for GoSimplo to retain their customers.

After completing a wire frame of the entire customer journey, Klint identified where customers would possibly exit GoSimplo’s funnel, and where messaging from GoSimplo could prevent this. 

Klint defined 3 different types of customer that were likely to churn, and developed unique email drip campaigns that encouraged reengagement.

Triggers were then defined for the conditions that needed to be met for the customer to receive the email chain. Messaging took into account GoSimplo’s tone of voice and value proposition.

The Results

Klint’s efforts proved to be a massive success for GoSimplo.

In terms of establishing a digital presence via content/SEO, Klint provided:

  • DR +15 points
  • UR +23 points
  • +400 backlinks
  • +100 referring domains 
  • +195 organic keywords 

Lead generation via email campaign produced more leads than GoSimplo had thought was possible, receiving:

  • 169 leads within the first 30 days. 
  • 290% more leads generated than the previous 3 months.
  • 320% more sign-ups – 29 within the first 30 days.
  • 408% more warm leads – 49 within the first 30 days.

Implementation of intercom allowed Klint to further develop GoSimplo’s inbound marketing funnel, edging customers closer to a purchase decision and encouraging customer loyalty amongst those who’d already converted.

Intercom facilitated to the following benefits for GoSimplo:

  • +48% of dormant customers re-engaged
  • +66% customers pushed closer to a purchase
  • Greater understanding of target customers journey to a sale

The first couple of months of operations for a startup can be make-or-break, and with Klint’s help GoSimplo built a solid foundation for growth. 

By setting up a marketing framework and establishing a marketing techstack, Klint was able to guarantee GoSimplo a stable revenue stream and automated systems that discouraged customers from leaving GoSimplo’s funnel. 

Meanwhile, successful evergreen content and a long-term SEO strategy provided a solid flow of leads that would continue to grow over time. 

What GoSimplo Said

Klint did a fantastic job – honestly we couldn’t have asked for more. We found ourselves on the first page of Google for industry specific keywords within months, and their lead generation campaigns produced a surprisingly large number of customers for us. It’s put us in a great psotion, and we feel a lot more confident going forward considering the success we;ve had so far. ”

Kenneth Weesgaard – CEO & Co-Founder, GoSimplo

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