How Klint Massively Increased GoSimplo’s SEO Profile in Just 3 Months

GoSimplo needed to rapidly boost their organic traffic and website authority.

Klint’s process-driven approach and technical SEO expertise generated key gains, including a 15 point DR increase in just three months. Here’s how we did it.

The Client

GoSimplo produces business intelligence digital dashboards that integrate with pre-existing company data sources.

Their dashboards provide powerful insights for C-level executives via their clear and concise data visualization. 

GoSimplo specializes in insights on financial and operational performance KPIs for architects, lawyers, engineers, advertising executives and management consultants.

The Problem

GoSimplo needed to boost their SEO profile – and fast. 

After launching their business, their first priority was to generate leads via cost-effective organic marketing strategies. 

As with any startup, their first few months of operations were crucial to long-term success. 

GoSimplo CEO, Kenneth Weesgaard, said, “Klint’s proven track record of dynamic SEO growth was key in our decision to partner with them. Scaling at speed was critical for us, and from day one this was something that they recognized and focused on.”

From a starting point close to zero, GoSimplo tasked Klint with increasing their organic traffic and conversions. 

Here’s how we captured nearly 200 keywords for GoSimplo in just 3 months

Klint’s Solution

Klint’s innovative techniques, creative content writers, and technical SEO specialists proved to be a winning formula. 

Relying on proven methods and a wide range of in-house marketing technology, Klint worked within five major areas to increase GoSimplo’s online visibility. 

Keyword Universe

Klint’s first task was to collate and categorize a complete keyword list for GoSimplo around their industry in order to identify the best opportunities. 

After accounting for search intent and industry verticals, over 1,600 niche-relevant keywords were collected and ordered by parent topic. 

This extensive research allowed Klint to create a shortlist of ‘low-hanging fruit’, or keywords that represented GoSimplo’s best chance of ranking on Google and driving traffic.  

The keyword universe served as an essential resource that aided and guided all further work, and as such represented an initial step toward growth. 

Optimization of Existing Pages

Extensive analysis of GoSimplo’s site revealed opportunities for optimization, both from a keyword perspective and technical SEO standpoint. 

The optimization of existing pages was a contributing factor to the rest of Klint’s efforts, so discovering missed opportunities and problem areas on GoSimplo’s site was critical. 

Klint began by mapping out GoSimplo’s site architecture, including core pages and secondary pages. 

Each page on the site was carefully scrutinized and improvements were made in line with Klint’s keyword research and SEO best practices. 


Klint’s extensive network of industry contacts made building a backlink profile for GoSimplo a straightforward task. In addition, Klint performed email outreach and created listings on a wide range of software review sites. 

GoSimplo’s backlink profile rapidly increased within days, significantly aiding potential customers to find their site through relevant search terms. 

Competitor Analysis, Content Ideation & Content Creation

Drawing from the work of the keyword universe, Klint undertook competitor analysis via the ‘Skyscrape’ method. 

The goal of this technique was to allow GoSimplo to rank for keywords and backlinks at their competitor’s expense, boosting their own profile while reducing that of their rivals. 

Klint was able to find the top content for GoSimplo’s competitors and identify whether opportunities existed to improve upon this content. 

After this ideation stage, and coupled with the research performed in the keyword universe, Klint proposed a number of different content ideas to GoSimplo. 

Klint then reached out to relevant sites to further increase the number of do-follow backlinks to GoSimplo’s content. 

The Results

As a direct result of Klint’s efforts, GoSimplo saw their SEO profile soar. 

Within 3 months of partnering with Klint, GoSimplo had:

  • Increased their DR by 15 points
  • Increased their UR by 23 points
  • Gathered 400+ backlinks from 100+ referring domains 
  • Captured 195 organic keywords 

These metrics also contributed to first page rankings for GoSimplo for industry specific keywords like BI Report and BI Reporting.

What’s more, due to the long-term nature of SEO, these results are just the start. As more keywords from the blog posts start to rank, GoSimplo can expect their organic traffic to increase even further

What GoSimplo Said

We are so happy with the results of Klint’s efforts. Their expertise and proactive approach have given us a solid foundation for growth. I was particularly impressed with their wide range of knowledge and skill sets. It seems like they have every base covered, from technical SEO experts to funnel masterminds and top rate content writers.”

Kenneth Weesgaard – CEO & Co-Founder, GoSimplo

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