Display Advertising Success: How Klint Generated 395 Conversions In One Month Using Banner Ads

Display Advertising Success: How Klint Generated 395 Conversions In One Month Using Banner Ads

WeGro wasn’t considering working with paid media, and were missing out on opportunities to influence their target audience along the customer journey.

Luckily, Klint came onboard to establish a competitive ads strategy that used industry best practices to generate massive success on a minimal budget. Within a month, Klint’s display ads had produced 395 conversions – representing 11% of all conversions for WeGro.

The Client

WeGro is a blockchain solutions provider for retailers and consumers in the hemp and cannabis industry.

The company provides decentralized finance solutions that ensure compliance throughout the supply chain, whilst monetizing anonymous community data assets.

WeGro brings investment opportunities in the rapidly-growing legal cannabis industry to a global market via their unique cryptocurrency solution.

The Problem

Prior to working with Klint, WeGro had no paid media strategy, and was struggling to reach a new audience. They also wanted to stay top-of-mind amongst ready-to-purchase customers.

Through a methodical approach to display advertising and influencer marketing, Klint helped WeGro generate awareness on a small paid media budget.

Here’s how we did it…

Klint’s Solution

WeGro wanted to build awareness amongst their target audience, and drive traffic to their website. Klint understood that WeGro had to meet their target audience where they were, opting to run display ads.

The process began with competitor analysis to assess paid media strategies, discovering that banner ads were prominently featured on publishers such as crypto-listing platforms and large crypto news sites.

Competitor ads were collected and categorized to ascertain best practices. From this, Klint developed ads within 4 main verticals:

  • Industry focused
  • Pain/value based
  • Competitor based
  • Technology based

This allowed Klint to assess which benefits and messaging was the most effective at capturing the target audience’s attention. Different CTAs were also incorporated, so that the ads could be further tested and optimized.

Klint then developed a series of banner ads incorporating video, still images, and gifs, and negotiated with ad networks as well as individual publishers to have WeGro’s ads displayed.

Sites prioritized for ad placement were crypto tracking sites as these websites are frequented by an audience with higher purchase intent.

The ads were then continuously monitored and improved via A/B testing to determine the visuals and messaging that would be most effective at generating clicks to WeGro’s landing page.

The Results

Klint’s display ads turned out to be an unexpected success for WeGro – who had previously been skeptical of the results.

Within a month, 395 users had converted on the ads.

In this case, a conversion meant that a user had seen the ad, clicked through to WeGro’s website, and clicked through using the “Buy Now” button, making the conversions even more impressive.

Conversions from the ads representing 11% of users who had converted through the “Buy Now” button, and were directed to the necessary platform to purchase WeGro’s cryptocurrency.

The ad also generated 10000+ impressions daily, as sites Klint selected for ads had high traffic. This had the added benefit of building awareness for WeGro, placing them in the same space as their competitors, and keeping them top-of-mind amongst ready-to-buy customers.

Whilst this does imply a low conversion rate, WeGro’s CR was still higher than the industry average, and due to the low cost per impression of banner ads, the total cost of the ads remained low – especially compared to the value of a purchase for WeGro.

Display advertising opened up new paths to purchase that WeGro hadn’t anticipated, leading to a huge boost in revenue for the crypto company.

What WeGro Said

“Due to the niche nature of our product, we hadn’t considered ads on platforms such as Google or Instagram – our target costumes don’t really look for products like ours there.

But then Klint highlighted that our competitors were running ads that we hadn’t been aware of. This surprised us, and made us realize that there was some mileage in exploring paid advertisements, and we enlisted Klint to help us experiment with ads.

We were equally surprised with the results – Klint managed to drive awareness and conversions through a channel we had previously assumed was unviable – great job Klint!”

Walt Rampata – CEO & Co-Founder, WeGro

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