0-12,000 Followers in 3 Months_ How Klint Skyrocketed WeGro’s Social Media

0-12,000 Followers in 3 Months: How Klint Skyrocketed WeGro’s Social Media

WeGro had a minimal presence on social media channels, and as a result they couldn’t communicate with their target users. They asked Klint to develop a social media strategy that focused on growth.

By utilizing a unique social media marketing mix, Klint was able to hit WeGro’s follower target within 3 weeks of establishing their channels, with their reach growing to 12,000+ followers across all social media platforms.

The Client

WeGro is a blockchain solutions provider for retailers and consumers in the hemp and cannabis industry.

The company provides decentralized finance solutions that ensure compliance throughout the supply chain, whilst monetizing anonymous community data assets.

WeGro brings investment opportunities in the rapidly-growing legal cannabis industry to a global market via their unique cryptocurrency solution.

The Problem

Prior to working with Klint, WeGro had not established any social media channels and had an audience of zero.

Through a holistic mix of organic content, paid promotions, and influencer marketing, Klint rapidly built up an active community of engaged followers across 8 social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitch).

Klint’s Solution

WeGro came to Klint with two well-defined goals:

  • To establish a presence on all relevant social media channels.
  • To reach 1500 followers on the company’s (yet to be created) Telegram account.

With these goals in mind, Klint developed a social media strategy that focused on driving traffic from channels with highly-engaged, industry-relevant communities to WeGro’s Telegram account, incentivizing users via channel-exclusive offerings and promotions.

Klint began by conducting an in-depth competitor analysis, mapping out direct and indirect competitors, as well as relevant publishers in the industry for the purposes of content curation.

This provided an overview of best practices for social media in the industry, and top-performing content which could be used as inspiration. Content was then categorized and sub-categorized, and this formed the basis of the content pillars that would be used to create content for WeGro.

Following the brands visual identity and tone of voice (also developed by Klint as part of their website relaunch), Klint created visuals and copy for WeGro’s social media channels that communicated a unified brand message and focused on the benefits of the brand.

Emphasis was placed on:

  • Including CTAs that would drive users to WeGro’s Telegram,
  • Announcing news and updates on the expected launch date
  • Building anticipation amongst highly engaged followers.

To drive users to Telegram, Klint organized AMAs (‘Ask Me Anything’) with the founders of WeGro, exclusively on Telegram. In addition, Klint organized giveaways and competitions that encouraged users to spread awareness of the brand and migrate to Telegram.

Both these initiatives were publicized across all of WeGro’s channels.

Klint also engaged influencers within the crypto industry to build awareness for the brand amongst active communities and highly engaged Facebook groups.

Throughout these activities, Klint provided community management for WeGro, continually engaging with their target audience, providing relevant information, and directing users towards the AMAs and Telegram.

The Results

WeGro’s social media channels went live on 23rd November, and by 16th December WeGro achieved their goal of reaching 1500 followers on Telegram – a huge increase from zero in just 3 weeks.

Three months following the launch of WeGro social media, the brand had 12,000+ followers across all channels, with the most populated being those where strong crypto communities already exist:

  • Twitter: 5150 followers
  • Telegram: 3750 followers
  • Facebook: 2800 followers

On WeGro’s most active channels, the brand continues to experience high engagement rates following the launch.

WeGro’s Facebook community has:

  • Daily engagement rate of 5%.
  • 12 reshares per day.
  • 550 comments on a single post (a promotional competition)

WeGro’s digital footprint continues to grow as awareness is spread through active communities on social media, continuing to support their business development goals and overall growth strategy.

What WeGro Said

“Prior to launch, WeGro’s in-house team was entirely focused on getting the product ready for launch – ensuring it was compliant, that we were prepared financially, and so on. We hadn’t had time to develop any kind of social media strategy, it was really more of an after-thought.

But we soon realized that we didn’t have any company-owned channels with which to communicate with our potential users – we knew who our target customers were, but we had no way of reaching them. It was at this point that we brought Klint onboard.

Klint established all our company-owned social media platforms, creating and rolling out content that was both in line with our visual identity but also tailored to the individual channel. They also organized all of our promotional activities and were consistent in their community management. Klint was integral to the launch of our platform, and we couldn’t be happier with their work”

Walt Rampata – CEO & Co-Founder, WeGro

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