Branded Content: What Is It and How To Use It

The range of products and services available in the world today is incredibly diverse. The possibilities of branding for creative marketers are almost limitless. However, one strategy is often overlooked: branded content.

Within any group of similar products or services, there will be various brands that position themselves towards different customer segments. This presents a huge opportunity for differentiation in the way a brand communicates with their customers, and what strategies to pursue to grow and achieve better results. One of the strategies is branded content.

What is branded content?

Branded content is content that is tightly connected to a certain brand. It appears to be providing people with value through entertainment and experiences that have a strong connection with the brand. It can include infographics, videos, memes, podcasts, articles, storytelling, virtual reality, etc.

How can branded content benefit my business?

The true purpose of branded content is to create a stronger association between the brand and the audience. As a result, the companies will notice increased brand engagement and brand awareness, which will ultimately lead to a greater customer purchase intent.

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