25 Best Competitor Analysis Tools – Discover and Compare Competitors

Written By Petra Ilic
April 7, 2021

Are you aware of how much of a difference competitor analysis tools can make for your business?

If you have a business, you also have competitors. That’s just how business works. And whilst there may be no way to avoid competition, fighting and winning against the competition is also possible!

But how can you find your winning strategy if you don’t know exactly what your competitors are up to? The short answer is: you can’t!

Or, you couldn’t. That is, until you start to use competitor analysis tools! These digital helpers can tell you everything you need to know about your competitors’ strategies.

It might seem difficult to decide which tool to use, but we’ve made it easy with an outline of the main features and benefits of each competitor analysis tool to help you choose the right one for your business.

So, let’s dive in!

23 Best Competitor Analysis Tools List

We’ve collected the best competitor analysis tools to help you understand the advantages of each of them and help you choose the one that suits your needs the most.

This list covers each digital marketing competitor analysis tool, its unique product features and an equivalent price.

Without further ado, let’s learn all about the best competitor analysis tools!

1. SpyFu

Best for: SEO & Keywords Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Basic plan: $33 per month
  • Professional plan: $58
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.6/ 5

This first competitor analysis software called SpyFu specializes in SEO and keyword analysis for websites.

You can search for any domain and get data on all its keywords on Google Ads, ads variations, and organic rankings. It also allows you to see their backlinks and filter them by keyword.

A recent feature helps to target new keywords that drive valuable traffic. The process of performing the analysis is pretty straightforward: you just enter the competitor’s domain and the tools will do all the magic.

SpyFu Review 2021 | Is it worth the money? | JamieMcKaye.com
Source: Jamie McKaye

2. ahrefs

ahrefs sign on a blue background

Best for: SEO & Keywords Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Lite plan starts at $99 per month
  • Standard: $179
  • 7-day trial: $7

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.6/ 5

Ahrefs is part of the market intelligence tools that focus on SEO and keyword analysis. It shows the top organic keywords of any URL, plus it gives you an estimate of how much traffic these keywords are getting.

One of ahrefs’ most valuable features is the ability to find out which content or keyword drives the most traffic to a given website. The findings can then be sorted by categories and you can explore the insights on a more granular level.

You can also search for any keyword you’re interested in and see how much traffic it triggers.

ahrefs competitor insights
Get tons of valuable analytics about your competitors with ahrefs. Source: ahrefs

3. iSpionage

iSpionage text and logo on the left

Best for: Paid Advertising & PPC

Payement Plans:

  • Starter pack starts at $59 per month
  • Professional ($99)
  • Advanced ($299)
  • Try all plans risk-free for 30 days with a money-back guarantee

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 3.9/ 5

iSpionage is part of the market intelligence tools and focuses on paid ads and pay-per-click (PPC) . It helps to monitor competitors and their profitable keywords, ad copies, and landing pages. You just search by keyword or domain name, and iSpionage will give you all the results.

It does competition tracking and thus will reveal the entire Google Ads strategy of your competitors. With this valuable insight, you can learn from their successes and failures in order to benefit your own campaigns.

ispionage-dashboard | CompareCamp.com
Source: CompareCamp

4. SE Ranking

Blue se ranking logo

Best for: SEO & Competitor Research Tool

Payement Plans:

  • Price depending on the frequency of the ranking check and the period of subscription 
  • From $18.60 to $189

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.8/ 5

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO competitor analysis software that is designed for easy use. It offers many built-in tools to control and enhance your SEO ranking. On top of these, you can have your marketing plan and social media management on one platform.

One of its best features is the competitor research tool, that allows you to spy and monitor competitors’ websites and also helps to perform all the essential operations and analysis.

Source: SE ranking

5. Semrush

Semrush sign with its logo on the top

Best for: Competitor Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Cheapest: $99.95 /mo
  • Entire business package: $374.95 /mo 

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.5/ 5

Semrush is widely known for its digital marketing competitor analysis features. It performs a wide range of SEO, backlink, and keyword analysis searches to help with digital marketing strategies.

The main focus of this tool is on websites, but it also includes features for managing your social media accounts. On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, you can schedule your posts as well as track competitors.

The tool can be used to analyze different aspects of a competitor’s publishing, such as hashtags, geolocations, etc.

Competitor analysis with Semrush
Perform various analysis on yourself and your competitors with Semrush. Source: Semrush

6. SimilarWeb

similarweb sign with the logo on the left

Best for: Competitor Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Price not available
  • Contact the sales team for more information

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.4/ 5

The main focus of this competitor analysis software is to examine websites, platforms, or apps. It provides very accurate insights into selected sites.

It can track multiple competitors at once to reveal where their traffic is coming from. If they have a very powerful source of traffic, you may try to direct it to your website.

7. Klue

klue sign on a grey background

Best for: Salesforce Integration

Payement Plans:

  • Prices are unknown.
  • Contact Klue for a demo.

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.8/ 5

This tool that is part of the competitive intelligence tools promises to deliver competitive and market intelligence across your business. It connects external information with your company’s internal information to give you wider market coverage.

Klue will find “the footprints” your competitors have left on the web. With this competitor data, you can figure out their digital strategy and try to reach their goals before they do.

Competitive intelligence by Klue
Klue follows the footprints of your competitors and transfer them into intelligence. Source: Klue

8. Crayon

Crayon sign with its logo on the top

Best for: Competitor Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Pricing is available upon request 
  • Demo possible

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.5/ 5

Crayon offers a wide range of competitor intelligence tools. Its competitive intelligence platform collects data from their websites, content, social media, events, campaigns, and others. This provides you an overview of their online activities.

The competitor data Crayon collects is analyzed and converted into reports which you can easily review. With Crayon, you can develop and launch marketing campaigns that are better tailored to your target audience.

Crayon | Cloud cost management - Crayon
Source: Crayon

9. Keywords Everywhere

One big K on the top as a logo, downer there's Keywords Everywhere sign

Best for: Keyword Research

Payement Plans:

  • Basic information is free
  • Credits needed for additional info
  • 100,000 credits: $10

Free Trial: NO

No Review Available

This essential competitor analysis software comes as a browser extension. It allows you to see search volume, cost per click, keyword competition, and monthly trends of keywords for all the most popular browsers.

Keyword research is made much easier by using Keywords Everywhere, as it allows you to find long-tail keywords with high precision. Plus, it shows you what other related keywords people are searching for, and the historical search volumes for each keyword.

10. Kompyte

Kompyte sign

Best for: Competitor Benchmark & Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Prices unavailable
  • Demo available on request

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.5/ 5

Kompyte is part of the competitive intelligence tools that gives you valuable insights into your competitors. It uses AI in real-time to discover broad and deep intelligence.

The competition tracking tool includes reporting, web tracking, and search marketing solutions that provide significant benefit when developing an online strategy.

Dashboard of Kompyte
Source: Kompyte

11. RankActive

Rank Active black and green sign

Best for: Competitor Analysis

Payement Plans:

  • Minimal: $99.99
  • Optimal: $149.99
  • Ultimate: $229.99

Free trial: YES

Review Score: 4.1/ 5

This smart SEO toolkit from RankActive is not just to monitor competitors: it includes a rank tracker, website analytics, site-auditor, keyword finder, and a competitor inspector.

The products are connected and the competitor analysis software can give you information about various SEO factors such as keyword, traffic, and ranking analysis. All the data are updated once per week, so you won’t lose track after a while.

RankActive's dashboard example
Source: RankActive

12. Rankwatch

Rankwatch sign with the logo on its left

Best for: Cloud centric SEO solutions

Payement Plans:

  • Premium plans start at $29
  • Flexible plan possible

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.1/ 5

This organic competitor analysis software from Rankwatch helps you find your competitive advantage. It covers detailed ranking data for your website on all the commonly used search engines such as Google, Bing, and Baidu.

The tool can be used to monitor competitors by exploring your competitor’s organic keywords and make a performance comparison with the previous week. It also tracks and analyzes Google Ads and which ads have the highest interaction.

Intelligent Competitor Analysis page on Rankwatch
Identify competitors’ ads and keywords and turn them on your side with Rankwatch. Source: Rankwatch

13. Prisync

Prisync sign on a white background

Best for: Price Tracking, Monitoring and Repricing

Payement Plans:

  • Professional ($59/month)
  • Premium ($129/month)
  • Platinum ($229/month)

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.8/ 5

Prisync specializes in the prices of the e-commerce websites of your competitors. This monitoring software will tell you everything about your competitors’ webshop. You can search for their products, categories, or brands.

Competitive intelligence tools such as this one will automatically check a webshops selection and report it, so you don’t need to check it by yourself. You can then compare it with your webshop and make decisions based on what will work for your business.

Competitor Price Tracking & Competitor Price Monitoring Software
Source: Prisync

14. Alexa

Alexa's first letter "A" in a blue circle

Best for: SEO and competitive analysis software

Payement Plans:

  • Basic plan $19.99/mo.
  • Advanced Plan: $149/mo

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.1/ 5

Alexa is a digital marketing competitor analysis software perfectly suited for SEO and competitive analysis. Among other functions, this tool allows you to conduct content research, keyword analysis, and backlinks check.

What’s more, with this accessible and highly efficient competitor analysis software, you can analyze a target audience and use its API features. Alexa also comes with an extension for Google Chrome, which allows you to oversee the analysis straight from your browser.

Alexa's insights and analytic dashboard
Source: Compare Camp

15. Moz

Blue moz sign

Best for: SEO Software & Data

Payement Plans:

  • The medium plan $143/mo
  • Standard Plan: $99 per month.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

If you are looking for an SEO toolset with all the features one company could need, Moz is the right software for you.

What this competitor analysis software does includes site audits, rank tracking, analyzing backlinks, and researching keywords. In addition, Moz offers 24-hour online support and access to their SEO Learning Center!

Moz dashboard and moz's campaign
Source: Moz

16. Majestic SEO

majestic sign with red stars on the top as a logo

Best for: SEO & “Link intelligence” Tool

Payement Plans:

  • 3 pricing plans, Lite, Pro, and Api
  • Prices range from $39.16 to $316.66
  • 7-day money-back guarantee

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

Majestic SEO, as its name suggests, is an SEO tool and a “Link Intelligence” database. Included in its SEO features are Keyword Generator and API Keys.

Moreover, this software that is part of competitive intelligence tools has the option to conduct a site exploration and domain comparison. Two new and useful functions of Majestic SEO are to add an extension to Google or Firefox browsers and introduce Link Context.

Majestic's dashboard sample

17. BuiltWith

Built with dark green sign

Best for: Breakdown of tech used in a website

Payement Plans:

  • Basic plan: $295 per month
  • Free sign-up

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.2/ 5

More often than not, breaking down all the technologies used in a website comprehensively can be troublesome. However, with BuiltWith, competition tracking will no longer be a problem!

BuiltWith is a software that works amazingly well with CMS, email integration, and advertising partners. Upon analyzing competitor data, BuiltWith gives you the option to export reports as CSVs or Excel Spreadsheets without leaving any data locked in the tool.

Sample of a builtwith interface

18. BuzzSumo

Buzz Sumo blue sign

Best for: Content Marketing Tool for Content Research

Payement Plans:

  • Free plan possible but with 10 searches a month
  • 3 plans starting from $99

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.5/ 5

BuzzSumo is a part of this list of best competitive intelligence tools with this all-in-one content marketing tool with which you can conduct some fantastic content research. 

BuzzSumo offers features like content discovery and research as well as competition tracking and API. What’s more, you can use BuzzSumo software for discovering influencers.

One of the best features of this software is that it supports platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. They also offer a free Chrome extension that can instantly reveal social shares, links, and influence of content!

Buzsumo dashboard sample

19. KW Finder

KW finder black sign with the logo on its left

Best for: Keyword Research

Payement Plans:

  • Basic: $29.90
  • Premium: $39.90
  • Agency: $79.90

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.5/ 5

If you’ve been in pursuit of a keyword research tool, KW Finder is the perfect solution for you. This software will provide you with all the features you may need from keyword identification, competition tracking to ranking improvements.

KW Finder also offers the option for SERP analysis and SEO metrics. If you are a small or a medium-size business, this software is the best solution to easily find and filter competitor data.

KW finder Dashboard sample

20. Adthena

Adthena text written in black, on the top there's a triangle blue and grey, which is their logo

Best for: Intelligence Platform for Paid Search Advertising

Payement Plans:

  • Get in touch to find out more about prices
  • Demo available upon request

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

Adthena is one of the leading market intelligence tools for paid search advertising. Among other things, Adthena helps you to optimize PPC campaigns and protect your brand, as well as provide strategic intelligence to enhance performance at every level of your business.

Adthena can also be extremely helpful when launching new products or entering a new market. One of the pros of this company is that they offer timely, efficient, and helpful support.

Adthena example of dashboard

21. Serpstat

Serpstat blue sign on the left there is a blue arrow

Best for: SEO & “Link Intelligence” Tool

Payement Plans:

  • $69 for the Lite plan
  • $499 for the Enterprise plan

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.6/ 5

If you are a professional, Serpstat is a go-to platform for you! This all-in-one SEO platform offers numerous features such as competitor data and paid search analysis, rank tracking tool, and search volume crawling service.

Furthermore, the software can be utilized for keyword analysis and backlink research. Their tools are proven to be exceptionally accurate and functional to monitor competitors.

Sample of Serpstat interface

22. WooRank

Woorank black sign with at its right the blue logo

Best for: Breakdown of tech used in a website

Payement Plans:

  • Pro subscription €79.99
  • Premium Plan at €199.99
  • Discount available for a yearly subscription

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.4/ 5

WooRank is a phenomenal SEO tool that will provide you with an exponential amount of valuable data incorporated with a thorough list of tasks.

You can use this software for multiple operations such as Website reviews, Keyword tracking, Site Crawl, White-Label reports, and Lead Generation. Furthermore, WooRank is a useful tool for technical aspects like HTTP status, indexing, and marketing checklist set-up.

Dashboard example of Woorank

23. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis green sign

Best for: Content Marketing Tool for Content Research

Payement Plans:

  • Traffic Travis is completely FREE
  • For more features, Pro plan costs $97

Review Score: 3.3/ 5

Traffic Travis is an SEO tool that can help you gather all the necessary SEO-related information about a specific website.

This software offers amazing features, including keyword finder and sorter, position/ranking, top sites for keywords, backlinks to a site, and page analysis

Moreover, it has an outstandingly simple interface suitable for both beginners and professionals.

Green traffic sign's dashboard

Bonus. NerdyData

Logo of NerdyData with an animated picture of lab beaker.

Best for: SEO for code

Payement Plans:

  • $150 for one single download
  • $295 for unlimited access
  • Build reports before purchasing.

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 3.7/ 5

Our bonus tool is NerdyData.com who specializes in tracking down which technologies websites use. This is very helpful to find all websites built using a specific CMS, Advertising Pixel, or E-commerce platform.

To track down your competitors, simply search for a technology (for example, websites that use Shopify) and NerdyData will return a list of websites that use that technology.

NerdyData is also a Source Code Search Engine, so you can search for HTML, Javascript, or CSS to find websites using specific code.

Picture of NerdyData's dashboard.

Are you ready to beat your competitors?

The modern marketer knows that today, there’s a lot going on on the internet.

Staying on top of trends is vital, especially when you consider that your competitors are most probably doing exactly the same thing.

Competitor analysis can be tricky – it’s hard to know exactly what their next move will be. But at least some of that difficulty can be alleviated by using one of the aforementioned competitive intelligence tools.

Competition tracking tools take the guess-work out of understanding your competitors’ digital marketing strategies. This can be key in developing a strategy of your own if you want to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Are you ready to jump into it now?

Choose the right competitor analysis software for you and get to work on beating out the competition.

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