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What is a webinar funnel and how to create one (With examples!)

Written By Petra Ilic
April 20, 2022

Are you looking for ways to increase conversions and drive more sales? You have tried different strategies, but none of them has proven effective enough? Have you tried creating a webinar funnel?

If not, this is your lucky day! Read through this article and find everything you ever needed to know about one of the most effective marketing strategies out there! 

Webinar funnel has for some time been one of the marketers’ go-to approaches for driving conversions. No wonder why, since 76% of them claim that webinars are extremely beneficial in reaching more leads

You may ask yourself why do I need a funnel to reach leads? The truth is, funnels are the best method of gradually convincing potential leads to turn into paying customers

And out of various different funnel templates, the webinar funnel is likely the most convincing one! But what is the best webinar funnel? 

We might have the answer supported by some excellent webinar funnel examples, but let’s start with diving into what a webinar funnel is.

What is a webinar funnel?

A webinar funnel is an instance of a sales funnel used for attracting new prospects through a number of steps and ultimately converting them into paying customers. 

The main idea behind organizing the webinar funnel is to attract people to attend the webinar. That’s not all though. Upon signing up for the webinar they will need to leave their contact information. 

In this funnel, the webinar acts as a lead magnet, attracting people to sign up and leave their email addresses that become new leads.

Bear in mind that there are certain steps you should complete upon grabbing the attendees’ information. But more on that just a little down the road!

A woman recording a webinar on the camera.
Photo by Jodie Cook on Unsplash

Why choose a webinar funnel?

One of the main reasons for opting for a webinar funnel is that webinars are amongst the most personal forms of content you can give to curious attendees. 

As a webinar is in video format, it is much easier for the viewers to relate, understand, and connect with you and what you are offering. 

Hence, it comes as no surprise that around 95% of marketers consider webinars an extremely important aspect of the digital marketing strategy.

What webinars give compared to other forms of marketing strategies is a virtual one-on-one experience, which helps in creating a deeper relationship with the viewers and increases the chances of making them loyal customers. 

Webinars allow marketers to:

  • Present their products and services
  • Talk about their company and brand
  • Help customers resolve issues 
  • Address attendees’ pain points
  • Make a sale

What’s more, as they are recorded and reusable, webinars are amazing time- and budget- savers for all the busy bees looking for ongoing progress without having to put in constant effort.

Final food for thought – by 2023, it is estimated that the webinar market will reach $800 million! 

Therefore, if you haven’t started by now, it is high time to jump into creating your first webinar and webinar sales funnel to attract those leads!

What is an evergreen webinar funnel?

Before we go on to the main benefits of a webinar sales funnel and what are the best practices when creating a sales webinar that works, let’s also go into what an evergreen webinar funnel is! 

Likely, you already have a notion of what this type of webinar stands for, but if not, let’s put it this way:

As the evergreen trees never shed their leaves and always look fresh, so does the evergreen webinar funnel. 

Evergreen webinars provide viewers with content that never gets old and is always relevant. 

It is a great reusable resource that can be automated to constantly drive traffic, new leads, and increase evergreen sales! 

Evergreen webinars can have different topics:

  • Tutorials
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Educational guides

The evergreen webinar funnel works in the same way as the good old webinar sales funnel, yet allows marketers to reuse it as many times as they want.

An evergreen forest
Image by Kelly Lacy. From Pexels

What are the benefits of creating a webinar funnel?

Creating a webinar sales funnel can have long-term benefits for businesses which is why many entrepreneurs happily invest their time and money into strategically developing it. 

Back in 2020, almost 70% of marketers said they decided to increase investment in webinars. After the pandemic, we can only assume that the number today is much higher.

Still, we haven’t addressed why this marketing strategy works so well and what benefits you can expect from creating a webinar funnel. 

Let’s take a look!

1. Webinars are cost-effective

Unlike big conferences and events, webinars don’t require renting space, refreshments, and many other additional costs that can easily empty your wallet.

Similarly, webinars don’t carry a risk of low attendance that can turn all the investment put into the organization of a physical event go down the drain.

All that you need is good-quality equipment, a laptop or a computer, and a well-planned topic for the webinar. 
Webinar funnels are an inexpensive marketing strategy that can be repurposed indefinitely!

2. Webinars boost your expertise

Let’s speak honestly… We all enjoy occasional show-off time. Wowing our listeners with the knowledge and expertise in the field undoubtedly boosts our confidence. 

Lucky for you, peacock, webinars are the best possible marketing strategy to blind your viewers with all the shiny colors. 

Well-planned and structured webinars give you the opportunity to position yourself as an expert, gain the trust of your attendees, and bring your professional recognition to a higher level.

3. Webinars lead people into the sales funnel

Using an automated webinar sales funnel may at first sound like an unnecessary waste of time, but let us assure you – in the long run, it is one of the best strategies you can do for your business success.

Once a sales webinar is created and automated, the webinar sales funnel will constantly bring in new leads, without you having to actively work on it.

All it will take for the people to learn about your business is to register for the webinar. For you, it will mean occasional checking to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Better yet, there are numerous webinar funnel templates out there.

It’s a one-time effort for an infinite number of new leads and potential new customers!

Webinar sales funnel infographics
Chalk line photo created by dashu83

4. Webinars drive sales

Not every sale has to be hard. And sales coming from webinar funnels have proven that.

And just so we’re clear, most webinars are sales webinars in one way or another.

Creating the right content, telling the audience what they want to hear, and addressing their pain points, are your perfect recipe for success.

Although the core purpose of the webinar is to educate people and offer them a chance to learn more about you, your business, product, etc., you should always aim at incorporating selling points into your presentation. 

Tell your audience why they should purchase your product, what are the benefits, what kind of issues your product solves, and so on. 

Webinar funnel is a strategy that always works! Go on now, prove us right! 

5. Reach larger audiences

One of the best benefits of organizing a webinar is a chance to reach hundreds of people from all over the world. 

Unlike the seminars that are usually charged and restricted to a specific time, place, and number of attendees, webinars allow people to join no matter where they are for free.

Hence, people will much rather go through your webinar funnel steps and join the webinar from the comfort of their home, than go through all the hassle to attend an in-person event.

How to create a webinar funnel that increases your sales?

The time has finally come to craft your own Perpetuum mobile webinar funnel. 

We’ll go straight into the matter and explain the whole process of making a sales webinar funnel in a few simple steps. 

Webinar funnel template - with steps
Created in-house

1. Create a landing page

First step of creating a webinar funnel is to set up a landing page or, alternatively, a pop-up window inviting people to register for the webinar. 

The landing page serves as a nudger for people to register and convert, therefore, you need to ensure that it is created differently from other website pages. 

There are four main elements that should be included in the webinar landing page:

  • Headline
  • List of benefits
  • Form fields
  • Call to action

Don’t forget to optimize your landing page – make it concise, simple, and use the keywords that will grab the visitors’ attention.

2. Social Media Promotion

To actually enable people to land on your landing page and learn about your webinar and simultaneously enter your webinar funnel, you need to raise awareness

Dare to guess what the best marketing practice for raising awareness would be? 

Promoting your webinar on different Social Media platforms, of course! 

Create compelling visuals and copy and start pushing your promotional material through all SoMe channels. 

Infographic of a person reaching out to others through the phone
Courtesy of freepik

3. Email Campaign

Once you have gathered the emails from the people who signed up for your webinar, it would also be smart to use them.  

As people often forget about the webinars or fail to show up because they lose interest, it is important to give them one extra nudge (or two) just before the webinar starts. That way you make the most of your webinar funnel. 

The easiest way to do so is by creating an automated email campaign.

The campaign should consist of pre- and post-webinar emails.


  • Thank you for signing up, and what to expect from the webinar email
  • Addressing the pain points and the solutions email
  • Social proof email
  • Webinar reminder email


  • Thank you for attending and a webinar recording email
  • Webinar recording and a CTA email

4. Sales Webinar Time

The time has finally come for the webinar itself. 

As this is the “crescendo” of your journey, you need to ensure that your webinar is of value for the attendees and that it addresses and resolves their pain points while keeping them engaged. 

Here are some steps you can follow for a successful webinar:

  • Choose a topic you are well-acquainted and interested in
  • Provide attendees with useful information
  • Mention what your business’ products and services are
  • Leave some time for the attendees to engage with you
  • Show the attendees that you appreciate their participation

Hopefully, your efforts will not die in vain and many of the attendees will go on to purchase your product – which was your main goal with the webinar funnel in the first place! 

Webinar funnel examples that work

We wouldn’t like you to think that we are ‘all promises and no proof’, so we compiled a list of webinar funnel examples that worked! 

Check out which companies achieved tremendous success all thanks to their well-designed webinar funnels! 


Anybody who’s ever tried to look up an example of a marketing funnel must have come across the Clickfunnels’ website

But did you also know that Clickfunnels built their business all thanks to their webinar funnel?!

It’s genius, selling webinar funnels with webinar funnels. But also proves their business case pretty well, right? 

Their webinars are made around how to create webinars, from shooting the webinar, webinar funnel templates, and designing the funnel to follow-up emails. 
All while getting high-quality leads, who all want to create good quality webinar funnels, which is exactly the service Clickfunnel offers. Truly a sales webinar.


Shopify logo

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms on the internet. 

If you read any of Shopify’s blogs, they have a banner on the right advertising their webinars or free online training as they call it. 

Shopify website screenshot

Most of their webinars are for starters in eCommerce and entrepreneurs. When you click the banner you can choose from a couple of time slots that all are starting in a short time, giving you a feeling that this is “live”. 

The webinars provide loads of value, and the follow-up emails do as well. Exclusive offers and more webinars on similar topics. All for free of course. 

The primary goal is to get people to sign up for a free trial at Shopify and eventually convert into paying customers. 
Very smooth and value-loaded webinar funnel.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign monitor logo

On Campaign Monitor’s resource page, there are multiple webinars promoted that can be watched on-demand, that is, you can watch right away.

It’s a good option so that interested leads can sign up anytime, but it erases the feeling of scarcity that in return adds to the value. Many marketers say the scarcity is essential to a webinar, so that attendees watch with interest till the end.

Campaign monitor website screenshot

The registration banner asks you to fill in your job title and a company name so that each lead can be categorized by value.

That way, they can reach out to valuable leads from the webinar funnel, with information already gathered through these various resources on their website.


Consulting.com logo

Sam Ovens, the owner of Consulting.com, has been offering a free webinar on Facebook for the past few years.

Sam Ovens' LinkedIn post screenshot

It’s one of the more famous examples of a truly successful webinar funnel. It’s even the first call to action on Consulting.com’s homepage. 

His webinar has been used as a template for teaching how to build a successful webinar funnel and he’s really been able to build a name for himself. It’s maybe the best webinar funnel out there. He’s even been referred to as “the king of webinars”. 

His funnel builds on the same principles as the other examples, but in this case, we don’t know what he’s selling until the very end. So there’s an added surprise/curiosity element. 

He won’t let you miss the webinar, as he even sends a text message to remind you about the webinar. If you don’t finish the video he’ll convince you to start the funnel again. 

It’s a webinar funnel that shows both determination and thoroughness. Plus his webinar is 2,5 hours long and filled with valuable information. 

If you’re looking for a webinar funnel template, take a look at Sam Ovens webinar funnel.


Webinar funnels are a well-kept marketing secret. Although they’ve grown in popularity in the past years, it’s still not as common as direct email marketing, traditional sales funnels or blogs. 

So now is the time to take action and reap the benefits of this winning marketing strategy.

And now that you’re in on the secret, your next step is just to do it, right? Just create your amazing webinar funnel and go get all those leads waiting for you. 

Unfortunately, good things are always more complicated than that. 

But you’re in luck because we’re experts in everything to do with automation and digital marketing for companies of all sizes.

I want help to create a webinar funnel!


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