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20+ Content Creator Types and Examples in Every Organization

Written By Taylor Ryan
June 19, 2020

Business content and digital media content creators seem to be everywhere these days – so who can be a content creator?

The short answer is anyone can become a content creator if they can make their job, tasks, or industry interesting enough.

However, people often get overly fixated on producing certain types of content for their business, that they eventually talk themselves out of even trying.

The truth is, business content can be in any format these days, visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

So, whether you have a natural affinity for numbers, images, or words, the material you create as a digital creator should be influenced by your passions.

Content is for everyone! Which is why we have assembled over 20+ types of content creators in every organization and examples.

Get inspired!

Content Creator – Sales Professionals

The best salespeople are confident and persuasive.

They will always try to convince you that their product has all the solutions to your problems. 

They will strive to leave their customers feeling listened to, and happy with their purchase. 

Content creators who work in sales will typically create content such as white papers. These are informative pieces that illustrate the advantages of that product to potential buyers.

Flexible outreach templates are usually a mainstay of the top performing salespeople. 

Salespeople may also generate testimonials – this is where they gather information in the clients’ own words to describe how the product has positively impacted their life and business. 

Examples of content produced for sales teams:

Examples of Sales Blog Posts

Content Creator – Trades and Blue Collar Workers

The title ‘trades and labour‘ covers many jobs, including electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and more. 

What has been traditionally thought as “blue collar” can also be a craft – in some cases this can be mesmerizing art. 

Watching bricklayers at work can be oddly satisfying!

Oddly enough, as more people find themselves working behind a desk; people are gravitating to digital content for example watching videos of people working methodically with their hands.

Who would have thought you could reach 200K subscribers with a YouTube channel about cleaning carpets?!

Not interesting enough for you? 

Unclogging drains apparently is satisfying and mesmerizing for an unreasonably high number of people around the globe.

Examples of Trades/Labour Content:

Tiktok trades and labour oddly satisfying rug cleaning process no scrubs TLC

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Trades/Labour Content:

  • How-to Video: “Guide” and “How to videos” instantly rank on youtube
  • Videos – Top Tools For DIY – Articles, videos, and TikToks listing tools are extremely effective
  • Article – 5 Step Guide To Planning A Project
  • Templates: Outlines, contract templates, etc
  • Video – Top 10 Common Mistakes That DIY Beginners Make

Additional Hack – Highlight the BEFORE and AFTER Videos and photos and publish them on Pinterest -they rank really well

Content Creator – Networkers

Stock image of people speaking and socially interacting
Networkers succeed through social interactions. Image from iStock, VictoriaBar.

Joel Capperella, a marketing professional, states that content creators fall into four categories

  • Networkers
  • Speakers 
  • Writers
  • Visualisers

Networkers thrive in social settings – they are invigorated by personal interactions and making new connections

Networkers love talking to people from all paths of life – they walk away from conversations with open minds and new perspectives.

Examples of great content produced by people who network:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Networkers:

  • Video Tip – Go to an event, set a goal of meeting 5 new people in an hour. Set up one meeting.
    Post a Video of before and after and explain the tactics. Find an example here.
  • Master listsQuestions to Start Conversations
  • Motivation / Hustle Porn (Yes this is a thing)
    How to get the courage to start networking? And what are mental tricks for making it happen?
  • Weekly List – Networking events in your area that you plan on attending every week

Content Creator – Beauticians

The beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar industry

Beauty content creator Jeffree Star make up artist blue eyeshadow blue nails blue jacket pink background
Make-up artist and cosmetic creator, Jeffree Star. Image from Tubefilter

This is BIG money, here are a few examples of people that made their own makeup brand and scaled using great content.

Notable Content Creators in the Beauty space Net worth:

Beauty professionals include make-up artists, nail artists, and hairdressers, to name just a few. 

Beauticians are often digital content creators – posting photos, videos, product descriptions, contests, and much more!

Social media, such as Instagram, is one of the best tools for beauticians to show off their skills. 

Many of these influencers also make revenue via sharing products via their digital visual content. 

rainbow glam eye makeup instagram post colorpop cosmetics
User-generated social media content from Colourpop Cosmetics’ Instagram.

Examples of Beauty Content:

We love this inclusive and body-positive social media content from Fenty:

Beauty content creators fentybeauty 40 shades foundation profiltr instagram

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Beauty Creators:

Content Creator – Human Resources

Human resources Now Hiring sign grass

Human Resource (HR) managers will oversee the employee’s entire experience within a company: recruitment, onboarding, training, conflict resolution, and more.  

HR managers use their excellent interpersonal, organisational, and IT skills to communicate with staff and handle administrative tasks.

Image by Unsplash.

Many people think that HR content creators mainly make content such as job descriptions, but their ideas for recruitment and company culture can also generate content!

For example, HubSpot HR came up with this incredibly generous referral program to find new recruits.

Examples of HR Manager Content:

We love Buffer’s transparent salaries:

Human resources content creators Buffer transparent salaries excel sheet 2019

Digital Creator Content Ideas – HR Creators:

Content Creator – Makers

‘Maker culture’ – Activities and ideas of people who create or invent things, either using traditional crafts or technology

Maker culture is a cultural movement that can mean something unique to each member of its community. 

Makers are inventors: they use their creativity, innovation, and engineering skills, as well as technology such as 3D printers, to create anything you can imagine!

People love watching satisfying media video content of handcrafted items coming together:

Makers network in makerspaces – these are often community centers where makers can learn from each other and access equipment that may otherwise be out of their price range.

The increasing popularity of sites like Etsy shows how many people value the importance of handmade items. 

Examples of Maker Content:

We love this sewing tutorial from Maker Ed:

Learning in the Making: Sewing by Maker Ed.

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Maker Content:

Content Creator – Public Speakers

With the ‘gift of the gab’, speakers are able to clearly and engagingly communicate their expertise and ideas to anyone lucky enough to listen. 

They are talented presenters, and can often be found holding the whole room captivated by their words alone.

The ability to speak easily and confidently in a way that makes people want to listen to you and believe you

Definition of the gift of the gab from Cambridge Dictionary

Examples of Great Public Speaker Content:

We love these secrets for great public speaking by TED:

The Secret to Great Public Speaking from a Content Creator + Public Speaker

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Speakers:

  • Video – Analysis of a speech/presentation and techniques
  • Guide/Article – ‘How To’ – write a great speech/calm nerves before presenting/warm up your voice
  • Interview – Podcast/Video/Blog – Behind-the-scenes of conference/ Meet The Speakers/ Q&A

Content Creator – CEO and Leaders

Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) have the responsibility of their company’s success resting on their shoulders. 

CEOs will interact with everyone from employees to government bodies; communicating their mission, standards, and goals to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

CEOs generate content through presenting at conferences, using recyclable and adjustable PowerPoint slides to express their unique viewpoints or experiences. 

With the on-going affects of the Covid19 pandemic, many conferences have now become digital. 

For example, Klint Marketing’s CEO, Taylor Ryan, hosts his own webinars on topics, such as business trends during recessions.

Taylor Ryan’s growth hacking and SEO presentation at Talent Garden Rainmaking, Copenhagen.

Webinars are also a great place to create guest content and collaborate with local businesses. 

Leadership Content Creators Examples:

We love this Content Created by CEOs:

CEO content creators HR company stats employee happiness and profit infographic
The Statistical Case for Company Culture, image from GrowthEverywhere

Digital Creator Content Ideas – CEOs:

  • Video/Article Interview – My Journey To CEO
  • Webinar/Podcast/E-Course – Maintaining A Successful Company In A Crisis
  • Blog/Vlog – How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Brand
  • Interview/Blog/Q&A – CEO AMA (ask me anything)

Content Creator – Teachers

Teachers are great public speakers, they create and combine multiple types of content to keep their students engaged in the classroom. 

This may be online interactive quizzes, exercise handouts, or even sharing videos related to class content.

One example could be covers of pop songs with educational lyrics in order to connect with the students on a cultural level. 

Pop song cover about evolutionary development, created by Acapellascience, on YouTube.

Examples of Content From Teachers:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Teachers:

  • Blog/Vlog – 10 Creative Art Projects To Try With Your Class
  • Guide/Interactive Game – Electrical Circuits: How To Make An Alarm
  • Blog/Listicle/Video – Top 10 Educational Song Covers For Science Lessons
  • Article – How I Keep My Class Engaged

Content Creator – Podcasters

Podcasts are digital audio files that can be downloaded. 

Podcasts can cover any topic of interest, from true crime to politics, providing the listeners with an in-depth analysis of compiled research and discussing it at various levels of audience understanding. 

Podcasters primarily need excellent communication skills to keep the listener engaged, have great interviews, and show their passion for the subject. 

They also need to be organised, thorough researchers, and have good technical skills to edit their recordings.

Podcasts can be published on many platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts

Examples of Podcaster Content:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Podcast:

  • Podcast/Article – The Economy In A Crisis: Covid19 Impact and Predictions
  • Podcast/Interview/Article/Video – Insider Secrets: Making A Podcast
  • Podcast/Webinar/Video – Crime Series: Interviews With Detectives
  • Podcast/Article – New Parents: 10 Podcasts To Prepare You For Parenthood

Content Creator – Customer Success Content

Customer Success focuses on the customer, their experience of the company and its products, and ensures that both the customer and the company reach their desired goals. 

Basically, customer success takes the initiative to help customers get the most out of their products and acts to proactively prevent negative experiences – unlike Customer Support which typically serves to fix problems, such as complaints. 

This means that customer success covers a wide range of skills – for example they will collaborate with the sales and marketing departments to attract and keep customers. 

Content generated by Customer Success can be: 

  • Webcopy and content – FAQs, tutorials, product features, and descriptions
  • Email marketing – Commonly asked questions, case study materials, and feedback surveys
  • Customer onboarding – Step-by-step tutorials and navigation

We love this customer success case study:

Examples of Customer Success Content:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Customer Success:

  • Article/Vlog – 20 Ways To Put The Customer First
  • Article/Product Description – 15 Best Tools and Software For Customer Success
  • Guide/Tutorial/Webinar – Guide To Creating A Customer Success Strategy
  • Article/Vlog/Tutorial – Knowledge Bases: How To Present Information To Customers
  • Article/Blog/Podcast – 5 Best Customer Success Books

Content Creator – Event Promoters

Networking is a key skill to have as an event promoter to deliver outstanding events:

Event promoters need skills in advertising, public relations, and demographic analysis in order to attract the target audience and create excitement about the event.

Event marketing is one of the most important parts of an event promoter’s job. 

The best place to start when creating content as an event promoter, is to advertise the key details:

Event promoter create content that promotes event key details - when where who how much

Social media is a great place to publish this content, from video interviews to event infographics. 

Press releases also help to advertise your event!

Twitter campaign to advertise INBOUND event, image from Twitter.

Examples of Content Created By Event Promoters:

We love this social media marketing content from Burning Man event promoters:

Event promoter content creators Burning man wooden woman sculpture "Tara Mechani" by Dana Albany blackrockcity
Social media marketing for Burning Man, image from Instagram.

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Event Promoters:

  • Video montage – Highlights from last event and why you should come to the next one
  • Interview/Podcast/Video – Behind The Scenes Tour and Interviews
  • Vlog/Blog – Post-Event Q&A
  • Article/Social Media Post – Event facts and statistic infographic
  • Video Testimonials – Video of guests’ experiences at the event

Content Creator – Writers

Writers are natural wordsmiths – they communicate stories and ideas through articles, short stories, novels, blogs, and more!

Of course, an incredible way with words isn’t the only skill that writers have. 

Writers also have strong skills in research, word processing software, and collaboration

Examples of Content Created by Writers:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Writers

  • Article/Guide – How To Overcome Writer’s Block
  • Article/Guide/Interview – The Publishing Process
  • Article/Guide – Beginner’s Guide To Starting A Blog

Content Creator – Journalists

Many people immediately think of journalists when they hear the word ‘writer’. 

Journalists write articles after having researched the topic in depth through interviewing experts and searching public records in order to give a balanced and informative overview of the subject. 

They have a range of skill sets, including critically analyzing information and its sources; interpersonal skills needed for interviews, and excellent communication to relay their findings to the reader. 

Journalists can publish their articles in blogs, magazines, newspapers, and more.

Journalist content creators New York Times Magazine Data to fight an epidemic
Stephen Johnson writes for The New York Times about the use of data to fight epidemics

Examples of Content from Journalists:

A good example of the use of collaboration, networking, and IT skills can be found in data journalists. 

Data journalists write and illustrate stories with data-driven infographics.

Using several technologies, data journalists collaborated with Suaram, a human rights charity, to create ‘Death in Custody’, shown below. 

This interactive news game emphasized the under-reporting of deaths in Malaysian police custody and created a guide to teach players their rights while being in custody. 

Data journalist content creator interactive news game Death In Custody Suaram Malaysia

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Journalist:

  • Comparative Article – How life is in your country vs another
  • Article/Guide/Summary – A Simple Guide To American Politics in 2021
  • Article/Blog – Brexit: 5 Years Later

Content Creator – Scientists

Science is a fascinating field that touches nearly every part of our lives, from cars to healthcare!

Scientists will have naturally inquisitive and analytical minds and utilize many skills throughout their careers in addition to their technical training. This is a mindset shared with many content creators.

Scientists can gain an appreciation for skills such as:

  • Project management skills 
  • Analytical skills
  • Networking skills
  • Collaborative skills
  • Communication skills 
  • IT skills

We love the scientific content from IFLScience:

Examples of scientific content:

This is another great example of content by scientists:

YouTube tutorial of Bar Chart Race Animation for Time Series Data

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Scientific content:

  • Article/Blog/Vlog/Infographic – Scientific Career Pathways: A Summary
  • Guide/Video Tutorial – Scientific Figure Tutorial: Visualising Complex Concepts
  • Article/Guide – 20 Top Tips For Communicating Science to the General Public
  • Article/Video/Guide – 10 Ways To Improve Your Scientific Presentation Skills
  • Article/Blog/Vlog – Scientific Interviews: How To Prepare

Content Creator – Social Media Managers

Social Media Managers will maintain their company’s brand image online by creating campaigns, replying to comments, and monitoring traffic.  

The creative content that can be made by social media managers is boundless; for example:

Social media content social media black iphone instagram facebook twitter


  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • Brand collaborations
  • Campaigns


Social media managers are amazing social media content creators, so they will have skills in copywriting, customer service, SEO knowledge, and research

Examples of Social Media Manager Content:

We love this social media content from Gillette:

Social commentary advert campaign for Gillette that tackles toxic masculinity.

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Social Media Managers:

  • Article/Guide – Fantography: Promoting User Generated Content
  • Webinar/Guide/Video – 10 Steps For Making A Successful Social Media Campaign
  • Guide/Product Review/Article/Resources – Social Media Content Calendars: Top Tips and Tools
  • Social Media Post – Competition to win a discount on a product or a free sample

Content Creator – Restaurant Workers

The service industry is defined as providing services to businesses as well as customers without producing the product, for example, restaurants. 

The content created by restaurateurs can be in the form of email marketing – where they update clients on new products, new launches and openings.  

Some create content through the news cycle. In 2017, the grand opening of a Chick-fil-A branch in Michigan, USA, caught mass attention from the news and citizens alike with an unprecedented offer:

Restaurant content press release Fox17 Chick-fil-A grand opening free meals for a year
Chick-fil-A creates content and a new customer base by making headlines. Image from Fox17.

Sometimes we have to use the circumstances (in good taste) to turn a negative into a positive. 

Gorm’s Pizza, an international pizza chain made news around the world for creating traffic jams while giving away 12,672 bags of expiring mozzarella during Covid19. 

The result was traffic jams, tons of PR and brand recognition.

Restaurant content Copenhagen cyclists queueing for free mozarella

Even the best ad campaign wouldn’t have made this many people line up for what in essence is just some ingredients for a pizza.

Restaurant content Cars queueing for free mozarella
Cars backed up for miles

Other Examples of Restaurant Content:

We love this advertising by Sweetgreen on Instagram:

restaurant content Sweetgreen instagram post
Simple but effective

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Restaurant Content:

  • TikTok Video – Making the most popular dish
  • Online Recipes – Google gives a whole separate ranking system for recipes.
  • Meet Our Team – Staff Profiles and company stories
  • Meet Our Ingredients – Fresh Organic Produce
  • Sneak Peek – New Dishes Coming Soon
  • Virtual Restaurant Experience – Get crazy with it!
  • Top Dishes – Fan Favourites and Reviews
  • Best Happy Hours / Discounts in Town – Always list yourself first but keep this up to date

Content Creator – Communication Directors

Communication directors are responsible for managing a company’s public image through public relations, as well as communicating with the public and stakeholders. 

Communication directors will work on various projects, for example:

Communication director content creators 3 people pointing at silver laptop communicating
  • Press releases
  • Public opinion surveys
  • Internal newsletters
  • Outreach campaigns
  • Fundraising campaigns

Image by Unsplash.

The primary skill needed by a communication director is, of course, excellent written and oral communication

They also need strong managerial skills as they will often work as head of a team, and so good interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to delegate and manage deadlines are important.

Examples of Communication Director Content:

We love this on-brand advertising and social media post by Carlsberg:

Communication Director content creators Social media post Carlsberg UK tweet advertising campaign on bus

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Communication Director:

  • Article/Blog/Guide – Public Opinion Surveys: The Questions To Ask as a Communication Director
  • Product Description/Guide/Article – 5 Tools You Need To Organise A Fundraising Campaign
  • Article/Video/Webinar – Social Media Trends 2021: How To Maintain and Promote Your Company’s Brand
  • Article/Podcast/Vlog – Customer Communication: How To Successfully Use External Communication in 2021
  • Blog/Article – 10 Companies With Great Internal Communication Strategies

Content Creator – Visualisers

Visualisers, as artistic and out-of-the-box thinkers, are able to create visual communication that portrays the intended message to their audience.

For example, visualisers can create data-driven graphs and infographics to convey complex thought processes or mechanistic pathways.

Examples of Visualiser Content:

We love this example of visual content on TikTok:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Visualisers:

  • Video/Guide/Tutorial – How To Take Great Pictures
  • Picture/Video/Social Media Post – Impressive Views In Your City
  • Article/Blog – Top 10 Artists To Watch Out For in 2021
  • Guide/Tutorial – How To Draw Hands
  • Picture/Video – Before, During, and After: Art Process in Pictures

Content Creator – Graphic Designers

Graphic designers combine text and images to create eye-catching and memorable pieces of visual communication to attract the target demographic of a company. 

For example, as seen below, this conceptual logo communicates the restaurant’s name through the clever use of negative space.  

Graphic Designer content creators restaurant black and white logo swan and mallard duck
The Swan & Mallard restaurant’s conceptual logo. Image from Behance.

Graphic designers will work from concept to completion on media content projects such as:

  • Logos
  • Branded images
  • Web page design
  • User interfaces
  • Social media
  • Product layouts
  • Wire-framing
  • Book and magazine covers
  • Advertisements

This range of projects shows that graphic designers can be categorized as digital content creators, visual content creators, and they can even work remotely!

They will work hard to ensure projects such as rebranding are successful, but sometimes rebranding can go wrong.

Graphic designers need a variety of skills to produce successful projects, for example:

Highlight Your Creative Skills

Graphic designers will use their creative spark to ensure originality during the conceptualization and illustration phases of a project.

Show Off your IT Skills

Graphic designers can work manually, or by using technology. For example, software such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign are used commonly in the industry. 

Good web design is also one of the responsibilities of graphic designers, and so they will be expected to have HTML and CSS experience. 

Designers have Communication Skills

Firstly, graphic designers need to communicate with their client to understand the concept and ideas behind the project.

The designer will then have to present their project ideas clearly and convincingly to get production approval.

Finally, their product must be successful in communicating the intended message to its target audience.

Demonstrate Your Time Management Skills

Graphic designers will often work as part of a larger team, so they will also need to be able to coordinate with their team members to manage the project’s progress and deadlines.

First, designers will create a mock-up of how the website should look and how it should work, for example:

Graphic Designer content User experience and user interface explained in diagram
User experience and user interface work together to create a product that is easy on the eyes and easy to use. Image from Finalsite.

User interface (UI) considers all aesthetic and functional aspects of a website, for example: 

  • color schemes
  • typography
  • ease of navigation

User experience (UX) focuses on the accessibility of a website, for example:

  • how easy the text is to read
  • how easy it is to use – for example logging in, or checking out
  • icon clarity and readability

Examples of Graphic Designer Content:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Graphic Designers:

  • Article/Video – 10 Ways Web Development Has Evolved This Decade
  • Vlog/Webinar/Tutorial – 10 Most Important Colour Rules For UI
  • Article/Video – 10 Brand Logo Changes During Covid19
  • Video/Tutorial/Article – Graphic Design Softwares: Pros, Cons, and Comparisons

Content Creator – Accounting

Finance accounting ned stark Brace yourselves tax season is coming meme memegenerator
Image by Memegenerator.

Finance and accounting work hand-in-hand to assess the flow of money within a company. 

The accounting department will monitor and record the daily transactions, while the finance department deals with investments and future growth planning. 

Finance and accounting professionals aren’t just good with numbers, they also need to have skills such as:

  • Analytical skills
  • Interpersonal and written communication
  • Software skills, e.g. Microsoft Excel, Quickbooks, Oracle

Examples of Finance Content:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Accounting:

  • Webinar/Vlog/Podcast/Tutorial – Common Accounting Errors and How To Avoid Them
  • Article/Podcast/Vlog – 15 Accounting FAQs Answered
  • Product Review/Article/Video – Top 10 Finance Softwares and How To Use Them
  • Testimonials/Video – Accounting Firm: Customer Success Stories

Content Creator – YouTubers

According to Forbes, 2018, more than 500 million hours of media video content is watched on YouTube every day.

If that’s how much content is being watched each day, then imagine how many hours of content exists – and the amount of content that is currently being made! 

YouTubers are excellent video content creators and digital content creators – they have strong skills in communication, video editing, as well as a good understanding of the platform to reach their audience.

YouTuber content is practically limitless, from fail compilations to reaction videos. YouTubers can record and upload virtually any content they can think of – as long as it doesn’t break the YouTube community guidelines

Examples of YouTuber Content

We love this visual video content created by YouTube Creators:

Youtube Content Creator – For Content Creators. Very Meta

Digital Creator Content Ideas – YouTuber Content:

  • Video/Interview – Interview: Top Trending YouTubers Answer FAQs
  • Guide/Video/Interview – 10 Tips To Boost Your Viewer Ratings
  • Video/Article – How To Get Brand Sponsorship
  • Video/Guide/Article – To Do and Not To Do: Creating YouTube Videos

Content Creator – Front-End Developers

Front-end developers focus on the looks and interactivity of a product, such as websites.

Front-end developers need creative skills to design aesthetically pleasing websites, as well as skills using languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and design tools such as Photoshop.

Just to get things straight beforehand: HTML is a markup language that creates the structure of the website, while CSS is a style sheet language that creates the presentation – such as the font size and color.

Examples of Front-End Developer Content:

We love this Front-End Developer Content:

Front-end developer crash course by DesignCourse.

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Front-End Developer:

  • Product Description/Resources/Article/Blog – Top 25 Tools for Front-End Developers 2021
  • Resources/Article/Blog – Best 30 Responsive HTML5 Templates
  • Video/Article/Blog – UX vs UI Design Reviews: Best and Worst
  • Blog/Tutorial/Guide – A Complete Guide To CSS
  • Blog/Guide – APIs: A Beginner’s Guide

Content Creator – Back-End Developers

While front-end developers focus on what a website looks like, back-end developers focus on how a website works.

Back-end developers will handle the ‘server-side’ of a website – the parts that the user doesn’t see. This includes databases, servers, website updates, and content management. 

Front end vs back end team work diagram
Front-end and back-end developers work together to create a functional website. Image from 3NY technology.

For example, back-enders will create the APIs that front-enders use.

Application Programming Interface (API) is how front-end interfaces communicate with back-end systems.

API is a software-to-software interface that enables applications to interact with each other.

For example, an online shop checkout page will lead to a payment processing app followed by a bank page to take the payment. 

Back-end developers will have strong logic and business skills, and they are highly skilled in using programming languages such as Python and Ruby 

Examples of Back-End Developer Digital Creator Content:

We love this Back-End Developer Content on GitHub:

Digital Creator Content Ideas – Back-End Developer :

  • Article/Guide – Python: Beginner’s Guide
  • Resources/Product Description/Article/Blog – Top 10 Tools You Need As A Back-end Developer
  • Guide/Tutorial/Video – NodeJS: How To Create A Custom Back-End
  • Webinar/eCourse/Podcast – Back-End Projects: Where To Start and Common Problems
  • Article/Blog/Video – Web-Development Trends and Technologies


From all of these examples, it is clear that both content and its creators come in a great variety of forms. With the ever-evolving landscape of technology, it is easier than ever for anyone to create content. 

So why not seize this moment? Embrace your passions, hone your skills, and create the content you’ve always dreamed of.

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