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50 Best Facebook Entrepreneur Groups

Written By Massimiliano Taddei
April 28, 2020

Facebook Entrepreneur Groups are one of the most under-utilized channels for learning from peers that are facing the same challenges as you.

Every small business and start-up is confronted with a similar set of challenges when they first get started.

The best advice comes from those that have actually done the work;

  • Find the right resources
  • Optimization Tools, software, and white papers
  • Processes and guides
  • Stories of failures and success
  • New business models
  • Connections and online networking
  • Thought leadership
  • Trends and news
  • Collaboration and partnerships
  • Scalable ideas
  • Instant feedback

The sky is the limit. If you’re not part of the conversation, you’re missing out!

Table of Contents

Hereby listed: the 50 best Facebook Entrepreneur groups!

50. Entrepreneurs Only

Entrepreneurs Only Facebook Group Logo

This group is made to share your business opportunities, network marketing, affiliate programs, and/or business tools.

The rules are simple; you cannot sell a product in this group, or seek people to hire.

This group is perfect to keep relevant discussions and show your expertise in the business field.

Number of Members 203.7K

49. Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Start-Ups

Business Owners facebook group logo

This Facebook Entrepreneur Group is made to share tricks, tools, and creative ways to make your business grow.

Any business owner can join, the group has members from both the startup community and the corporate world.

Number of Members 99.3K

48. Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Entrepreneurs Worldwide Facebook group logo

This Facebook entrepreneurship group is made for sharing your business and receiving help in your dream and ideas.

This group has been created as a place for people from all around the world to interact, inspire, and help each other to fulfill their dreams and desires, both in work and life!

Every member believes that they can learn a lot from each other, and take advantage of each other’s knowledge and strengths. Others can help build and evolve your weaknesses and opportunities.

Number of Members 92.4K

47. Millionaire Mindset | Entrepreneurs Club

Millionaire Mindset Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurship group was made to learn the secrets of business, the mindset, networking, masterminding, empowering each other, and discussing topics. 

It doesn’t matter which stage you are currently at; you could be starting out, an entrepreneur, a millionaire,…

Anyone can gain massive value here. But, only if you ENGAGE in it!

Number of Members 225.4K

46. Millennial Entrepreneur Community 🌎#Builders 🛠️

Millenial Entrepreneurs community Facebook group Logo

We all know that growing a meaningful business takes hard work, solid strategies, top-notch resources, and a support team with a huge range of skills. Expect to find all of that in here, and much more!

This Facebook Entrepreneur Group was built for you, by people like you, and is alive every day with your kind of people… You know, the ones who value freedom that much they’ll risk it all for greatness.

Number of Members 80.3K

45. Entrepreneurs Club

Entrepreneurs Club Facebook group Logo

A group for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who want to grow in all dimensions – personal, professional, social, and business.

Join this entrepreneurs group if you are looking for tips to grow your business. Share your experience and stories from your entrepreneurial journey with other likeminded people.

Number of Members 57.9K

44. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs

Woman Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

The Facebook Entrepreneur Group with the mindset of “how can I help fellow women here?”, and share your knowledge and expertise.

Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs was created as a vehicle through which women can help other women in the most important areas of their lives: business, personal growth, and balancing family and career.

The goal is to provide women with the resources, tools, and skills they need to prosper and succeed.

Number of Members 426.2K

43. Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurs group is a dynamic, global network made of more than just business owners.

These are the topics allowed :

•Social Entrepreneurship
•Social Media Marketing
•Online Business
•Digital Marketing
•Business Ideas
•Strategies & Training
•Post Marketing Events and Conferences

Number of Members 52.5K

42. London Entrepreneurs and Startup Network

LESN Facebook group Logo

This group is for those just starting out in the world of business, as well as those working on business number one-hundred.

The London Entrepreneurs & Startup Network’s goal is to help you get potential partners, investors, funding, and most importantly more clients.

NB: only for people living in London or in the United Kingdom.

Number of Members 63K


Global Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

Connecting Your Product To The World.

Join this entrepreneurs group if you are in need of different tips and/or to advertise your business, service, or product.

Expand your business commenting and sharing your knowledge.

Number of Members 33K

40. Global Entrepreneurs Connect Fellows International

GEFI Facebook group Logo

This is an entrepreneurs group for promoting your businesses, celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit, and sharing entrepreneur stories.

Knowledgable members frequently provide tips that help beat procrastination, improve focus, organization, time management, and achieve business success.

Number of Members 233.8K

39. Successful Female Entrepreneurs

Successful Female Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

This is a group for female entrepreneurs looking for a networking entrepreneur community of ambitious women.

Join the group If you need help with:
1. Getting more clients & customers
2. Mastering organic marketing
3. Creating a strong, intentional brand
4. Going viral on social media
5. Working smarter, not harder

Number of Members 45.4K

38. Entrepreneurs, Startup & Business Association of New York

NY Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

A place for all who are looking for co-founders, partners, coaches, or core team members for their start-up.

You may also join this entrepreneur community for an evening of creativity, inspiration, and passionate conversations by attending one of their events.

NB: Only for New York Entrepreneurs.

Number of Members 154.6K

37. Entrepreneur

Entrepeneur Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurship group is for those people who “Dare to be different“. The most obvious form of entrepreneurship is that of starting new businesses.

It started as a Start-up-only group; however, in recent years, the group members circle has been extended to include all social and political forms of entrepreneurial activity.

Number of Members 21.3K

36. Small Business / Entrepreneurship

Small Business / Entrepreneur Facebook group Logo

A group for small businesses and entrepreneurs, with advice on other groups that are good for expanding your network.

By coming together with like-minded members, you can solve your business challenges with more ease. Members share great expertise and tips on how to grow your company and get more customers.

Number of Members 77.7K

35. Entrepreneurship / StartUp Tips & Tricks

Entrepreneurship Facebook group Logo

This is a non-commercial entrepreneurship group, where people share updates, tips & tricks about entrepreneurship/start-ups. Every post and discussion must be in English.

The group also suggests other groups and web pages where you can find more information. It is important to initiate your startup journey, and this entrepreneurs community can be great to motivate you!

Number of Members 7.1K

34. Business And Entrepreneurship Ideas – Combating Unemployment

Business and Entrepreneurship Facebook group Logo

This group has been created to discuss various entrepreneurial ideas that anyone could start to earn some extra income or even use as a primary source of income.

This Facebook entrepreneurship group shares helpful insights for entrepreneurs. Members commonly spark discussions about finances and how to manage expenses and creatively attract more income.

Number of Members 59.2K

33. Entrepreneurship For The Masses

Entrepreneurship For Facebook group Logo

Entrepreneurship for the masses is a Facebook group that helps you start your business through advertisements, tips, and helpful insights.

Expand your network, help other people, or share your ideas. Or, ask questions and get answers related to your entrepreneurial journey.

Number of Members 19.1K

32. Legit Entrepreneurship 2019

Legit Entrepreneurship Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurship group provides a place for entrepreneurs to post about what they do, advertise their business, and create networks.

This is a Facebook community to have conversations and talk to people about your ideas. Share your thoughts and get quality feedback almost instantly. 

Number of Members 69.3K

31. American Entrepreneurs (Business Networking in the United States)

American Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurship group is ideal for entrepreneurs seeking business partnerships and/or investments. Browse group discussions and get to know how business life is going on in the USA.

This is a networking community for entrepreneurs living in the USA. Members can join if they wish to start their business or plan to move to the US shortly!

Number of Members 232.9K

30. IT/MSP Entrepreneurs

IT Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

Syncro’s team is dedicated to helping MSP business owners and IT professionals share knowledge and useful resources in order to help their business grow and thrive.

If you are working with SaaS, apps, or any other digital business type, this entrepreneurship group will be an excellent resource for you to network and read the newest trends within IT.

Number of Members 6.7K

29. Digital Nomads & Entrepreneurs

Digital Nomand and Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurs group is for digital nomads looking for guidance, resources, and support to enhance their finances, business projects, health and fitness, entrepreneurship, and overall abundance in life.

If you are working on the road and are not attached to a fixed location, this Facebook group is perfect for you! Uncover how fellow nomads generate income and share your tips for newbies.

Number of Members 10.2K

28. Small Business Owners Australia

Small business owners Australia Facebook group Logo

Small Business Australia is an entrepreneurship group dedicated to supporting and helping businesses connect, grow, and prosper in the marketplace.

The group members believe that education and knowledge are key ingredients of a successful business.

They provide various learning resources and tools to help members enrich their knowledge of running a successful enterprise.

NB: Only For Australian businesses.

Number of Members 14.1K

27. Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurs group was made for digital nomads looking for business opportunities and tips and tools.

Their motto: gathering people with shared interests and business must be an amazing life-changing experience from which we can get inspired and build great things together.

Expand your network while growing your business and have fun with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Number of Members 58.2K

26. Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur Facebook group logo

The purpose of this group is for entrepreneurs to find support in starting their own product lines.

In this Facebook community, admins and members want to gather entrepreneurs as well as those who can help entrepreneurs, such as private label companies, business & marketing strategists, creatives, retailers, and investors.

Number of Members 114K

25. Premium Business Network

Premium Business Network Facebook group logo

This entrepreneurship Facebook group gives business owners a safe place to ask important questions, share new ideas, and make valuable connections.

Number of Members 10.9K

24. Facebook Blueprint Certification Prep

Facebook blueprint cerfitication prep group logo

Learn more about Facebook marketing by connecting with others who are studying or have completed the Facebook Blueprint exams.

Number of Members 20.3K

23. Small Business Networking

Small business Networking Facebook group Logo

The small business networking group was created to help small businesses grow and increase sales by connecting with other company owners and growth marketers. 

The founders encourage their members to interact with other members to gain valuable business relationships within their entrepreneurs community.

Number of Members 97.6K


Tribe of unstoppables Facebook group logo

This group offers an entrepreneurship community for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to build a profitable, scalable business online.

This group was made by a coach, Kelly Roach, who is a strategist and peak performance coach known for helping business owners. You can be sure to receive good advice both from Kelly and group members! 

Number of Members 23.5K

21. Entrepreneurs – Lets build together

Entrepreneurs lets build together facebook group logo

Join this Facebook entrepreneurship group that is meant for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and people wanting to start a business, to post about their business products, programs, and/or services.

Number of Members 91.1K

20. Small Business Owners United

SBOUnited Facebook Logo

An entrepreneurship group made for building mutually beneficial, long-term relationships by creating a healthy community where you can share and engage with fellow entrepreneurs from around the globe about your business experiences, challenges, and success stories.

Entrepreneurs with digital and physical products are welcome to join.

Number of Members 79.1K

19. Entrepreneurs of Valuetainment

Entrepreneurs of Valuetainment Facebook group Logo

If you have been watching the Valuetainment YouTube channel, you must know about this entrepreneurs group as well.

In this community, you can have active discussions of any topic that is relevant to entrepreneurship and personal growth.

Number of Members 13.5K


Billionaires Mindset Facebook group Logo

BILLIONAIRES MINDSET is a motivational Facebook group created to support entrepreneurs by encouraging members to spread every quote and/or motivation.

Don’t just get motivated, also try to be a motivator, and motivate others. That’s how this group aims to create a net of success.

Number of Members 123K

17. The Disruptive Entrepreneurs Community

The Disruptive Entrepreneurs Facebook group Logo

This is a community for start-up entrepreneurs, scale-up entrepreneurs, business owners & part-time entrepreneurs.

In this group, all episodes & video interviews of “The Disruptive Entrepreneur” will be shared the second they are launched.

Besides, all DE events & meetups are announced, there are unannounced bonuses, RM products & services, and there’s the opportunity to communicate with Rob Moore.

Number of Members 19.3K

16. Success Mindset – Small business Owners, Start-ups & Entrepreneurs

Success Mindset - Small business Owner Facebook group Logo

Success Mindset is a group especially for business owners, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. This group exists to help you build your business or take it to the next level by creating a successful mindset.

The goal within this entrepreneurship group is to motivate, self-develop, and support each other on the journey. Feel free to ask questions, share your knowledge, skills, business experience, advice, and insights.


Number of Members 51.2K

15. Black Entrepreneurs Worldwide

Black Entrepreneurs Worldwide Facebook group Logo

Black Entrepreneurs Worldwide is a business networking community and support group for black small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Their Facebook group is the next channel to share ideas and get feedback.

All businesses in this group should be 100% black-owned businesses.

Number of Members 34.6K

14. Black Entrepreneurs United

Black Entrepreneurs United Facebook group Logo

Black Entrepreneurs United is all about uniting black entrepreneurs. Come in the group and share your business story with other, likeminded people. 

Here you can find tips, share your ideas, show your business, products, and services.

Number of Members 18.1K

13. Startups, Small Business, Self Employed, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Fintech

Startups, SB Facebook group Logo

This startup community group is meant to promote one’s business, product, and/or service.

People are allowed to share their business pages, to gain some more popularity.

NB: Only for UK Entrepreneurs.

Number of Members 12.4K



Want to know how to invest or get investment? This Facebook group connects investors and young startups seeking funds under one group. 

You can find coaches and business opportunities, share your ideas, and acquire insightful tips.

Number of Members 23.8K

11. Start Your Own Business & Project Ideas.

Start Your Own Business Facebook Logo

Looking to start your business, but you’re missing the idea or the start push?

This Facebook entrepreneurship Group is wonderful for tips on how to start your own business and mingle with other entrepreneurs.

Number of Members 199.6K

10. Small Businesses

Small Business Facebook Logo

This group looks after the interests of small business owners.

Join this entrepreneurs community, as like-minded members can be an excellent support for your journey.

Number of Members 87.5K

9. Small Capital Business Ideas Post Here

Small Capital Business Ideas Post Here Facebook group logo

This is a group for sharing business ideas that can help people start their own business with small capital to make entrepreneurs’ lives a little easier.

You can post your business idea in order to grow your network.

Number of Members 218.3K

8. UK Small Businesses Owners

The UK Small Business Owners group is a place to share ideas, useful content and get support from other business owners in the UK.

This entrepreneurs group is primarily for members to network and engage with each other and discuss business problems, solutions, business development ideas.

NB: Only for United Kingdom Business Owners.

Number of Members 20.9K

7. Small Business Owners Networking

Small Business Owners Networking Facebook group Logo

This is a networking group for all small business owners. You can share your product to help promote and grow your venture.

Besides, you can help others do the same by sharing, liking, and commenting on each other’s posts!

Number of Members 26.9K

6. Small Business USA

Small Business USA Facebook group Logo

This is a Facebook entrepreneurship group where you can post any news about your business, get feedback, and advice. 

Grow your business by gathering helpful insights, sharing ideas, and commenting.

Expand your business with the help of this community, and find business partners and investors within the group members.  

NB: Only for American Businesses.

Number of Members 144.9K

5. Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas Facebook Logo

This is an entrepreneurs group for sharing business ideas and opportunities. Join this group if you want to expand your network.

Posts are about other entrepreneurs’ ideas and concerns. Through commenting you can gather insights and helpful tips.

Number of Members 99K

4. Business from Home

Business from home facebook logo

Promote your business and become successful!

This Facebook entrepreneurship group is an excellent source of information related to working from home and remote jobs.

Number of Members 258.1K

3. SoCal Business Owners

Socal Business Owners Facebook group Logo

The SoCal Business Owners Facebook group is an amazing group for sharing ideas, and gaining helpful suggestions online.

Here you can grow your network, post your services, deals, and sales. Besides, you can post discussions and equations, and network with other entrepreneurs.

NB: Mostly for USA Businesses.

Number of Members 9K

2. Business Owners in USA/Canada

Business Owners in USA/Canada Facebook group Logo

In this entrepreneurs group, you can post job opportunities, career development events, networking events, and business opportunities.

Search and/or find the right contacts; and share career, business, and personal development related materials.

NB: For entrepreneurs in the USA/Canada.

Number of Members 15.7K

1. Start Up Business Help and Advice UK

StartUp Business UK Facebook group Logo

This entrepreneurship group is made as a resource of help and advice for new and recent businesses.

Members are welcomed to contribute advice, ask for help, and share content or experiences.

This group is not for posting adverts, for this purpose the founders created a different group.

NB: Only for UK businesses.

Number of Members 15.9K


Sometimes the best way to start your business is to ask for help.

Since Facebook is one of the biggest communities on the Internet, it provides thousands of groups with people sharing the same problem.

Join entrepreneurship groups, create a strong image for your business, grow your network, and help fellow entrepreneurs with your knowledge and insights.

Do you think there is a better way than Facebook groups?

Let us know in the comment below!


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