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20 Best Email Verification Tools

Written By Dumi Margin
June 16, 2021

Confused about what exactly email verification tools do? Let us explain…

Have you ever spent hours carefully crafting an email campaign, only to find out that no one read it because it landed it the spam folder?

This is a problem faced by many digital marketers. Being marked as spam can be the result of your email account experiencing high bounce rates. And this may be because you are sending emails to addresses that simply do not exist.

We know, it sounds complicated, but this is where email verification tools come in!

Email verification tools can be used to totally eliminate dead emails from your mailing list, thus decreasing your bounce rate so your account won’t get blocked by google.

Since almost half of the emails sent worldwide are marked as junk, using email verification tools to ensure that you are sending to an actual person is critical.

So, let’s get going and see what an email verification tool is! Or, skip ahead to the list of email verification tools if you’re already clued-up on the what’s and the why’s.

What is email verification?

Email verification ensures that emails are delivered to active and approved email addresses. Email verification software therefore has many practical applications in email marketing, such as:

  • Cleaning up your mailing list 
  • Removing bots and inactive users
  • Increasing effectiveness of campaigns
  • Lowering risk of being black-listed

Email verification is all about avoiding the errors will lead to the dreaded “email delivery failure notification”, foreshadowing a disabled email account and the write-off of an entire email campaign.

By eliminating erroneous email addresses from your mailing list, email verification legitimises your email campaign and protects you from potential spam traps.

As such, finding the right email verification tool can help increase open and click-through rates, and improve the ROI of an email campaign by up to 4300%!

A full black trashcan in the middle of the floor cluttered with paper. Metaphorical representation of an email list cluttered with inactive email addresses.
Stay clean and avoid inactive users.
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Why marketers use email verification tools?

According to a survey, nearly 60% of consumers have used incorrect data when submitting details online.

Whether this was intentional or not on the part of the consumer, sending mail to such addresses will inflate bounce rate. This, in turn, will devalue your account and can lead to your emails being automatically redirected to the spam folder.

Therefore, an email verification tool that ensures your emails are sent to active inboxes will reduce the risk of this occurring.

Infographic of the emails being delivered after completing the email verification process.
With email verification tools you will have everything in the right inbox.
Image from Medium

Marketers also use email verification tools for other reasons such as fraud prevention, avoiding reputational damage, and reducing the frequency of email spoofing.

We have created a list of reasons for using verification tools and benefits they could bring your company!

Eliminate inactive email addresses

As previously discussed, inactive email addresses affect the deliverability and click-through rates of your email marketing campaigns.

Use email verification tools to make sure the inactive email is removed from your mailing list.

The removal of dead emails from your mailing list will also help you to take a step back and evaluate who you’re actually talking to with your email campaigns. Reworking your campaigns to reflect this can greatly benefit your brand in terms of customer perception.

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Changes are constant. Make sure to stay updated.
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Increase the email engagement rates

Almost 60% of marketers say that their primary goal is increasing email engagement!

Increasing engagement rates isn’t just about creating great and highly targeted content (although that certainly helps).

Removing inactive email addresses reduces the size of your mailing list, so even if you receive the same number of responses on your next email campaign, your engagement rate will naturally be higher.

This is a common trick marketers use to instantly boost their KPIs!

Cleaning your mailing list has the same effect on various important metrics – open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates.

Infographic representation of a higher user engagement on the web.
Increase engagement with the right email verification tool.
Image from NikSto

Email verification tools are of the newest and most practical types of tools that are making the average marketers life much easier.

After a period during which many marketers have written off email marketing as a ‘dead channel’ that has gone the way of snail-mail before it, email marketing is now experiencing a strong resurgence.

This resurgence has been made possible by the use of email verification software now being available at an accessible price. Increasingly, digital tools are paving the way for you to do more with your marketing budget.

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How does email verification work?

As its name suggests, email verification is the action of verifying emails.

It’s easy to say, but the process is actually quite complicated…

Do you know what to expect? Image from Giphy

Email verification software achieves this through a multi-step process, and we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will help you grasp how email verification works.

Moreover, we will take a look at the technical steps to get rid of inactive and spam emails and get you closer to creating a successful email list!

Syntax check

Syntax check is the first step to email verification and eliminates emails with syntax formatting errors – that’s the spaces, dots, commas and @’s.

Eliminating these emails is simple, and could be performed manually. Depending on the length of the list though, this might be very time-consuming. In either case, this step reduces the risk of an invalid list significantly.

Here are some of the common data input errors you should be aware of:

  • Someone[at]domain[dot][dot]com – Incorrect syntax because of the two dots.
  • Someonedomain[dot]com – “@” sign is missing.

Domain check

During the domain check, the domains of all the emails (simply, the website) are verified to ensure the validity of the mailing list

Domain Name System (DNS) records are analyzed to check if the domains mail exchange server is receiving emails.

The domain checker then redirects to the correct domain, a key step in reducing the bounce rate.

SMTP protocol

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the last step of the email verification process, and ensures that the mailbox to which the email is being sent exists and can receive the message.

Essentially, the email verification tool will ‘ping’ the email addresses on your mailing list. ‘Pinging’ identifies emails with an EHLO message and then waits for a server response. 

If the server responds with a confirmation that the email address currently resides on the server then it is active. This means the inbox exists and will receive your email.

Word errors written over white background with a pencil rubber erasing the letters.
Use email verification tools to reduce errors.
Image from Synoptec

If you use an email verification tool, these steps will significantly reduce your risk of getting blacklisted and experiencing low engagement rates.

20 Best Email Verification Tools List

When it comes to email verification software there are many options that you can choose from. 

We’ve made a list of the 20 best email verification tools so you can compare the features and prices of the tools.

We also tested them ourselves! We used the free trial/demo versions of every platform to verify a list 100 working emails, look out for the results below!

So, why wait? Let’s see what these email verification tools can offer! 

Blaze Verify

Blaze Verify is a good choice if you are looking for quick email verification tool.

It’s easy to use and affordable. In addition, it can verify a large number of emails at once. Blaze Verify lets you connect your account to ESP, CRM, and other marketing platforms that you already use in order to more accurately monitor ROI.

What features does Blaze Verify offer?

Blaze Verify offers a wide variety of useful features such as: 

  • Email Verification API
  • Misspelled Domain Detection
  • Bulk Email Verification

We verified a list of 100 working email addresses, and the results were organized as follows: 

  • Deliverable – 68
  • Undeliverable – 5
  • Risky – 25
  • Unknown – 2
  • Duplicate – 0 
Blaze Verify verification results

What is Blaze Verify’s pricing system?

Blaze Verify offers a free trial with 250 credits and no credit card requirement. 

Upon expiration of the free trial, the company offers two different payment plans:

  • Credit – allows you to purchase credits as required. The minimum purchase is 5000 credits at the price of $15 and you can go up to 500 000 credits for $600.
  • Monitor – gives you 250 free credits and email verification on autopilot. You can connect it to your current ESP and have your list verified automatically every day. The minimum purchase is 1000 credits at the price of $9 per month and you can go up to 500 000 for $499 per month.


With Bouncer, you can drag and drop your whole email list to up to 250k addresses and let the platform do all the work for you. 

Bouncer ensures you mailing list is secure with high deliverability and sender’s information protection

What are Bouncer’s features?

Alongside the established email verification tool features, Bouncer includes: 

  • Bulk email verification and validation API
  • Real-time email verification API
  • Syntax and domain tests

Tested on our 100 working emails, Bouncer verification tool gave us these results: 

  • Deliverable – 78
  • Risky – 15
  • Undeliverable – 5
  • Unknown – 2
Bouncer front page

What payment plans are offered?

Bouncer doesn’t offer a monthly or annual subscription. You start with a free account and 1000 free credits.

Bouncer’s credits have no expiration date – you can purchase credits when you need them and as many as you need. One email is equal to one credit and the minimum amount for purchase is 1000 credits. 

The prices start at $2.50 for 1000 credits and go up to $500 for 500 000 credits.


Byteplant is a real-time email verification tool that deals with a range of email marketing service providers and helps you to bulk-verify your email list.

This quick email verification tool preserves the sender’s integrity and maximizes email marketing ROI. It also allows users to validate emails using an online API right at the point of entry. 

Additionally, a bulk email authentication service lets you manage legitimate email addresses with a wide variety of tests and an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.

What are Byteplant’s features?

Byteplant has a multi-layered verification process and includes features such as:

  • Grey-listing detection
  • SMTP connection and availability checking
  • Catch-All testing

We have run our 100 working email list through Byteplant and our results were organized as:

  • Valid Addresses – 78
  • Catch All – 15
  • Invalid Addresses – 7  

The results were sent by email with a link where you can download the preferred results as a CSV file. 

Email Validator features

Byteplant’s prices

Aside from the free trial that allows you the verification of 1000 emails, Byteplant offers a pay-as-you-go pricing and subscription plans. 

  • One-time/Pay-as-you-go: Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment.
  • Monthly Subscription: Pay a fixed amount once each month and the credits will be added to your account automatically.

There is a ROI/Price calculator that allows you to pay based on how many email addresses you would like to check.


Clearalist is an email verification tool that guarantees your emails are being delivered to the active users.

Clearalist is trusted by many business owners for its ability to clean and validate email lists quickly. 

Does Clearlist have any distinct features?

Clearalist contains all the features an email verification tool should have and more.

Some of the interesting features Clearlist offers are:

As a result of our test with 100 working emails we got the next results:

  • Unique – 100
  • Duplicate – 0
  • Invalid –
  • Accept-All – 16
  • Valid – 79 

What are Clearlist’s prices?

With Clearlist’s you get 500 free credits to use for testing once you sign up. 

You buy as many credits as you wish. The more you verify, the lower your total cost will be. 

The minimum purchase is 2500 credits for $5 and you can go up to 500 000 credits for $300.


Clearout is an email verification tool that makes sure that hard bounces and non-valid emails do not lower your email deliverability rate. 

Clearout is operating good for small to medium-sized companies. It captures actual opportunities while eliminating any potentially harmful and fraudulent addresses.

What features does Clearout offer?

Clearout is defined by multiple features all of which contribute to it being a trusted email verification software. Here are some of its best features:

  • MX Record verification
  • Instant or Quick email verification
  • Bulk email list verification and validation

Clearout divides results in four categories. For our test with 100 working emails we got the next results:

  • Valid – 83
  • Invalid – 4
  • Catch All – 12 
  • Unknown – 1

What is Clearout’s payment plan?

Clearout offers a pay-as-you-go and a monthly or annual subscription based on the number of credits you purchase. 

The price for pay-as-you-go purchase is $7 for 1000 credits and it can go up to $850 for 500 000 credits.

For the monthly subscription the minimum purchase is 5000 credits for $28

As for the annual subscription, you get the minimum amount of 5000 monthly credits, but at a 30% lower price.


An all-in-one email verification tool with multiple features, DataValidation is used by businesses, startups, and email service providers to improve email marketing campaigns and take care of their performance and reputation

DataValidation offers a distinctive option to verify email lists on servers in the European Union. In the verification report, they provide you with information about your contacts’ countries of origin.

DataValidation’s features

DataValidation offers numerous features that make it an exceptional email verification tool. Some features you may find useful are: 

  • Fast delivery and turn around
  • Quick overview report (with all results or safe-to-send list options)
  • API for Email Verification
  • Google Cloud back up

After running our 100 working emails through DataValidation our results were categorized as follows:

  • Deliverable – 76
  • Catch-All – 16
  • Indeterminate – 3
  • Undeliverable – 5
DataValidation features

DataValidation prices

DataValidation comes with a free trial. The free features DataValidation offers are:

  • Quality Report
  • Email Verification
  • List Monitoring Service

You can subscribe to two different plans:

  • Email Verification Packs – Here verifications never expire and the more you buy, the less you pay per verification. Prices start at $35 for 5 000 verifications.
  • Subscription – Here you can get extra verifications for free by going with one of their four options: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual subscription.   

Email Checker

Email Checker is an email verification tool which you can trust and be sure it will prevent bounces.  

In addition, temporary emails will also be deleted, and typos and discrepancies will be fixed.

What are Email Checker’s features?

Aside from syntax checker and email verification, Email Checker can help you with its additional features:

  • Integrations
  • B2B Verification
  • Bulk email list verification

For our list of 100 working emails we got the following classification:

  • Deliverable-OK – 78
  • Undeliverable-Bad – 5
  • Unknown – 2
  • Catch-All – 15

Finally, you can choose which list you would like to download, as Email Checker gives you the option to get four separate sheets according. 

Email Checker front page

What are Email Checker payment options?

You get two possibilities – credit or subscription – both coming with multiple choices.

Prices vary from $14 for 1000 credits to $799 for 500 000 credits. 

Plans range from $10 per month for 1000 credits to $699 per month for 500 000 credits. 

However, their prerequisite is that you have to sign up for a minimum of two months for each of the plans.

Email List Validation

Email List Validation specializes in bulk email lists and single email authentication services

It also verifies the active domains and ensures the addresses have not been blacklisted.

What features does Email List Validation offer?

Email List Validation can offer you a bunch of useful features such as:

  • Team account
  • Real-time bouncing
  • Bulk email list verification

After the verification, your results will be divided in five different categories.

Our result from 100 working emails list were filtered as:

  • Invalid – 76
  • Disposable – 16
  • Unknown – 0
  • Spamtraps – 2
  • Accept all – 6
Email List Validation list verification

What subscriptions does Email List Validation offer?

As with most email verification tools, you can choose to pay-as-you-go or monthly. 

Prices start at $19 for 2500 verification emails for both options. The price difference for 25 000 email verifications is $99 for the pay-as-you-go option and $89 for the monthly subscription.


A full-featured platform among email verification tools that allows you to get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable, or catch-all emails time- and cost-efficiently. 

EmailListVerify marks emails as invalid, disabled, or fake, as well as transient and redundant ones, and deletes them from the list, leaving only deliverable addresses.

What features does EmailListVerify use?

EmailListVerify’s verification processes are supported with:

  • Integrations 
  • MTA Validator
  • Bulk Email List Verification
  • Email Duplicates Remover

You can upload your list in a multitude of forms such as CSV, XLS, XLSX, or TXT file.

Our 100 working emails list results were arranged in seven categories and these were the results we got:

  • Valid – 79
  • Invalid – 5
  • Spam-traps – 0
  • Accept All – 15
  • Disposable – 0
  • Unknown – 1
  • Duplicate – 0
EmailListVerify features

What is their pricing system?

EmailListVerify offers a pay-as-you-go service that starts at $4 for 1000 emails. The cost reduces as the number of emails you want to check increases.

The number of emails you need to verify daily decides the price of your monthly membership. Through the monthly subscription though, you can save up to 50%. For $139 per month you can get up to 5 000 email verifications per day.

You can get a trial and verify a list of 100 emails for free. 


Finder.io is trusted by more than 30 000 active users. 

It is popular with media agencies, advertising firms, publishing firms, law firms, and enterprise producers who prioritize networking and revenue.

Finder.io’s features

To build comprehensive outreach programs with reliable data at all endpoints they created combined and boosted features such as: 

  • Lead mining
  • Qualified leads
  • Connect with target audiences 

Their efficient email verifier searches the network and executes several layers of validation. Finally, you can access email addresses from Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive in a matter of seconds. 

For our list of 100 working emails we got the next results:

  • Success – 71
  • Failed – 11
  • Error – 18
Finder.io feature

How much does Finder.io cost?

Pricing plans are simple. They are based on how many people will use the platform. 

You start with a free trial and then you can choose to upgrade to a SOLO plan for $49 per month for. asingle user.

The TEAM plan for $99 per month includes 5 users. For each additional user, you will have to pay an additional $8. 


Searching among email verification tools for one that focuses on security and privacy? 

Then HardBounceCleaner is the choice you might opt for! HardBounceCleaner validates mail servers and removes duplicate emails and syntax errors. It also verifies that domains are active and that the email addresses are not blacklisted.

This verification tool is a fantastic option if you want to conduct a step-by-step examination of an email service provider.

What are HardBounceCleaner’s features?

HardBounceCleaner’s features that you may find interesting are: 

  • SMTP validation
  • Real-time API
  • Bulk email list verification

In addition, you can import a CSV or TXT file and your list will be checked properly in a short amount of time. 

Based on our 100 working emails, the results were divided in three email statuses:

  • Valid – 73
  • Invalid – 7
  • Unknown – 20
HardBounceCleaner page

What is their payment plan?

To begin with, you can use HardBounceCleaner with a free trial and 100 email verification. After that you can buy email verifications for $3 for 500 emails.

In case you need more specific and personalized pricing you can contact them for more information.


Hunter email verifier is one of the most complete email checkers available on the market.

Their validation process is multi-layered and includes: domain information, email servers’ responses and an extensive database.

What are Hunter’s features?

Hunter offers some innovative features to help you find valid and deliverable addresses more easily. Some of their features include:

We have tested Hunter and used it to verify 100 woking emails. The results were classified into three groups:

  • Valid76
  • Accept all 18
  • Invalid6
Hunter front page

Hunter’s payment plans

Hunter offers a free plan with 25 searches and 50 verifications per month.

Premium features include more searches and verifications, you can subscribe to one of their 4 plans ranging from €49 for 1000 verifications to €399 for 60000 verifications per month.

A yearly subscription to any of the plans will save you up to 30% of each plan’s price.


Kickbox is one of the cleanest and easy to use email verification tools. They have developed software that promotes email best practices and increases deliverability. 

Their goal is to ensure that consumers with opt-in connections receive messages in their inboxes with a 99% deliverability rate.

What features does Kickbox offer?

Kickbox offers many innovative features alongside the common email verification ones, including: 

  • Connect with your favorite ESPs
  • List Verification API
  • Drag and Drop 

Our results from 100 working emails list were divided as:

  • Deliverable – 72 
  • Risky – 19
  • Undeliverable – 9
  • Unknown – 0
Kickbox front page

What are Kickbox’s prices?

For the new users they offer 100 free verifications and after that you can buy as many as you need, as they never expire. 

Prices start at $5 for 500 verifications and can go up to $2500 for 500 000 verifications.


MailerCheck is designed for marketers and business owners who want a trustworthy and convenient tool. 

As they explain, with MailerCheck it only takes three simple steps to optimize your list

What are MailerCheck’s features?

MailerCheck has a long list of useful features for anyone in need of email verification. Some uncommon features include:

  • Integrations
  • Email strategy
  • Gaining insights through reports

You can also take a step forward with digital feedback and observations to aid in strategic decisions like segmentation and labeling. 

When it comes to the categorization of email addresses, MailerCheck divides emails into 10 categories. Our list of 100 working emails received the following response: 

  • Valid – 72
  • Catch all – 12
  • Unknown – 1
  • Mailbox full – 0
  • Past delivery issues – 0
  • Role based – 8
  • Mailbox not found – 7
  • Syntax error – 0
  • Typo – 0
  • Disposable –

MailerCheck’s pricing system

As a new user, you will get 100 free email verifications.

After that, you can always choose a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription.

Minimum purchase for pay-as-you-go is 1000 email verifications and they come at $10. 

The minimum for a monthly subscription is 2500 email verifications and you will have to pay $20 per month for this amount.  


Mailifier is an email verification tool that will validate your mailing list with their easy to use platform and powerful customized API. 

Mailifier will make sure to save you time and reduce the risk of being blacklisted due to high bounce rates.

What features does Mailifier offer?

Mailifier prides in fast and easy email verification process. Some of the following features are securing their fast and correct validation:

  • Data privacy
  • Multy-step analysis
  • Bulk email verification
  • Deduplication

Mailifier organizes results into 5 categories, and here is how our 100 working emails list look after validation:

  • Valid – 74
  • Unverifiable – 15
  • Disposable – 0
  • Invalid – 7
  • Unknown – 4
Mailifier features

Mailifier’s price plan

Their price options are very flexible. 

You can buy credits in bulk to get a discount, and depending on the number of credits their prices range from $6 for 1000 verifications to $1999 for 1 million verifications

As a bonus, you can also get 1000 credits for free as a new customer.


MyEmailVerifier is a thorough tool that protects your email campaigns from ending up in spam.

They offer you friendly client support and lots of possibilities for improvement! 

What features does MyEmailVerifier offer?

MyEmailVerifier does not let things get out of control! Some of the features they offer include: 

  • Domain/MX Record Checker
  • High-performance real-time API
  • Catch-All check
  • Role account detection

When it comes to our 100 working emails list we received the next results: 

  • Valid – 88
  • Invalid – 7
  • Unknown – 5 

What is their payment plan?

As a new customer you get 100 free verification credits and you can buy extra credits as needed.

Their minimum purchase is 500 credits for a discount price of $1.5. As the number of credits increases, the discounts increase to up to 60% for more than 500 000 credits.


QuickEmailVerification is an affordable email verifier and one of the most reliable email verification tools on the list.

This platform is trusted by over 90 000 businesses of all sizes. 

What are QuickEmailVerification’s features

QuickEmailVerification is a very user-friendly tool that is easy to use and offers features like:

  • API automation
  • Seamless integrations
  • In-depth verification report

After running a test with 100 working email addresses we got the next results:

  • Safe to send – 73
  • Valid – 91
  • Invalid – 7
  • Unknown – 2
  • Accept all – 15
  • Role – 6
  • Disposable – 0
  • Free – 0
QuickEmailVerification tool

What are their prices?

QuickEmailVerification offers flexible plans – you start for free and receive 100 free email verifications.  

Then choose from a pay-as-you-go system or monthly subscription which is based on daily credits usage

Prices start at $4 for 500 credits and go up to $900 for 500000 credits.


Snov.io is one of the best email verification tools which is a marketing and sales automation software that includes applications for:

  • Lead creation 
  • Email authentication
  • Sending email
  • Monitorization of emails

They have verified over 90 million emails for more than 100 000 active users in the last year.

What are Snov.io’s features?

Snov.io offers a wide range of useful features that will ensure a great and deliverable email list. Some of their features include:

  • API verification
  • Individual email checker
  • Bulk email verifier

For our 100-working email list  we received the following results: 

  • Deliverable – 79 
  • Uncertain – 12
  • Invalid – 9

What are Snov.io’s payment plans?

You can create a free Snov.io account and get 50 credits per month. No credit card is needed to use the free plan for as long as you need it.

There are five payment plans that you can choose from which offer additional features to the email verification tool.


TheChecker is one of the most cost-effective email verification platforms. 

TheChecker supports most of the popular email platforms. It includes strong integrations that blend seamlessly with the current workflow.

TheChecker’s features

Some of the amazing features offered by TheChecker include:

  • MX record checker
  • Disposable email checker
  • File types compatibility

Once we verified our 100 working emails, we received the following numbers for each category:

  • Deliverable – 67
  • Deliverable but risky – 20
  • Undeliverable – 8
  • Unknown –
  • Duplicate – 0
TheChecker front page

TheChecker and their prices

You can try TheChecker for free and get 100 credits upon starting a free trial. 

They offer a pay-as-you-go option as well as enterprise packages that are only available if you contact them.

Prices start up at $15 for 5000 emails or you can choose to go with 500 000 credits for $600.


VerifyBee is one of the most intuitive, feature-rich, affordable email verification tools.

It is designed for organizations that wish to streamline their:

  • Sales
  • Intake 
  • Outreach 
  • Customer care activities

It will also help you avoid wasting employees’ resources.

What features does VerifyBee offer?

VerifyBee’s features contribute to a fast and careful verification process. They offer a number of interesting features including:

  • Advanced Verification
  • User-friendly Interface

Our test with 100 working emails was divided in 7 following categories:

  • Deliverable – 74
  • Invalid – 9
  • Unknown – 2
  • Fullnbox – 0
  • HostExists – 98
  • CatchAll – 15
  • Duplicates – 0

What are VerifyBee’s prices?

VerifyBee offers nine different pricing plans based on the number of verifications per month.

It starts at 2500 verifications per month for $19 and goes up to 500 000 verifications for $699.

Which email verification tool do you choose for cleaning?

As you could see in this article, there are tons of options when it comes to email verification tools.

We tested the tools ourselves using the simple method of uploading a list of 100 working emails and waited for the results of every email verification platform.

If you decide to work with one, choose a product that has the functionality you need and fits with your current email marketing tools.

Take into consideration your own particular requirements, market, and target audience. 

You can test them yourself, as all of them offer a free trial. This will help you understand how suitable that specific email verification tool is.

Please feel free to share your own opinion and tools that you successfully used and got positive feedback on.

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