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20 Email Verification Tools – Validate Your Mailing List

Written By Petra Ilic
June 16, 2021

Confused about what exactly email verification tools do? Let us explain…

Have you ever spent hours carefully crafting an email campaign, only to find out that no one read it because it landed it the spam folder?

This is a problem faced by many digital marketers. Being marked as spam can be the result of your email account experiencing high bounce rates. And this may be because you are sending emails to addresses that simply do not exist.

We know, it sounds complicated, but this is where email verification tools come in!

Email verification tools can be used to totally eliminate dead emails from your mailing list, thus decreasing your bounce rate so your account won’t get blocked by google.

Since almost half of the emails sent worldwide are marked as junk, using email verification tools to ensure that you are sending to an actual person is critical.

So, let’s get going and see what an email verification tool is! Or, skip ahead to the list of email verification tools if you’re already clued-up on the what’s and the why’s.

20 Best Email Verification Tools List

When it comes to email verification software there are many options that you can choose from. 

We’ve made a list of the 20 best email verification tools so you can compare the features and prices of the tools.

We also tested them ourselves! We used the free trial/demo versions of every platform to verify a list 100 working emails, look out for the results below!

So, why wait? Let’s see what these email verification tools can offer! 

1 – Blaze Verify

Best for: Email Verification API, Misspelled Domain Detection, Bulk Email Verification.

Payment Plans:

  • Credit – minimum of 5000 credits for $15, up to 500 000 credits for $600.
  • Monitor – minimum of 1000 credits for $9 per month, up to 500 000 for $499 per month.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

Blaze Verify is a good choice if you are looking for quick email verification tool.

It’s easy to use and affordable. In addition, it can verify a large number of emails at once. Blaze Verify lets you connect your account to ESP, CRM, and other marketing platforms that you already use in order to more accurately monitor ROI.

Blaze Verify verification results

2 – Bouncer

Best for: Bulk email verification and validation API, Real-time email verification API, Syntax and domain tests.

Payment Plans:

  • 1000 free credits.
  • $2.50 for 1000 credits and go up to $500 for 500 000 credits

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.8/ 5

With Bouncer, you can drag and drop your whole email list to up to 250k addresses and let the platform do all the work for you. 

Bouncer ensures you mailing list is secure with high deliverability and sender’s information protection

Bouncer Software - 2021 Reviews, Pricing & Demo

3 – Byteplant

Best for: Grey-listing detection, SMTP connection and availability checking , Catch-All testing

Payment Plans:

  • One-time/Pay-as-you-go: Add credits to your account anytime by making a one-time payment.
  • Monthly Subscription: Pay a fixed amount once each month and the credits will be added to your account automatically.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.9/ 5

Byteplant is a real-time email verification tool that deals with a range of email marketing service providers and helps you to bulk-verify your email list.

This quick email verification tool preserves the sender’s integrity and maximizes email marketing ROI. It also allows users to validate emails using an online API right at the point of entry. 

Detailed API Usage Statistics

4 – Clearalist

Best for: Multiple removals, SMTP validation

Payment Plans:

  • 500 free credits
  • Minimum purchase of 2500 credits for $5, up to 500 000 credits for $300

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 3.0/ 5

Clearalist is an email verification tool that guarantees your emails are being delivered to the active users.

Clearalist is trusted by many business owners for its ability to clean and validate email lists quickly. 

Clearalist Email Cleaner

5 – Clearout

Best for: MX Record verification, Instant or Quick email verification

Payment Plans:

  • pay-as-you-go: purchase is $7 for 1000 credits and it can go up to $850 for 500 000 credits.
  • monthly subscription: the minimum purchase is 5000 credits for $28
  • annual subscription: you get the minimum amount of 5000 monthly credits, but at a 30% lower price.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.8/ 5

Clearout is an email verification tool that makes sure that hard bounces and non-valid emails do not lower your email deliverability rate. 

Clearout is operating good for small to medium-sized companies. It captures actual opportunities while eliminating any potentially harmful and fraudulent addresses.

6 – Emailable

Emailable Status

Best for: Cleaning Automation, Developers tool, Widget for Real-time validation

Payment Plans:

  • Pay-as-you-go: start at $20 for 5’000 verifications up to $2,250 for 2’500’000 verifications
  • Monthly Subscription: Has the same options with a discount

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

An all-in-one email verification tool with multiple features, Emailable is used by businesses, startups, and email service providers to improve email marketing campaigns and take care of their performance and reputation

Emailable offers a distinctive option to verify email lists on servers in the European Union. In the verification report, they provide you with information about your contacts’ countries of origin.

7 – Email Checker

Best for: Integrations, B2B Verification, Bulk email list verification

Payment Plans:

  • Pay-as-you-go: $14 for 1000 credits to $799 for 500 000 credits. 
  • Plans: (minimum of 2 months) $10 per month for 1000 credits to $699 per month for 500 000 credits. 

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.8/ 5

Email Checker is an email verification tool which you can trust and be sure it will prevent bounces.  

In addition, temporary emails will also be deleted, and typos and discrepancies will be fixed.

Email Checker front page

8 – Email List Validation

Best for: Team account, Real-time bouncing

Payment Plans:

  • $19 for 2500 verification emails for both options.
  • pay-as-you-go: $99 for 25 000 email verifications.
  • monthly subscription: $89 for 25 000 email verifications.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.4/ 5

Email List Validation specializes in bulk email lists and single email authentication services

It also verifies the active domains and ensures the addresses have not been blacklisted.

Email List Validation list verification

9 – EmailListVerify

Best for: MTA Validator, Email Duplicates Remover

Payment Plans:

  • 100 emails for free.
  • pay-as-you-go: starts at $4 for 1000 emails
  • monthly subscription: $139 per month for up to 5 000 email verifications per day

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

A full-featured platform among email verification tools that allows you to get rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable, or catch-all emails time- and cost-efficiently. 

EmailListVerify marks emails as invalid, disabled, or fake, as well as transient and redundant ones, and deletes them from the list, leaving only deliverable addresses.

Screenshot of EmaiListVerify dashboard

10 – Finder.io

Best for: Lead mining, Qualified leads, Connect with target audiences 

Payment Plans:

  • SOLO: plan for $49 per month for a single user.
  • TEAM: plan for $99 per month includes 5 users, and $8 for any additional.

Free Trial: YES

Finder.io is trusted by more than 30 000 active users. 

It is popular with media agencies, advertising firms, publishing firms, law firms, and enterprise producers who prioritize networking and revenue.

11 – HardBounceCleaner

Best for: SMTP validation, Real-time API

Payment Plans:

  • First 100 free email verification
  • After: $3 for 500 emails

Free Trial: YES

Searching among email verification tools for one that focuses on security and privacy? 

Then HardBounceCleaner is the choice you might opt for! HardBounceCleaner validates mail servers and removes duplicate emails and syntax errors. It also verifies that domains are active and that the email addresses are not blacklisted.

This verification tool is a fantastic option if you want to conduct a step-by-step examination of an email service provider.

12 – Hunter

Best for: Google Sheets add-on

Payment Plans: 4 plans ranging from €49 for 1000 verifications to €399 for 60000 verifications per month.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.9/ 5

Hunter email verifier is one of the most complete email checkers available on the market.

Their validation process is multi-layered and includes: domain information, email servers’ responses and an extensive database.

Hunter.Io Review 2022 - Features, Pros, Cons, Pricing And More

13 – Kickbox 

Best for: Connect with your favorite ESPs, List Verification API, Drag and Drop 

Payment Plans: Prices start at $5 for 500 verifications and can go up to $2500 for 500 000 verifications.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.1/ 5

Kickbox is one of the cleanest and easy to use email verification tools. They have developed software that promotes email best practices and increases deliverability. 

Their goal is to ensure that consumers with opt-in connections receive messages in their inboxes with a 99% deliverability rate.

Simple Bulk Email Verification

14 – MailerCheck

Best for: Email strategy

Payment Plans:

  • pay-as-you-go: 1000 email verifications for $10
  • monthly subscription: 2500 email verifications for $20/month.  

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 5/ 5

MailerCheck is designed for marketers and business owners who want a trustworthy and convenient tool. 

As they explain, with MailerCheck it only takes three simple steps to optimize your list

15 – Mailifier

Best for: Data privacy, Multy-step analysis, Bulk email verification, Deduplication

Payment Plans: Prices range from $6 for 1000 verifications to $1999 for 1 million verifications.

Free Trial: YES

Mailifier is an email verification tool that will validate your mailing list with their easy to use platform and powerful customized API. 

Mailifier will make sure to save you time and reduce the risk of being blacklisted due to high bounce rates.

Cleans Up Your Email Lists and Helps You Improve Deliverability with  Mailifier

16 – MyEmailVerifier

Best for: Domain/MX Record Checker, High-performance real-time API, Catch-All check, Role account detection

Payment Plans: Range from a minimum $1.5 for 500 credits up to 60% for more than 500 000 credits.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.7/ 5

MyEmailVerifier is a thorough tool that protects your email campaigns from ending up in spam.

They offer you friendly client support and lots of possibilities for improvement! 

MyEmailVerifier Reviews and Pricing 2021

17 – QuickEmailVerification

Best for: API automation, Seamless integrations, In-depth verification report

Payment Plans:

  • Choose from a pay-as-you-go system or monthly subscription
  • Prices start at $4 for 500 credits and go up to $900 for 500000 credits

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

QuickEmailVerification is an affordable email verifier and one of the most reliable email verification tools on the list.

This platform is trusted by over 90 000 businesses of all sizes.

QuickEmailVerification Reviews and Pricing 2021

18 – Snov.io

Best for: API verification

Payment Plans: There are five payment plans that you can choose from, based on additional features.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.6/ 5

Snov.io is one of the best email verification tools which is a marketing and sales automation software that includes applications for:

  • Lead creation 
  • Email authentication
  • Sending email
  • Monitorization of emails

They have verified over 90 million emails for more than 100 000 active users in the last year.

Snovio Pricing, Reviews, Features - Free Demo

19 – VerifyBee

Best for: Advanced Verification, User-friendly Interface.

Payment Plans:

  • 9 different pricing plans based on the number of verifications per month.
  • It starts at $19 for 2500 verifications/month, up to 500 000 verifications for $699.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 5/ 5

VerifyBee is one of the most intuitive, feature-rich, affordable email verification tools.

It is designed for organizations that wish to streamline their:

  • Sales
  • Intake 
  • Outreach 
  • Customer care activities

It will also help you avoid wasting employees’ resources.

20 – Voila Norbert

voila norbert logo

Payment Plans: Verification of 50000 emails costs $150.

Free Trial: YES

Voila Norbert is an advanced email verification tool.

It offers bulk email verification, reliably lowering bounce rates. It also comes as a browser extension to help you find and verify email addresses on individual LinkedIn profiles.

Email Finder: Free 50 Verified Email Addresses - VoilaNorbert

Which email verification tool do you choose for cleaning?

As you could see in this article, there are tons of options when it comes to email verification tools.

We tested the tools ourselves using the simple method of uploading a list of 100 working emails and waited for the results of every email verification platform.

If you decide to work with one, choose a product that has the functionality you need and fits with your current email marketing tools.

Take into consideration your own particular requirements, market, and target audience. 

You can test them yourself, as all of them offer a free trial. This will help you understand how suitable that specific email verification tool is.

Please feel free to share your own opinion and tools that you successfully used and got positive feedback on.

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