80 do follow backlinks

80+ Powerful Dofollow Backlinks that actually work!

Written By Gints Gailis
August 13, 2020

If you’re hurting for dofollow backlinks, this the list for you.

Growing your domain authority via backlinks is a must.

If you’ve have been working with SEO for some time now, you know the value of a powerful dofollow backlink.

If your site has a solid backlink profile it can dramatically increase your site’s organic traffic, we are here to help get there.

Why dofollow Backlinks matter?

Are you SEO pro? Then skip ahead and go to our list go here: Backlinks that work! Curios why they matter, continue reading along.

The building of a solid backlink profile is not the easiest task digital marketers could have.

Solid dofollow backlinks are one of the most crucial factors to rank your website in google search and drive organic traffic!

There are many ways how your website can get some backlinks and build up authority. This is especially important for a business that has just started, and there is little or no online presence!

What are dofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks pass SEO ”link juice” to help sites gain authority and rank for keywords over time in the post.

They are some major indicators of good SEO. Without dofollow backlinks, it’s harder to rank for competitive keywords.

It is like word-of-mouth but online. As soon as someone mentions your website and refers a link to you, this can count as a backlink!

Once your website is recognized by other sites and authors, it gives an indicator that you are trustful!

What is backlink simple explanation via image

So can I just ask for a backlink?

Yes, you can and you should. But experience shows that not everyone will be willing to just give you a free backlink

Websites need to build trust and authority, it will increase your chances of getting the best dofollow backlinks from publishers like Mashable

This can be painful, time-consuming and expensive as all the big guys don’t want to deal with a small guy…

How can I get backlinks?

Getting backlinks from publishers can get expensive and time-consuming. Ideally, your product or service should bring you organic backlinks, but not every company has such great products it sells itself!

What if I told you there is an easier way? And it works!

We worked hard to get this list up and for grabs. If you know a great domain to get backlink contact us and return the favor. We will include your featured backlinks in our list

Note that you will have to use different methods to get backlink!

For example: add them as anchor text!

Skip Reading and just download the complete list for free! Free Backlink List

Why backlink building is so difficult

Getting dofollow backlinks should be easy

We know how difficult it is to get backlinks, we have been there before! Therefore we put together this list with the best sites where you can get backlinks!

Each site is different, it may take some time for search robots to recognize your link, but it works and in no time your backlink profile will look solid!

If you are reaching out to potential back-linkers, make sure to use creative email design, it will significantly increase your chance to actually get a backlink.

Important tips:

  • Note that you should only use pages that make sense for your business to have a backlink from! It is important that your business is receiving backlinks from relevant sites!
  • Keep adding backlinks to your site in a natural, humanly pace! Don’t just add all at once.
  • Note that we will keep this page updated with new links, check back in once in a while for some fresh links!

Lest build your powerful backlink profile!

Read through the list of best dofollow backlinks we have over the years gathered and pick the ones that make the most sense for your business!

Lest build backlinks

Profile Pages backlink list

In order to get a backlink in these sites, you will need to create a user or business profile. Once your profile is up and running make sure to fill in the genuine description about your business and insert your link.


Become an expert on jobs and network platforms. Add your backlink in Company description using anchor text: <a> tag.


GoodFirms is a platform for software and IT firms. Join the platform, fill in your company details and add website URL.

Self Growth

The site has been around for a while. Users can engage in self-improvement discussions and content. By registering in the site and filling up the profile details you can obtain a backlink.


Present your Tech stack and get a backlink from the highly-rated domain. Register in site fill up your profile and add your tech stack solution.


List your company y in one of the biggest company directories. The index allows you to sign up and submit your profile( including a link) of your site. The page offers additional paid promotions to boost exposure.

Content listing sites dofollow backlink list


Get listed among the best publishers in your niche. The site collects and evaluates submitted sites later featuring their best posts. Sign up and provide your business details, including the blog page!

Flip Board

Create boards and flip your articles. The site allows linking your content ( blog posts) directly back to their original link in your site. Make sure that the content you post on Flip Board is not duplicate with content posted on your site.


About.Me is an online community where anyone can share their thoughts blogs and articles. If you’re looking to get a quality backlink, submit writing covering important topics within your niche and include a link to your website or solution. Including anchor text ( <a>) is a good idea.


Getting a backlink from Refind is done by signing up and sharing your link. Make sure that the content with the link shared on the site is relevant to your webpage’s content.


PR LOG is a great website to distribute your press releases and get a backlink to your website form a high DR site. Create a company profile and submit your press release in order to claim your backlink.

backlinks are important
By AltusHost

Images and creatives backlink list 2021


Pexels is a great site to claim some royalty-free images. If you sign up as a contributor profile section will allow you to insert a link. Additionally, you can upload images you do not use and offer them for download.


Join the database of high quality, stock free images. Create your profile and submit artwork of yours. In the profile, section adds details, including a link to the webpage. Uploading branded images can help you to get additional exposure.


By creating a profile on 500x, you will be able to upload and share your picture to the likeminded community. The best is that you can include a link to your portfolio or Website. Uploaded images are still yours, you’re not giving away copyrights!


Showcase your creative work with the world’s best creators. Any website or company has something to showcase. Share some of your featured images, påackagiung design, infographics or other graphic file linking to your website.

Startup Directories


Register your startup among other global startups. Add your profile and wait for the approval of your listing!

Startup ranking

Create a profile on the site and include your unique backlink. Be listed amongst the startup ranking.

Startup Europe club

Is your startup based in Europe? List company in Startup Europe club and get a backlink from a site with Domain Rating of 64. Create a profile and include your firms’ website in the description.

Startup Buffer

Set up a profile in startup buffer and get a backlink, simply filling in all the company information. doing this process don’t forget to add your URL.


Submit your startup and get closer to investors. Fill in your company details and include a link to your website.


Join the world’s most successful startups under one web page. A backlink is simply claimed by registering your profile with company URL, description and social profiles.


discover the newest startups! Make sure yours is on the list as well and get rewarded with a backlink. Create a profile and include your companies URL.


Gust is a great platform to shine some light on your new venture. Gust works with helping startups to build up. Creat profile on-site and your companies URL in order to receive a backlink (use anchor text).


Join the startup community with your startup. Submit your company, fill in details and add a link to your website!

Startup Buffer

It can be difficult to get your startup in front of the eyes of people. Startup Buffer is not only a great way by registering and submitting link get a backlink, but also discover other startups.

Snap Munk

This is a new startup directory site. You can submit your startup by filling out profile details and providing URL to your website.

start-ups getting backlinks

Product pages

Product hunt

By simply filling out profile details and including links you can list your product, service or solution. Product hunt is not only great to get the backlink but also to promote your business online and get some real customers.

Review sites


List your project for review. Not only that you can get positive feedback from your customer but also achieve link pointing to your site for your backlink profile!

IT Central Station

Join the site and share your reviews about the products as well as receive them for your website. Your link must be included in a profile description as well as your site review.

Crowd Reviews

Leve reviews or view rankings for your software. Crowd reviews are a great alternative to sites like Captera and G2Crowd. In order to get a backlink, your software has to be submitted and listed for review.


Sign up to one of the world’s biggest review platforms. By submitting your website and product, you not only earn backlink but start to collect user reviews about your product.

Local Listings

Google my business

Marketing managers commonly underestimate the value of google my business listings. We have to point out that it will not give direct backlink. But by being listed on google my business will certainly notify google about your business credibility and bring additional traffic from maps and searches related to local company listings.


List your business on yelp to help people find your business locally. A great way to capture a backlink and promote your physical business location.

Map Quest

List your companies head office in Map quest helping more users to discover your firm. Provide information related to your business including the link to the homepage.


ThumbTack is a great local listing site for any business to be on. Not only you that you can add your companies site and offered solutions, but you can also get customers directly on-site!

Market places

Creative Market

List your website in the Creative market by filling out profile details and adding your website link. Posting products for sale will increase your profile discovery and can allow earning some extra revenue.


Upload vector artwork and earn money from selling it, as well as create powerful backlink linking to your site. This is great for companies that employ in house designers. Do not let designers sit without work or use it as a ”filler” project.

more backlinks

Social Media Platforms


Entertainment platform, that allows users to upload their own content. Join in, fill up profile details together with your URL. Add video or two to boost the credibility of your listing.


Minds is an alternative to Facebook. This social media network allows users to create and distribute content. Fill out your profile details and include links to your desired site.


Before Facebook, there was Myspace. The site still exists and anyone can register their profile and submit details about their site!


This, high domain rating site can be a beneficial backlink for someone into the lifestyle, construction or architecture industry. Create your profile and add a description of yourself and your business. After, make your first board where you link to your site!

AP Sense

This is not your typical social media network. APsense connects businesses and professionals in one platform. Create a profile and provide as much information as you can about


Reddit is a great platform to express your thoughts and gather opinions. By signing up, filling your profile and actively engaging in the community discussions you will not only gain authority but pretty sure will have the option to promote your backlink.


This social media platform is gaining popularity in local communities around the world. By signing up and creating an event you not only get a chance to meet in like-minded locals but also receive a healthy no-follow backlink.


An upcoming social media network that allows us to create boards and engage with other users. sign up to the network, create some posts, engaged in boards and add a do-follow backlink to your own website.

Video Sharing SEO backlink list

Daily motion

Video is the next big thing, therefore it is important to share it and distribute it as much as you can. Use your videos on another platform and make sure to add relevant links to your page.


Get powerful backlink by uploading a video to the site. Upload video your not going to use in your future production as you will lose copyright for it, in exchange site will cite your website as author and owner of it.


Submit videos you nom longer use and share them with the creator community. VIDEEZY allows contributors to include a link pointing to their webpage or portfolio.



A crowdfunding website like Kickstarter has great potential to solve 2 challenges in one website. Submit your product and increase your chances to get funded or reached out by potential investors as well as get a high domain rating backlink.


there are multiple challenges to solve once you in an early stage of your company growth. Submit your idea for crowdfunding and raise capital as well as build your backlink profile.


Submit your project ideas and claim funding. At the very end of every listing, you can provide a direct link to your website for more information.

Saas Directories

SAAS Genius

Submit your software project to be listed amongst others. Simply create a profile, include your branded powerful dofollow backlink and wait for the approval.

We suggest software

You can simply submit your software and wait for the approval. Make sure your submitted website is relevant! Note that the approval process can take some time. You will only receive backlink once your submission is approved.

Bussines software

List your software solution on the business software webpage. A backlink is a guarantee and additionally, you might get some exposure from sites 4m+ monthly visitors.


Crunchbase is not only a high domain rating site to get a backlink from, but it can also help you to discover Bussines similar to yours. Once creating a profile, write a proper description of your solution and include a backlink to your page.


This is a great directory not only to get a powerful backlink but also to compare your software to competitors. Register profile with your solution linked and stand out among the competition.

Comment sections

NewsRoom WCS

Even though this is a high rating domain, it is easy to get a backlink. Make sure that your website and operational field is related to the general content of the site. Use the comment section to add relevant information about your site or blog. Include anchor text with your URL in it!


Join discussions over tech subjects but not only. If your comment is featuring valuable information and includes a powerful backlink to original source it will be approved by admins.

Community sites


Join in the community of creators. The site allows everyone to join, create a profile and publish articles. Successful articles will not only promote your website but can also generate an additional share of site revenue. Place your link in BIO or visually incorporate it into the articles.

Code Project

Join the community of web developers and share your secrets on coding. Your link will be a great fit in the profile section and as an example in the threads.

Link listing

ON Toplist

Easily submit your link to the site. On Top list offers free link submissions ( will require to place the badge on your site ) or paid ( faster and with no badge placement required.).

All free Things

Submit your site with the included link. In order to increase the discovery of your website, including some free resources you are willing to share, it could be an ebook, cheat sheet, checklist or other digital files.


List your link and your short-form(with links) article to amplify your website’s discovery.

Marketing Internet Directory

If you are operating in the marketing branch, then this is a relevant listing site to be in. Update your profile with links and submit articles to strengthen discovery chances.

Link Pedia

General link submission site. The site design may look rough, but that doesn’t change the perspective of getting a backlink.

Online Portfolios


Submit your online profile and include links to your main pages.

Vizualize me

Create your own version of an online portfolio. Include the backlink in your description. Choose relevant anchor text for your Backlink.


Distribute your website links across online portfolios. Create one with Crevado and include backlinks to multiple elements of your site.

Digital Tool list


Are you creating a digital tool? It might be useful for your site to get in one of the listing sites that features the best tools on the web. Additionally, create a profile and get a backlink.


Live journal

Sign in the forum and create your own profile. Depending on the business model and industry of your firm might benefit from engaging in the actual forum.


Forums can be a great place to become thought leaders in your expertise area. Gain backlink to your site by creating a profile and including your link. Additionally, create news posts for a trending topic within your industry and link to your website.


Once signing up in Folkd users can add links in their profile bio. We decided to go one step further and post in the forum, providing readers with experts opinion in digital marketing with a link to our website.


Discuss tech-savvy subjects with likeminded people. Forum discussions are a great place to ask for advice and show examples with Links.

Job exchange platforms


This site can be useful not only to get a backlink but also to scout for some potential talent in terms of content writing and blogging. In order to receive backlink, create a profile fill in details and add your company link.


In order to get a backlink, you will have to list open job positions with a description of key responsibilities and company information. The site gives you a great backlink and maybe even an opportunity to hire the next talent.


Idealist is a powerful job marketplace and company listing site for nonprofit organizations. Join the community, add a description of your cause with site link and search for volunteers to help you.


Finding employees in your Tech company can be a challenge. Join Dice, fill in your company profile details and submit a job posting.


On this job posting site, you will be allowed to submit job offers for potential candidates. A job offer post is a place where the do-follow backlink has to be placed. Some roles in companies are in the ongoing search for new talent, therefore we suggest leaving your post up even after you have found the employee.

Blog Distribution

Blog Directory

Uniquely this blog submission site is managed by humans, not software. Add your blog to the list, provide links, blog information and desired category for listing site administrators.

Blogs that follow

Submit your blog for Blogs That Follow by signing up on their site. Make sure to categorize your blog with relevant keywords.


Blog-search is one of the older and golden submission sites that actually work. Suggest your site and become and contributor to the site covering area your expert in.


Claimed to be the oldest blog submission site still up. The website has outstanding numbers of daily visitors. You can be sure that posting quality content will add a backlink to your site. You might also drive curiosity and traffic to your site at the same time.

Build a Powerful backlink profile

Congrats, you have been through the list and got some decent backlinks. From now it should be waaaaaaaay easier to get your content in front for the eyes of your readers as google finally start to see your site as a credible source.

Share your Dofollow Backlinks with us

Getting backlinks always is a challenge, what worked yesterday might not work today… share the websites we have missed or you just discovered. Sometimes websites are running out of service, help us to keep a list on top and let us know if any of the sites did not work!

Happy link building!

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