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The Perfect SEO Podcast List – 36 Podcasts To Boost Your Business

Written By Pauline Loodts
November 24, 2021

Do you want to learn how to rank #1 on Google or generate 4 times more traffic to your website in only 6 months but aren’t sure where to start? Lucky for you – an SEO podcast can provide these tips and more to grow your business exponentially!

You can’t ignore it anymore: SEO has become all but essential if you want your business  to stay relevant. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a marketing practice business owners use to make their websites more visible to the public.

SEO, and therefore the following best SEO podcasts, touch upon technical aspects such as the structure of a website and how accessible it is. Additionally, SEO also considers the content that is published on a website and the keywords within this content. 

So what are you waiting for?

This podcast SEO guide will help you find the perfect fit by going over the 36 best SEO podcasts that are full of tips and tricks for you to put into practice and successfully grow your business.

Benefits of SEO marketing for your business

From the moment that your business has a website, it becomes relevant to pay attention to SEO.

SEO doesn’t have to cost much but it sure can produce a lot of profit. Paying attention to SEO best practices can lead to more traffic, more eyeballs and ultimately more revenue.

This increase in visibility also means that the work you put into the content of your business will not go unnoticed. The energy put into the core of the business will pay off through having a bigger audience.  

Learning more about SEO through these SEO podcasts will benefit your company by giving it more credibility.

Benefits from SEO:

  • Low cost
  • High traffic
  • More visibility and credibility
  • Improves user experience

Implementing an SEO strategy or simply optimizing it will bring your business to the next level.

5 Advantages and Benefits Of SEO For Your Website | The Daily Egg

Why is it important to follow the latest trends in seo?

Nowadays, everything is becoming fast paced, trends come and go, and nothing stays the same.

SEO is no different, technological progress allows for new strategies to surface within digital marketing and current best practices to become irrelevant. Today’s hottest SEO tool is tomorrow’s digital fossil.

This compels us to adapt and adopt some of the latest trends in SEO. Google’s algorithm, for instance, is constantly evolving and there is a need to keep evolving with it, because if you don’t, your competitors sure will.

Consider any element of your marketing strategy: to achieve continuous growth, you have to demonstrate continuous improvement, so, why should SEO be any different? 

It’s difficult to constantly stay on top, but the following SEO podcasts can make it easier to stay up to date with the latest trends, and keep you competitive in the organic traffic game.

List of the Best SEO Podcasts:

The following 36 best SEO podcasts will guide you through the field of SEO.

Whether you are just starting off with SEO or already an SEO expert who’s just looking  to get inspired, this list of SEO podcasts has something for every level.

Remember, there’s no perfect SEO podcast, just the perfect SEO podcast for you. With that said, let’s get started…

Marketing School – Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

Two man standing with one of them smiling, overlay text Marketing School
Available on Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify 

Best for: Marketing for startups (Beginners)

Host: Neil Patel and Eric Siu 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy SEO podcast then these daily 5-7 minute episodes are exactly what you need. You can easily find an episode that fits your interests given that their podcast contains over 1900 episodes. 

This best SEO podcast is an accessible way to learn more about SEO without having to dedicate too much of your time to it.

Some of the episodes of Marketing School gives useful insight into SEO: 

  • The Biggest SEO Opportunity You’re Missing #1774
  • Day in the life of a Newbie SEO #1836
  • How to Squeeze more SEO Traffic Out Of Your Blog Posts #1882

Podcast Type: Thought leadership

Frequency: Daily

SEO Podcast The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing

Two animated man, one with a superman shirt. They're standing under a Giant microphone. Overlay text: SEO Podcast.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Youtube

Best for: Latest SEO updates (Advanced)

Host: Chris Burress and Matt Bertram

Since 2009 SEO podcast “The Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing” has been staying on top of the latest trends in the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

This SEO podcast has made a name for itself, with over 3.6 million downloads in more than 100 countries, it’s also one of the longest running SEO podcasts on this list.

This SEO podcast offers episodes touching upon a variety of topics such as:

  • SEO myths debunked
  • Driving Conversions with Emotion
  • Common SEO Mistakes You Can Avoid

Podcast Type: Thought leadership/interviews

Frequency: Monthly

EDGE of the Web – An SEO Podcast for Today’s Digital Marketer

Logo of EDGE of the Web
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: SEO and Ecommerce (Advanced)

Host: Erin Sparks

This advanced SEO podcast provides some dynamic discussion with interesting guests while delving deeper into the world of SEO. The host of the show shares his experience, especially with SEO and ecommerce, through discussing the latest trends concerning Digital Marketing.

What adds a lot of value to this SEO podcast is the level of expertise the guests bring to their interviews – themselves being some of the best in the industry. 

Some episodes include guests such as:

  • Jason Barnard
  • Bill Slawski
  • Pedro Dias

Podcast Type: News/Trends/Interviews

Frequency: Weekly

Voices of Search // A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Content Marketing Podcast

A microphone un a magnifying glass
Available on: Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Growing businesses (Intermediate)

Host: Benjamin Shapiro

With SEO podcast “Voices of Search” you can discover a talented and successful marketer with each new episode.

Guests share the knowledge they’ve acquired while using digital marketing practices such as SEO to grow their business.

Besides making the marketing field more comprehensible with his SEO podcast, Shapiro also aims to help people grow their business using new technological trends.

Some episodes include guests such as:

  • Product Director for Two Octobers Noah Learner
  • SEO specialist at Searchmetrics Boris Wartenberg

Podcast Type: Guest interviews and insights

Frequency: Every other day

SEO 101 on WMR.FM

Overlay text "SEO 101" written on a school chalkboard
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Novices in SEO 

Host: Ross Dunn and John Carcutt

Search engine optimization is an important subject, but one that many people shy away from. It seems complicated, and it can be. But it doesn’t have to be.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your website’s performance on search engines, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this SEO podcast, the hosts cover some of the most common ways that beginners can start optimizing their websites without getting too technical.

Some of the most useful episodes:

  • Google Changing Site Titles Doesn’t Affect Ranking but Click Through Rate is a Concern
  • Keyword Research Tips and The Importance of Accurate Local Profiles
  • Search Result Enhancements and Chrome Field Data

Podcast Type: Thought leadership/interviews

Frequency: Weekly/Monthly

SEO Podcast | SEO.co Search Engine Optimization Podcast

Plain blackground with overlay text <seo.co/>
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Quick SEO updates (Advanced)

Host: Timothy Carter

The SEO.co Daily Search Engine Optimization Podcast offers a large library of topics concerning content marketing, persuasive selling, link building, and so much more.

Episodes are uploaded on a daily basis and are perfect to quickly stay updated given it’s a short format of only 6-7  minutes per episode.

This SEO podcast also contains a series of episodes discussing on topic such as:

  • How to Recover from a Google Penalty: with each episode being about 5 minutes.
  • Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value: 2 episodes of 7 minutes

Podcast Type: Tips/learning

Frequency: Every other day

The Blogging Millionaire

Name of the podcast
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Developing blogging skills (Intermediate)

Host: Brandon Gaille

In this SEO podcast “The Blogging Millionaire” Brandon Gaille discusses everything with respect to blogging, WordPress, SEO and so on.

Through growing his own blog, Gaille was able to build 1 million monthly visitors in less than two years. 

Given the host’s experience, you can expect an instructive SEO podcast that will guide you down the path to becoming a master of blogging.

The podcast provides some useful tips and tricks to grow your blog:

  • The High Traffic High Income Blog Post Formula
  • Optimizing Post URLs for SEO
  • 5 List Post SEO Tactics that Deliver Big

Podcast Type: Thought leadership

Frequency: Weekly/bi-weekly

SEO Link Building With Julian Goldie

Muscular man standing with arm crossed. Overlay text SEO Link Building
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Web traffic and backlinks tips (Intermediate)

Host: Julian Goldie

What’s the point of putting a lot of work into a project if no one will ever see it? This SEO podcast will help you boost your website’s traffic and get a higher ranking on Google with useful tips based on case studies and real life experience.

During this SEO podcast Goldie often shares his personal experience:

  • How I 10X’d Search Traffic On 1 Page In 11 Months
  • How I Use HARO To Land Brag-Worthy Media Coverage (Help A Reporter Out)
  • My Biggest SEO Mistakes, AVOID DOING THIS!! 

Podcast Type: Useful advice

Frequency: Every other day

Digital Marketing Masters Podcast

simplistic drawing of a headphone set with a mic. Overlay text Digital marketing Masters.
Available on Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Starting businesses and bloggers

Host: Matt Rouse and Kari Rouse

If you are looking for tips and tricks you can instantly apply to your business then this SEO podcast is the way to go.

Most SEO blogs out there are for people who already know what they’re doing. This SEO podcast gives you advice on topics such as the latest trends in search engine ranking factors, how to get found on Google, and much more.

Many episodes welcome experts in the topic to share their experience with the listeners:

  • How Voice Search Will Impact SEO with Steve Wiideman
  • Press Release Marketing With Mickie Kennedy
  • Steps To Telling A Compelling Story with Tyler Foley

Podcast Type: Interviews/tips/tricks

Frequency: Every 2 to 5 days

Daily SEO Tips

Overlay text Dayly SEO Tips on a plain background.
Available on Apple |Google | Spotify

Best for: Quick tips daily 

Host: Katherine Watier Ong

You are very short on time and looking for a quick SEO tip? If so, this 40 second SEO podcast is the right fit for you.

The “Daily SEO tips” podcast dishes out some helpful insights into strategy, good content and ranking in search results. 

The podcast discusses some updates in the SEO field such as:

  • Google updates its CTR Patent 
  • Google knows writers

Podcast Type: Tips

Frequency: Not set

SEO Scientist Show

drawing of a Microphone. Overlay text "SEO Scientists Show".
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Getting tips about SEO and traffic growth  (Intermediate)

Host: Gautam Manral

This SEO podcast will give you all the tips and tricks to become an expert in the field. In about 30 minutes “SEO Scientist Show” sheds light on everything SEO and how to efficiently work with Google to improve traffic.

Manral’s experience in building websites and helping start-ups and businesses adds value to this SEO podcast and makes it one of the 36 Best SEO podcasts.

The show also includes some answers to some commonly asked questions such as:

  • Why do people visit any Website today
  • Why Start Creating Content to Grow Online Today

Podcast Type: Tips

Frequency: Weekly

TechSEO Podcast

A pink circle with overlay text TechSEO. There's also a microphone in front of the circle.
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Getting tips about SEO and traffic growth  (Intermediate)

Host: Keira Davidson

This SEO podcast is helpful if you want to stay up to date on the latest updates and acquire more knowledge about SEO. We ranked this SEO podcast among the best ones as they share useful advice coming from professionals in the field. 

The show includes some experts such as:

  • Sophie Gibson
  • Robin Allenson

Podcast Type: Interviews/Tips

Frequency: Not set

Fat Stacks Blog – a Podcast About Blogging, SEO and Traffic

Bar chart going up. Overlay text Fat Stacks Get Fatter.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Bloggers and business start-ups (Beginners/Intermediate)

Host: Jon Dykstra

The Fat Stacks Blog is a SEO podcast that covers a lot of ground. How to make money blogging with freelance writing gigs, Google AdSense and display ads for instance are only a few examples of the various topics that are touched upon.

The SEO podcast includes some interesting episodes like:

  • Adding $1 rev./day puts $1,200 into your pocket? How?
  • How Long Should Your Content Be to Rank?

Podcast Type: Thought leadership/interviews

Frequency: Not set

BEN’S BUSINESS PODCAST – Grow your biz with SEO

Man looking serious. Overlay text Ben's business podcast
Available on Apple | Soundcloud | Youtube

Best for: SEO advice (Intermediate)

Host: Ben Laing

Ben Laing, the host of the show, shares his valuable experience as an expert in SEO and as a digital marketer.

Together with some occasional guests, Laing’s aim is to help listeners grow their website’s traffic and the visibility of their business.

Additionally, Lains is very accessible as he welcomes questions from his listeners.

Some of his latest SEO podcasts include:

  • Expand Your Freedom & Financial Awareness with Matthew Soltys
  • Ken Mack – Investor, Business Buyer & Mentor

Podcast Type: Guest interviews and discussions

Frequency: Not set

The SEO SAS Podcast

Helicopter flying with overlay text SEO SAS.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Discovering the SEO industry (Beginners/Intermediate)

Host: Sarah McDowell and Hannah Bryce

This SEO podcast discusses experience, stories and individual issues that help listeners have a better idea of the Tech field.

Given that the industry is mostly dominated by men, it is refreshing to include a SEO podcast hosted by successful women in the industry.

“The SEO SAS Podcast” offers episodes that delve deeper into topics such as:

  • The One Where We Discuss Starting Out In SEO With Dhriti Shashikanth
  • The One Where We Discuss SEO With Laura Brady

Podcast Type: Thought leadership

Frequency: Weekly


Three young man doing either rock or gang signs with their hands. Overlay text Weekly SEO.
Available on Spotify | Youtube

Best for: SEO news and trends

Host: Adem Yıldız, Busra Cildas and Roman Adamita

The Weekly SEO is a relatively new podcast that talks about the latest updates and trends regarding the SEO industry.

On this SEO podcast the hosts form a dynamic trio that enjoys discussing anything related to SEO, some of their episodes include:

  • E-Commerce SEO Opportunities and Strategies – Weekly SEO 
  • Google My business Tips and Tricks You Could Use

Podcast Type: Tips/interviews

Frequency: Weekly

The Lion Zeal Show

Man standing with a mic in his hand, looking like he's in the middle of doing a show.
Available on Apple | Spotify

Best for: SEO and Ecommerce insights 

Host: Daryl Rosser

On “The Lion Zeal Show” you can listen to SEO experts share their experience and give useful tips that you can implement as a local agency owner, pay per lead specialist, or even as an online ecommerce store owner.

Here you can find some of the “How To” episodes:

  • How To Sell SEO as an Introvert with Kraig Bond
  • How To Write Outreach Emails w/ Amit Raj

Podcast Type: Guest interviews/advice

Frequency: Weekly

The Recipe For SEO Success Show

Woman standing with her arm crossed in front of a background that contains images of cooking items. Overlay text The recipe for SEO Success podcast.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: SEO and Google news (Beginners/Intermediates)

Host: Kate Toon

As a SEO copywriter and consultant Kate Toon discusses all the latest news concerning Google as well as the latest SEO news and updates, real life SEO case studies and critiques.

This SEO podcast covers a lot of ground by focusing on different aspects of SEO with episodes such as:

  • Reality SEO: Bec Slack: Why Customer Care is Everything
  • Tackling Common Google My Business Queries with Ben Fisher

Podcast Type: Guest interviews and discussions

Frequency: Weekly/bi-weekly

Girl Get Visible Podcast: SEO Traffic, Marketing, and Business

Woman looking at the camera with her arm crossed. The overlay text "Girl Get Visible podcast" is situated inside a magnifying glass
Available on Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify | Stitchers

Best for: Bloggers and growing websites (Beginners and intermediates)

Host: Akilah Thomphins-Robinson

This podcast is ranked as a best SEO podcast because it will provide you the tips you need in order to get more visibility and traffic for your business. It aims to help young female entrepreneurs navigate the field of SEO and grow their business significantly.

In each episode the host talks more in depth about topics such as SEO, content marketing, business systems, eCommerce and much more.

Here you can see some of the latest episodes:

  • Microblogging: Using IG and Social Content for Good SEO
  • Are you visibly growing?

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Weekly/bi-weekly

Local SEO Tactics and Digital Marketing Strategies

Text "Local SEO Tacticts" is written over the picture of a map.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Marketing trends and SEO (Advanced Beginner)

Host: Jesse Dolan and Bob Brennan

“Local SEO Tactics” is a very accessible way to acquire more knowledge regarding local SEO and digital marketing strategies. 

This SEO podcast can help you to keep on top of the latest trends happening in SEO, and how to apply them on a micro and macro level.

If you want to know even more about digital marketing strategies you can read this article.

The following episodes are dedicated to help improve the SEO:

  • Using Driving Directions To Improve SEO and Conversion Rates
  • Local SEO Checklist To Make Sure Your Website Is Optimized In The Right Areas

Podcast Type: Thought leadership

Frequency: Weekly

The SEO Vault

drawing of a robber coming out of a vault. Overlay text The SEO Vault.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Youtube

Best for: Web 2.0 and link building 

Host: Chaz Edward and Michael Milas

The podcast covers SEO but also link building, Web 2.0 and much more.

The hosts try to be as transparent as possible, giving the listeners a good idea of what the different topic entails and how to excel in them. This transparency gives this podcast it’s title of best SEO podcast.

Some episodes of this SEO podcast talk about:

  • Google’s SearchOn Event as well as their large Algorithm update
  • Weekly updates concerning Web 2.0

Podcast Type: Trends/interviews

Frequency: Weekly

SEO Podcast With Chris Palmer

Circle with overlay text "Chris Palmer SEO"
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Starting with SEO (Beginners)

Host: Chris Palmer

The goal of “SEO Podcast With Chris Palmer” is to focus on anything related to SEO and give you all the tools to become an expert in local SEO, SEO testing, digital marketing and so on.

The SEO podcast build on the hosts experience to give some advice like in the following episodes:

  • Video SEO – How To Get More Views On YouTube
  • Google My Business Tutorial – Shortcut

Podcast Type: Advice/learning

Frequency: Every 1-3 days

Local SEO in 10

hands are holding a phone that is open on maps. Overlay text "Local SEO in 10"
Available on Apple | Spotify

Best for: Useful local SEO advice (Intermediate)

Host: Adam Duran

“Local SEO in 10” podcast tries to answer listeners’ questions about the best ways to get more traffic and have a successful approach to SEO. It’s a quite personal SEO podcast with actionable tips for business owners.

Here are some interesting episodes of the SEO podcast:

  • How Can I Start My Own SEO Agency?
  • What Should I Add To Pages To Help Them Rank

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Weekly

The SEOtalk Podcast

Drawing of a mic. Overlay text "The SEO talk podcast"
Available on Spotify

Best for: Growing businesses (Intermediate)

Host: Malhar Barai, Parth Suba and Jaydip Parikh

This SEO podcast is fairly new although it is created by the producers of one of the longest lasting twitter chats in India with #SEOtalk. With their Twitter account @TheSEOtalkers, the hosts try to answer SEO questions about different topics every Monday. 

“The SEOtalk podcast” adds extra value to their Twitter chat by diving deeper into topics such as

  • Scaling Content
  • Growth tactics for Start-ups

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Not Set

SEO for the Rest of Us

Man gazing. Overlay text "SEO For the rest of us"
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Start-ups and entrepreneurs (Beginners/Intermediates)

Host: Brendan Hufford

This SEO podcast takes the following questions as the starting point for every episode:

“How are creative entrepreneurs, who don’t have a huge brand or following…?” 

“How do they use SEO in a way that gets their products, services, and things they believe in out to the world?”

The episodes are full of tips and tricks to become an expert in SEO:

  • Win at SEO with Imperfect Marketing
  • Win at SEO by Building LOYALTY – Chase Dimond
  • Master technical SEO (even if you aren’t technical) with Areej AbuAli

Podcast Type: Guest interviews and discussions

Frequency: Weekly/bi-weekly

Search Off the Record

Search bar of google. Overlay text "Off the Record"
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify 

Best for: Improve and optimize Websites

Host: John Mueller, Martin Splitt and Gary Illyes

This SEO podcast hosted by members of the Search Relations team offers some exclusive insights into some of Google’s latest projects and life as an employee at Google. 

Next to the behind the scenes at Google, this podcast also discusses SEO in episodes like:

  • SEO starter Guide: What’s all the drama?

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Monthly

Search Engine Journal Show

Name of the show written in neon lights.
Available on Apple | Spotify

Best for: Personal experiences with SEO

Host: Brent Csutoras, Danny Goodwin, and Loren Baker

This SEO podcast is helpful if you want to stay up to date on the latest updates to improve your website. SEO but also content and digital marketing are discussed with industry experts.

Be sure to also check this article to optimize your website.

You can discover a diverse group of guests on their show. For instance:

  • Bill Slawski
  • Cody Gault
  • Matt McGowan

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Weekly

DIY SEO Tips with Jennifer Rogina

Woman smiling at the camera. Overlay text "DIY SEO Tips".
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher 

Best for: SEO tips and tricks

Host: Jenifer Rogina

In just 5 minutes this SEO podcast provides all the information you need to become more familiar with SEO and grow a bigger audience. This show is mostly aimed at content creators looking for tips they can use to take their business to the next level.

Rogina tries to answer different questions with each new episode, here are some of them:

  • How Google Analytics Automated Insights Mate it Easy to Analyze Data
  • Why is Content Important for SEO?

Podcast Type: Tips/advice on topic

Frequency: Every 2 weeks

The Business Sphere

Overlay text Local SEO Today
Available on Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: SEO experts’ advice (Intermediate)

Host: John Vuong

This SEO podcast welcomes business owners and entrepreneurs to share their experience and the do’s and don’ts of starting a business, allowing listeners to avoid the same mistakes and learn from professionals in the field.

Different areas are touched upon like:

  • Success is Messy
  • Shifting to the Entrepreneur Mindset

Podcast Type: Guest interviews and discussions

Frequency: Weekly

Democratizing SEO

Man portrayed in an abstract way.
Available on Apple | Spotify | Stitcher

Best for: Better understanding of SEO (Beginners)

Host: Austine Esezobor

The main objective of this SEO podcast is to make people more familiar with the world of SEO. “Democratizing SEO” makes SEO more accessible and provides a clear understanding of what it entails. 

This SEO podcast gives you advice on:

  • How To Prevent SEO Regression
  • How To Help SEO To Get You Results

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Weekly

Backlinks and Content: SharpRocket SEO Tips

Rocket launching. Overlay text "Backlinks and Content
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Content Marketing and Link builders (Advanced)

Host: Venchito Tampon

This SEO podcast can help any marketer figure out how to build backlinks and give you some tricks that can get your content ranked higher on search engines. 

Additionally, some episodes also touch upon search traffic, leads, and everything else SEO.

If you want to know more about backlinks and how they work be sure to check out this article.

Some of the many episodes dedicated to link building include:

  • What is Link Building (Definition, Importance, and Terms)
  • How to Turn Your Blog Into A Link Building Machine (Untapped Block Linked Opportunities)
  • 5 Steps Process to Find Highly Linkable Topics and Rankable Pages

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Not set

Crawling Mondays by Aleyda – SEO News, Tips and Interviews

Woman holding a laptop smiling at the camera
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: “How to’s” about SEO (Intermediate)

Host: Aleyda Solis

Together with special guests Solis helps you navigate the complex world of SEO. The SEO podcast covers a multitude of topics going from catchphrase research to specialized reviews.

This show has a vast library of “How to’s” on its SEO podcast:

  • How to Develop and Optimize Affiliate Websites
  • How to Optimize your Paginated URLs for search

Podcast Type: Reviews, interviews, news

Frequency: Monthly

SEO for Photographers by Fuel Your Photos

Drawing of a flame. Overlay text "The SEO for Photographers Podcast, Fuel your photos"
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Photographers marketing their businesses (Advanced)

Host: Corey Potter and Dylan Howell

As a photographer, having a well functioning and visible website is crucial to share your work with the rest of the world.

This SEO podcast is specifically designed for photographers who need some additional help with their marketing.

Below we picked out a few episodes:

  • Image Search Strategies
  • Monetizing Your Photography Website

Podcast Type: On topic discussions

Frequency: Not set

The SEO Rant Podcast

Overlay text "SEO Rant!" accompanied by a wave length.
Available on Apple | Soundcloud | Spotify

Best for: Different perspectives on SEO (Intermediate)

Host: Mordy Oberstein

“SEO rant” is a quick, easy going and light podcast SEO guide.

A new guest comes along with every new episode and shares his expertise as well as the good and the bad of SEO.

 Here we listed out some interesting episodes of the show:

  • SEO For Big Sites Versus Newer & Small Sites 
  • How People Are Changing The Way They Search on Google

Podcast Type: Thought leadership/tips

Frequency: Weekly

Duct Tape Marketing

Big Microphone with overlay text "Duct Tape Marketing"
Available on Apple | Spotify

Best for: Small business looking to grow (Intermediate)

Host: John Jantsch

The SEO podcast “Duct Tape Marketing” help improve SEO results with some practical tips.

Given that Jantsch has a lot of experience with helping small businesses grow he introduces his own strategy, called Tropical Mesh.

This podcast is quite personal given that Jantsch shares marketing tips and insights he has used as a consultant. Perhaps this SEO podcast is best suited for listeners working in small businesses similar to the ones the host himself gives advice to. 

The show’s provides some educational episodes focused on customers such as 

  • Why Playing The Long Game Is Essential To Success
  • Finding New Customers In Untapped Places
  • Narrowing Your Focus On Your Ideal Customer

Podcast Type: Guest interviews/advice

Frequency: Twice a week

The Yoast SEO podcast

Logo of the Yoast which is a giant Y.
Available on Apple | Google | Spotify

Best for: Learning from SEO experts (Intermediate)

Host: Joost de Valk

“The Yoast” is a SEO podcast series in which the host Joost de Valk has some constructive and interesting talks with some big names in the SEO world.

Not only this, but it’s also produced by a powerhouse in the industry that every SEO probably knows, so, who better to learn from than the industry gold-standard?

Hands up if you’ve installed the Yoast plug-in!

Some of the latest episodes include names such as:

  • Mike King
  • Marcus Tandler
  • Cindy Krum

Podcast Type: Guest discussions

Frequency: Every 2 weeks


So there it is, these are the 36 best SEO podcasts in the industry as we see it.

Though all podcasts share valuable information regarding SEO it’s clear that every podcast has its point of view, and its own tips and tricks on how to succeed. 

This list also contains a few podcasts that particularly stand out because of, for example:

  • A specific group of people that is being addressed, such as “SEO for Photographers”
  • The length of the podcast, like the “Daily SEO Tips”  that lasts 40 seconds.

To sum up, there is a podcast for everyone, whether you have no clue what SEO is or you just want to hear different perspectives on the subject, sometimes all it takes is choosing the right SEO podcast for you and press play!

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