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35 Social Media Marketing Podcasts For Any Business [2021]

Written By Tadiwanashe Sibanda
July 7, 2021

The approaches for growing a business have long-since evolved from the once limited options prescribed by marketing theory for business-owners: enter the social media marketing podcast!

Digitalization and the global adoption of social media have brought about an era of digital marketing, and with its relatively high return on investment, many small businesses are increasingly focusing on social media marketing to grow their business.

As such, more and more marketers are turning to social media podcasts for the expert insight they provide into the world of social media marketing.

Social media marketing is now one of the fastest and cheapest ways to reach a digital-first audience. As the number of people using social media continues to rise, so do your chances of reaching your target customer and, ultimately, making sales.

Learning from a social media marketing podcast provides the opportunity to grow your online presence in many ways – from tips & tricks, to the latest trends, and so much more.

In this article we’ll take you through some serious social media marketing podcast inspo, so let’s dive in!

The Best Social Media Marketing Podcast List

Keep in mind that no two podcasts are the same, and you should find the social media marketing podcast whose content best aligns with your business and brand!

If your goal is to build your visibility on Instagram and become a brand influencer then education-oriented or thought leadership podcasts could be right for you!

If you want to know how you can best build your brand value and generate revenue from your social media, listen to top industry experts, entrepreneurs and marketers on interview-oriented and thought leadership podcasts. Without further ado, check out the list below:

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Image of Gary Vaynerchuk on a red and yellow background, with "The garyvee audio experience" sign above him

The Audio Experience gives you insider tricks from acclaimed entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, and a highly acclaimed social media marketing podcast today.

The Audio Experience includes a variety of segment pieces, interviews and discussions regarding the current market and business know-hows. Get motivated and improve your business with this listening experience!

  • Number of Episodes: 1800+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Daily

The Art of Online Business

Image of Rick Mulready with a grey suit on a blue background with "The art of online business" written above him

Rick Mulready gives you a crash-course in becoming a successful online entrepreneur with tricks and tips on digital marketing on his social media marketing podcast “The Art of Online Business”.

Guiding you with impactful and actionable strategies on how to advertise you and your business on the web, as well as giving you real-world examples of how online entrepreneurs have successfully built themselves up. 

  • Number of Episodes: 470+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every 2 to 5 Days

The Social Media Podcast with Simon Scholes

Simon Scholes' picture on  blue and beige clothes, on a red and black background

Every business has a story, but a lot of upcoming businesses fail to share that story and create an emotional connection with their customers.

Simon Scholes’ podcast, The Social Media Podcast focuses on how you can tell your story through social media – a creative approach to social media marketing.

One of this social media marketing podcast most notable segments is How to 9 X Your Social Media, which delves into the do’s of your social media content outreach to achieve an honest marketing strategy. 

  • Number of Episodes: 470+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every 1 to 5 Days

Goal Digger

In the image, we find both the title of the podcast (Goal Digger) and Jenna Kutcher. She wears a red top that matches the flower she's holding

Business. Branding. Marketing. Inspiration. 

These are the four goals of Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast. The Goal Digger calls out to everyday women seeking to navigate social media branding and marketing.

Goal Digger podcast gives you personal and business insight into juggling your professional and personal life with accounts from Kutcher and guest-speakers. 

The Goal Digger’s most notable guest speakers are Lisa Bilyeu, founder of Women of Impact, Sophia Amoruso, author of GirlBoss, Suneera Madhani, CEO of Stax Payments and many more influential and successful business women. 

  • Number of Episodes: 470+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Build Your Tribe

In the image we find Chalene and Broke Johnson, and the podcast's title "Build your tribe"

Chalene and Brock Johnson talk business growth on social media platforms on Build Your Tribe.

This social media marketing podcast delves into the technicalities of digital marketing on platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest.

From time management, to product advertising, to generating traffic, the Johnsons give you pointers on building and developing your business on social media. 

  • Number of Episodes: 460+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Marketing Podcast

The image's background is blue, and it shows a cartoon portraited explorer. In white, we find the Podcast title "Social Media Marketing"

Hosted weekly by Social Media Examiner, founder Michael Steltzner breaks down the essentials of social media marketing.

This social media marketing podcast provides an intensive and informative 45-minutes of social media marketing knowledge. Each segment offers a plethora of tricks to navigating the social media marketing “jungle”, with guest appearances from leading marketers in their fields.

  • Number of Episodes: 455+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Pros Podcast

White "Social Pros Podcast" write on an orange background, with its logo on the top

The Social Pros Podcast provides an insider view of the approaches taken by leading companies in developing and expanding their social media programs. 

“Real people doing real work in social media”

The podcast hosts social media strategists from Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Ford, IBM and many other big name companies. This social media marketing podcast is hosted by Jay Baer, co-founder of Convince and Convert, alongside Adam Brown of Sales Force. 

  • Number of Episodes: 391+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Week

Online Marketing Made Easy

Image showing Amy Porterfield and her podcast's title "Online Marketing Made Easy"

Amy Porterfield and her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast offers you a slice of “Audio Inspir-action“.

This podcast is aimed at entrepreneurs of all levels, as well as professional marketers, and even those just looking to work on their “side-hustle”.

This top-ranked podcast offers you insider secrets from successful guests, profit-making tips, and strategy guides.

Online Marketing Made Easy takes the complexities of online marketing and spins them into a simple, entertaining and easy learning process.

  • Number of Episodes: 389+ 
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

The Media Show

The image has "The Media Show" title as the central element. The picture's background is orange.

The Media Show is a  BBC Radio 4 podcast that really distinguishes itself from the other podcasts in this list.

This podcast is a more formal listen on current affairs in the media today. The Media Show breaks down the world of media, and particularly the social media “revolution”. An informative podcast for the inquisitive business owner!

  • Number of Episodes: 300+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Wednesday

Social Geek Radio

Image showing black headphones over "Social Geek Radio" sign

Jack Monsen opens the floor up for discussions on the Social Geek Radio. The podcast touches upon digital marketing trends for franchises and small businesses.

Jack Monsen and featured guests give tips on trends and guidance on how to build your brand and identity as small business owners and franchise owners.

  • Number of Episodes: 300+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every 2 to 5 Days

GSMC Social Media News Podcast

"Social Media News Podcast" sign on a blue background. There are all leading social media platforms ' logos above the podcast's name.

“dedicated to providing [its] listeners with endless hours of enjoyment” 

The podcast is a “quirky” take on the phenomenon of social media. Sharing newsworthy highlights about top social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more! 

  • Number of Episodes: 275+ 
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Week

Casual Fridays

"Casual Fridays Podcast" sign in blue. The podcast's logo is a pair of slippers

Need a relaxing and enjoyable podcast on digital and social media marketing? Tyler Anderson offers exactly this on his podcast Casual Fridays.

Interviews and discussions offer an easy listen about what’s trending on the big social media platforms.

Straight to the point and informative, this social media marketing podcast gives you the opportunity to listen to business owners with real-world experience in digital marketing, with implementable strategies, recommendations and advice for your business. 

  • Number of Episodes: 259+ 
  • Frequency of Episodes:Every Week

Wingnut Social: The Social Media Marketing and Business Podcast

Darla Power's picture with her podcast's name "Wignut Social" at the center

Are you in the business of interior design and luxury branding?

Become a Wingnut with Darla Powel and her podcast, Wingnut Social: Social Media Marketing and Business!

Darla Powel is a renowned interior decorator and founder of Darla Powel Interiors and Wingnut. Join her to listen to tips on social media marketing and business planning for real growth of your business and most importantly your brand. 

Powel shares lessons she’s learned from her own personal experience and other entrepreneurs in the profession of interior design and luxury branding.

  • Number of Episodes: 210+
  • Frequency of Episodes:Every week

Maximize Your Social Influence

Image of Neal Schaffer on a white background, with his podcast name "Maximize Your Social Influence" written above

helping marketers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to grow their business through leveraging digital and social media marketing through the perspective of digital influence

Maximize your Social Influence tackles topics related to digital marketing and consolidating your online presence through discussion and interviews.

Neil has hosted fellow podcasting experts and entrepreneurs such Jay Baer, Michael Stelzner, Ace the Gram hosts Tasha Meys and Vivian Conway and so many others.

  • Number of Episodes: 200+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Week 

Social Media Weekly

Black background and white "SMW" sign, with random colored shapes all around

Join the Virtual Peddlers weekly on their podcast Social Media Weekly, where they keep you up to date with digital current affairs.

From marketing trends to social media platforms updates to digital business discourse, the Virtual Peddlers pull apart breaking headlines in over 200 episodes.

  • Number of Episodes: 200+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Week 

The Science of Social Media

"The Science of Social Media" sign in a white and purple background

The Buffer team shares an array of tips, tricks and strategies that will help you grow your business and venture into the world of social media marketing. 

  • Number of Episodes: 174
  • The last aired episode of The Science of Social Media podcasts aired in December 2020.

Social Media Marketing Talk Show

Colorful "Social Media Marketing Talk Show" sign on a blue background, with cartonized plants' leaves and a woman with a megaphone

Join the Social Media Examiner on the Social Media Marketing Talk Show. Michael Stelzner alongside a variety of guest hosts explore the dynamic trends shaping social media marketing today!

Get expert advice from the many successful marketers, entrepreneurs and businessmen interviewed! 

  • Number of Episodes: 160+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every Friday

Savvy Social Podcast

Andra Jones with a microphone in her hand, with above the sign "Savvy Social Podcast"

Need convincing on whether or not to create a social media marketing campaign?

Andrea Jones explains why you definitely need to take the digital approach with marketing for your business and brand.

Through thought leadership, discussion and the occasional expert interview, Andrea teaches you how to take action. 

  • Number of Episodes: 140+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

The Social Bamboo Podcast: Social Media Marketing for Business

Derek Videll close to a table with a yellow cup above. The podcast's name, "The Social Bamboo Podcast", is on the right corner

Derek Videll provides an exclusive look at the latest social media marketing trends on The Social Bamboo Podcast.

Discover modern strategies and solutions for achieving success with your social media strategy.

From TikTok to Instagram and LinkedIn, learn how to navigate social media platforms and establish your business as well as your brand with this social media marketing podcast.

  • Number of Episodes: 130+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Minds – Social Media Marketing Answered

Blue and red image of Theo Watts and Eve Young, with their podcast's name "SocialMinds" written above

This social media marketing podcast is hosted by Theo Watts and Eve Young, who give a no-nonsense take on social media, social media marketing and the digital trends dominating online business.

The Social Minds podcast, while mainly being centered on thought leadership, also takes on a multi-faceted approach in which guest interviews, discussion and even news events take place. 

  • Number of Episodes: 128+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Ace The Gram

Picture of Tash Meys and Vivian Conway on a colorful background. "Ace The Gram", their podcast's name, is written above their heads

Co-hosts Tasha Meys and Vivian Conway share valuable insight on building your brand on Instagram.

Instagram is one of the most booming social media platforms, and if your business is aimed at a trendy and modern market, Instagram is a sure-fire way to reach them.

Both Instagram influencers and entrepreneurs, Tash and Viv show you how to build your business and brand for the modern audience on Instagram.

  • Number of Episodes: 220+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Marketing School

Image both black and yellow, with Ethan Bridge in the center. The name of the podcast, "Social Media Marketing School" is written above

Need social media marketing 101? The Social Media Marketing School gives you a practical brief on digital marketing on the big platforms in the social media world such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and more.

This podcast casts a wide net, and is aimed at business owners, marketing agencies, and content creators! With host Ethan Bridge, learn the orthodox and unorthodox approaches to social media marketing.

  • Number of Episodes: 120+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every 2 to 5 days

Social Media for Mompreneurs

Image of Allison Scholes pointing at her podcast's name written above her. "Social Media for Mompreneurs" is written both in pink and dark blue

Are you a Mompreneur with your hands full running both a business and motherhood?

Allison Scholes helps you grab the reins of social media branding on Instagram with Social Media for Mompreneurs. She focuses on navigating Instagram as a business platform to help grow your business and brand.

From content creation, to personal growth, to marketing hacks, Social Media for Mompreneurs is “not just fluff, it’s real stuff!”

  • Number of Episodes: 100+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every 2 to 5 days

Social Media Lab

Blue backgrounded image with "Social Media Lab" sign written in white.

Available on: iTunes | Google | Spotify

Podcast Type: Thought Leadership; Discussions

Host(s): Scott Ayre

Join Content Scientist, Scott Ayre on his experimental and off-beat podcast Social Media Lab.

On the Social Media Lab podcast, Scott Ayre takes on a myth-busting role and provides you with the what’s-what of social media marketing and trends.

  • Number of Episodes: 100+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Secrets with Rachel Pedersen

Picture of Rachel Pedersen on a golden and blue background, where there's also her podacst's name "Social Media Secrets"

If you’re new to social media marketing, then you’re familiar with the feeling of frustration when you feel like you’re out of the loop on the social media secrets.

Luckily for you, Social Media Secrets with Rachel Pedersen unlocks them all. Rachel’s social media marketing podcast aims at helping you develop your business and profit from social media marketing.

The biggest trade secret Rachel shares is growing your budding business into a six-figure per annum business. Listen now to learn how!

  • Number of Episodes: 100+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

The Social Media Pubcast

Black and white picture of Jon Loomer

Join Jon Loomer every week in his virtual pub on The Social Media Pubcast

Over a pint, Jon Loomer talks digital marketing and advertising on Facebook with various industry professionals.

Alongside these pub discussions, this social media marketing podcast also features audios from Jon Loomer’s blog posts.

  • Number of Episodes: 100+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Hashtag Authentic

Hashtag Authentic written on a white background, with an hashtag above as logo

On Hashtag Authentic, social media expert Sarah Tasker takes a holistic approach to social media marketing and entrepreneurship.

She focuses on “human authenticity”, tackling business growth alongside personal growth.

Hashtag Authentic offers a community of social and personal awareness, where you learn to navigate the waters of digital marketing, social media trends and so much more! 

While the podcast ended in January, there’s still a lot to learn about the best way to express yourself and your brand!

Social Media Talks Podcast

Photo of Alan Henessy on a grey background.

As part of the Kompass Media podcasts, Social Media Talks is a straightforward guide aimed at business owners looking to understand the workings of social media.

With host Alan Henessy and his featured guest speakers, you can learn the different aspects of digital marketing, business growth and innovation!

  • Number of Episodes: 96+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Influencer

Picture of Jenny Peterson on a chair, with her laptop on her legs. Above her, her podcast's name "Social Media Influencer."

Does part of your business involve “influencing”? Are you looking to Start, Grow, and Monetize?

Social media maven Jenny Peterson is your guide in building a brand and a business online.

You can learn tips and tricks on how to make money and grow your business from your phone! Jenny focuses on social media marketing, “influence” marketing and the various successful ways to develop your business into a profitable influential brand online.

  • Number of Episodes: 60+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Zen & the Art of Social Media

Golden dragon logo, with "Zen & the Art of Social Media" sign.

The Zen & the Art of Social Media podcast offers the chance to be part of the digital market movement with host Trevor W. Goodchild.

Trevor, (who previously worked at Facebook) shares all his hacks on Facebook ad policy and other social media marketing tips to help you gain that competitive edge as a growing business.

Sharing his own professional experience, Trevor introduces budding entrepreneurs to the big movements in social media marketing.

  • Number of Episodes: 60+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Marketing Smarts

Blue background image with a white sign "Marketing Smarts". Above,  there's the podcast's logo, a cartoon style bird.

The Marketing Profs break down the philosophy of “smart” marketing with their guest interviews on the Marketing Smarts.

Receive real-world advice and actionable step-by-step strategies, tips and guides from acclaimed professionals.

The podcast puts “smart” marketing in contemporary contexts, and you can learn how to develop and adapt your business and brand to the market of today!

  • Number of Episodes: 50+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Creator Club | Social Media Marketing & Content Creation

Image of Katie Steckly at the center with many digital tools at the corners. The podcast's name "Creator club" is above

Join social media guru Katie Steckly in her virtual workshop, the Creator Club!

This podcast gives you a seminar-style breakdown of the most impactful strategies for growing businesses with social media.

Focusing on content creation and social media marketing, the Creator Club pulls apart both the practical and theoretical aspects of digital marketing, helping you piece it all back together in a way that best suits your brand and your business.

  • Number of Episodes: 40+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Decoded

Michelle Thames's picture on a brown background, with "Social media decoded" sign in black

Social media strategist Michelle Thames simplifies social media marketing on her podcast, Social Media Decoded.

Michelle demystifies marketing on social media with her professional tips, actionable strategies and crash-course lessons.

Hear about some of her the biggest “no-no’s” when creating content and handy “how-to” guides. Social Media Decoded is a sure way to gain the necessary foothold you need with your social media marketing.

  • Number of Episodes: 35+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Your Social Media Journey

Shikita Singh's picture, with "Your Social Media Journey", her podcast name, above.

This podcast is aimed at business-owners and entrepreneurs who hope to validate or endorse their businesses by connecting with people on social media.

Shikita provides personal and honest advice on the best strategies for social media marketing.

The Social Media Journey eases your concerns when jumping into the murky waters of social media and guides you with the necessary practical and actionable steps.

  • Number of Episodes: 30+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Schoolhouse

Image of a laptop on the background. In the center we find "SMSH Social Media School House" sign

Jason A. Wheeler invites you to his classroom on the Social Media Schoolhouse to learn everything in the ever-growing world of social media.

This podcast is aimed at educators or those in the business of education and youth interaction.

Jason gives a variety of segments on content creation, creating digital interaction and engagement and trend breakdowns. Figure out how to better connect with your students or with your market more broadly with lessons on digital marketing.

  • Number of Episodes: 31+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

The Giraffe Social Media Podcast

Black background image with podcast's name "The Giraffe Social Media Podcast" in the center and in green

Looking for real trade secrets from the social media industry? The Giraffe Social Media spills the tea on their podcast.

With a selection of topics, each of the 30+ episodes of this podcast gives you a different angle on social media and the industry of digital marketing. 

  • Number of Episodes: 30+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

5 Minutes Social Media Tips with Neil

Image of Neil Dimapilis drinking from a cup, on a yellow background. "5 Minutes Social Media Tips" is under him

Neil’s podcast presents the opportunity to take a 5-minute break from juggling your business and learn about existing and emerging trends alongside with strategy planning tips. 

Keeping up with dynamic social media trends, Neil Dimapilis shares his quick tips on social media strategies on 5 Minutes Social Media Tips with Neil.

  • Number of Episodes: 40+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

 Megan’s Social Media Marketing Show

Brown background image with "Megan's Social Media Marketing Show" sign in white. Above the write, there's a like emoji

Megan Ericson ushers you through the overwhelming tasks of developing and maintaining an online persona and presence on Megan’s Social Media Marketing Show.

Learn how to stay on top of your content, advertise your business and grow a loyal client base with this podcast.

With thoughtful advice and guest interviews, Megan’s Social Media Marketing Show is the gateway to becoming an expert in all things social media!

Clear away your digital clutter and adopt the mindset of social media organization with Megan! 

  • Number of Episodes: 10+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week

Social Media Sucks

Electric blue background image, with a white "Social Media Sucks" sign

The Kubbco Company answers your social media questions on their podcast, Social Media Sucks.

Listen in on the discussions on social media platforms, trends and concerns.

This podcast is an easy listen when you want to take a break from crash-courses in business strategy but still want to learn about the new-world of social media. 

  • Number of Episodes: 10+
  • Frequency of Episodes: Monthly/Bi-Monthly

Social Media News Live

Image of Jeff Sieh with a blue background and the sign "Social Media News"

Jeff Sieh gives you the what’s what on the Social Media News Live.

With expert guests, you can get advice from some big industry experts. This is made possible since broadcasts are LIVE.

You can pose your own questions and express your doubts regarding your business ideas and plans! 

  • Number of Episodes: 10+ 
  • Frequency of Episodes: Every week 

Final Thoughts…

Entering the world of social media marketing can be daunting when you don’t know where to start or where you’re going wrong. That’s why we put this list of the top social media marketing podcasts together!

The 40 Best Social Media Marketing Podcasts are perfect for anyone who wants to try something crazy or exciting with their social media. Discover actionable strategies for your business and gain resourceful insight on brand development and marketing from tops names.

If you’re looking to get your foot into the digital world, what better way to start than with podcasts! Education, thought leadership, news, interviews and so much more at your fingertips.

Running a business is already time consuming enough, so if you have the opportunity to learn whilst working, why not take it?

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