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The 22 Best Big Data Analytics Tools You Need To Know in 2022

Written By Deepika Paudel
June 8, 2021

Data can create a key competitive advantage in business today. Utilizing Big Data Analytics Tools we are able to use the huge amounts of data customers produce to increase turnover.

There are several dynamic approaches to analyzing data using big data analytics tools. Big data software can help you understand your customers on a deeper level, boost customer perception, and lead your target customers to your products.

Finding the right big data analytics tools for your business can help you develop a long-term strategy and maximize profitability in your market.

Sound too good to be true?

Harnessing the power of data today can achieve striking results in many aspects of your business, but the use of big data is perhaps most effective as it relates to analyzing customer data, allowing business owners to understand trends and patterns of behavior.

Curious to learn how? Keep reading…

Choosing The Best Data Analytics Tools:

Picking the right big data analytics tool for your business is a highly individual choice, and is dependent on the business needs and use case of the company in question.

Are you looking for a tool to analyze customer satisfaction rates at your eStore? Perhaps you’re aiming to find out which of your buyer-supplier relationships are the most profitable? The truth is, those two functions might require different tools…

There is no perfect big data analytics platform – each has there own unique value and positioning, despite there being significant overlap in their superficial functionality.

That’s why we’ve included on this list a diverse range of big data analytics tools for you to consider. So, without further ado, let’s dig into some data on the best big data analytics tools…

1. Tableau

Best for: Great for beginners

Payment Plans:

  • Individual: $70/month
  • Duo plans: $140/month.
  • Tableau Explore: $35/month
  • Tableau Viewer: $12/month

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.4/ 5

Tableau is a powerful and fastest-growing big data analytics software utilised in the Business Intelligence Industry.

It assists in analyzing unprocessed data in a quite effortlessly understandable format. 

It also allows non experienced users to modify the platform and create dashboards that facilitate their use.

2. Zoho Analytics

Best for: Wide range of applications to import data from

Payment Plans:

  • Basic: €30/month for 2 users and 500.000 rows
  • Standard: €60 for 5 users 1 million rows
  • Premium: €145 for 15 users and 5 million rows available
  • Enterprise Edition: €575 for 50 users and 50 million rows

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 3.5/ 5

Zoho Analytics is a self-service, big data analytics software, and big data platform. This big data analytics platform lets you connect with a wide range of applications in order to transfer data and create insights with their simple drag and drop application, from locally stored files to files in diverse cloud drive platforms.

3. Splunk

Best for: incorporation of AI into your strategy

Payment Methods:

For 10GB, the annual cost is about $1200/GB, or $900/GB if you purchase three years.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 3.5/ 5

“Thinking is good, but knowing is better, and doing is what matters”. Splunk is a Big Data Analytics Software used to make data accessible. Analyzing data in real-time, bringing data to every question, accelerating digitalization and ensuring business resilience.

4. Qlik Sense

Best for: Low data-literacy required

Payment Plans:

  • Qlik Sense Business: $30/month and is paid annually
  • Qlink Sense Enterprise SaaS: contact Qlink to obtain a price

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 3.5/ 5

Qlik Sense is a big data analytics software platform for self-service analytics with one of a kind associative analytics engine that empowers everyone to see the whole story that lives between their data. With their modern platform, you can see all possible associations that exist in your data.

5. Talend

Best for:  First-ever industry trust score – validate whether you can trust your data.

Payment Plans:

  • Talend Open Source: free.
  • Stitch Data Loader: from $100 to $1,000.
  • Talend Pipeline Designer: hourly pricing dependent on consumption.
  • Talend Cloud Data Integration: $1170/month or $12000/year (save 15%).

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4/ 5

Talend is an open-source big data analytics software integration platform that provides analytics, clean data that follows the guidelines and is accessible for everybody, helping you make the right decision after data is analyzed. Makes the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process simplistic and effective.

6. Cassandra

Best for: Designed to run on cheap hardware

Payment Plans: Free and Paid version

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.2/ 5

Cassandra is a big data analytics software and distributed database management system tailored for scalability without compromising performance in your business. In addition, it’s the best in its category thanks to its replication of data on several nodes that guarantees no point of failure.

Apache Cassandra Dashboard Reporting Software - The Mashup

7. Apache Spark

Best for:  Wide variety of application programming interfaces (APIs)

Payment Plans: Apache Spark is free to use

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.2/ 5

Apache Spark is an ultra-fast open source big data analytics software that holds machine learning and AI applications.

It can handle both real-time analytics and data processing workloads. As a result, Apache Spark combines data and AI so using Spark you can do large-scale data transformations and analysis and immediately run AI algorithms on it.

Apache Spark Dashboard Reporting Software - The Mashup

8. Apache Hadoop

Best for: Cost-effective scalability

Payment Plans: $1000/Terabyte.

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

Apache Hadoop is an open-source framework that offers simple programming models allowing users to have highly reliable distributed processes of data, from gigabytes to terabytes.

It provides building blocks on which applications and other services can be built. Apache Hadoop can be easily used as a big data analytics software.

“Spark vs Hadoop” is a frequent search on the web, and is important to mention that Spark is not a modified version of Hadoop. Spark is more of an improvement to Hadoop’s native data processing component, MapReduce.

9. Qubole

Best for: Optimized for the cloud computing

Payment Plans: Qubole’s Enterprise Edition costs $0.168 per Qubole Computer Unit and requires annual payment.

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4/ 5

Qubole is a big data analytics software solution to power your data activation strategy, to take advantage of your growing data warehouses, and data lakes.

Autonomous and self-optimizing make it a single platform for many business cases. Capable of working with cloud providers.

It also includes features like Workload Aware, Autoscaling, and Spot Management. TCO management with Qubole Cost Explorer, adaptive serverless infrastructure, and customer service are all included.

10. Arcadia Data

Best for: No coding required.

Payment Plans:

  • Instant edition: free
  • Enterprise: paid version

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 3.7/ 5

If you are feeling somewhat intimidated by big data, the Arcadia business intelligence and big data software might help you.

They take a fundamentally new approach to deliver. Arcadia is the first visual analytics software native to big data, running directly within modern data platforms. It gives their users faster performance, better results, and makes it a popular big data analytics platform

11. Sisense

Best for: Query lengths reduced by up to 70%.

Payment Plans: Depends on the amount of data that you manage

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

Sisense is a big data analytics software capable of building custom analytics for everybody, including actionable intelligence that provides data preparation.

It also provides end-to-end solutions while maintaining a moderate software cost.

12. Cloudian

Best for:  Secure multi-tenancy.

Payment Plans: personalize a solution only

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.7/ 5

Cloudian is a Silicon Valley-based big data analytics platform that brings simplicity and performance, specializing in S3 compatible storage systems, multi-tenant and multi-datacenter hybrid cloud storage software. 

Cloudian allows customers to prepare and engage with today’s explosive amount of data and growth, making a platform where structuring data is easy and convenient.

13. Oracle

Best for:  Scalability and performance.

Payment Plans: Based on Cloud storage

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 3.9/ 5

Oracle is a multi-model relational big data platform. Became the first one to support Structured Query Language (SQL), which nowadays is industry standard. It is mainly designed for enterprise grid computing making it one of the first choices for cost-effective solutions.

Interactive Dashboards - YouTube

14. Google Big Query

Best for: Connect with Google products.

Payment Plans: Starts at $0.02/GB per month and goes down to $0.01/GB per month for “long-term storage”

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.4/ 5

BigQuery is a serverless data warehouse operated by Google. This platform provides scalable analysis of huge amounts of big data. It supports querying via ANSI SQL.

It includes built-in ML capabilities and makes managing data, integrations, and access control simple – all in one place

15. Tibco Spotfire

Best for: Flexible data architecture.

Payment Plans:

  • Library Storage is $25 per month or $250 per year for 25GB of storage
  • Consumer is $25 per month or $250 per year for a view-only option
  • Business Author is $65 per month or $650 per year for 100 GB including for each Business Author position
  • Analyst is $125 per month or $1250 per year for 250GB included for each Analyst seat.

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.2/ 5

Tibco Spotfire is a big data platform tool for Hadoop and a source of big data

It keeps the total cost low as it allows users to build thousands of reports and publish them on its platform. Tibco comes with an agile platform capable of advanced analytics workflows that can be applied to big data in many ways.

TIBCO Spotfire® Interactive Demo Gallery

16. Aster Database

Best for: 90x times faster performance.

Payment Plans: contact Aster Teradata

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.5/ 5

Aster Database is a big data analytics software. This big data platform uses both MapReduce and SQL analytics to process the data for a better understanding of multi-structured data sources with performance and scalability. Additionally, it supports Unix/Linux/ and Windows server platforms.

17. Fusionex Giant

Best for: Configure active alerts to trends in SoMe.

Payment Plans: contact Fusionex

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 5/ 5

Fusionex Giant is a big data analytics software that allows you to find trends in data faster with the help of its natural language processing (NLP). Provides a powerful engine for Social Media (SoMe) monitoring that helps you detect the sentiments and reviews of what people think about your business.

18. Cleo

Best for: End-to-end integration visibility to see errors and resolve issues.

Payment Plans: contact Cleo

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4.3/ 5

Cleo is a big data analytics software solution available on Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, and SaaS that lets you redefine B2B integration with Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC). Helping you improve productivity with its EDI, API, and file-based integrations into a single software platform with ease of use.

19. AtScale

Best for: Drop-in gateway node deployments.

Payment Plans: contact AtScale

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 5/ 5

AtScale is a single base big data analytics software that helps you make better business decisions. Helps you modernize your data architecture to help you embrace cloud solutions with reduced complexity while maintaining security and data source fluidity with AI and machine learning.

20. Ideata

Best for: Scheduled data import.

Payment Plans: contact Ideata

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 5/ 5

Ideata Analytics is a unified business intelligence platform that provides better connectivity to data thanks to their pre-built data connectors, allowing you to connect from your data source of choice (Oracle, MS SQL Server, Hadoop, Mongo DB, Cassandra, excel, etc).

Ideata is a viable big data analytics software because it supplies diverse methods of analyzing and presenting data, making your story understandable.

21. Zoomdata

Best for: Blended Analysis.

Payment Plans: Depending on how much data you need to analyze

Free Trial: YES

Review Score: 4.1/ 5

Zoomdata is a Business Intelligence (BI) platform that focuses on providing visualization solutions for big and fast data at super-fast speeds. It connects to a variety of data sources, including cloud data stores, NoSQL, Hadoop, Spark, SQL MPP, and traditional databases.

22. PanBI

Best for: Customizable and exportable dashboards

Payment Plans: contact PanBI

Free Trial: NO

Review Score: 4/ 5

PanBI’s platform provides a business intelligence solution, including big data analytics as well as a range of other data tools. Moreover, users can harvest datasets from multiple sources simultaneously like SQL, relational databases, and secured/public REST URIs.


Are you sure you are making the right decisions?

Basing decisions on unreliable information or ‘gut instinct’ can significantly damage your business and your brand if you make the wrong call.

Data technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and whilst data never lies, almost 70% of data specialists don’t trust in their organization’s data.

Many businesses mistrust their most valuable asset when they should depend on data to make strategic decisions and propel their company forward.

This is what big data analytics tools are here for. Confidence that every decision you make is based on real data, analyzed by algorithms, machine learning, and AI.

Big data analytics tools represent a future in which there are no more unknowns.

So what are you waiting for? Get involved in the data revolution today!

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