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The Complete List: 32 of the Most Effective Data Analysis Tools

Written By Ilaria Mariani
September 8, 2021

Data analysis tools have enabled businesses to access more information on their performance than at any other point in history. 

Which is great. 

But also a pain. 

There’s almost too much choice

In this post, we’ll run you through the 32 most effective data analysis tools, highlighting:

  • The best features of each tool
  • Who each tool is great for
  • The pricing models for the data analysis software we selected

 Let’s get started. 

The 32 Most Effective Data Analysis Tools

Many data analysis tools offer free trials or even free versions. It’s definitely worth checking these out before you commit to a purchase so you can be sure that the tool suits your needs. There’s plenty of different tools that will easily fit into to your existing tech stack. This list is organized alphabetically rather than by any ranking system.

If you run an ecommerce business, why not check out Klint’s list of the best ecommerce analytics tools?


Logo of Alteryx, who produce data analysis tools. White text on black background.

Alteryx provides business intelligence and a selection of quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools to small and medium-sized businesses. 

It’s an agile analytics solution designed for laptop and desktop computers with business executives in mind.


  • Raise the bar for analytics by implementing predictive analysis, data mining, and prescriptive analytics at scale.
  • It allows for Ad Hoc Analysis
  • Automatic Scheduled Reporting
  • Highly Customizable Dashboard
  • Location Intelligence which allows you to enrich your dataset demographic from leading industry sources
  • Over 200 partners and technology integrations
Screenshot of Alteryx dashboard


Alteryx is available in two pricing models. 

  • The first is Alteryx Designer, which offers a simple drag-and-drop experience, speed data preparation, data blending, reporting, and low-code data science. This edition costs $6260 per year. 
  • The other option is Intelligence Suite, a driven, automated machine learning, and NLP for Alteryx Designer. It uses guided modeling to speed up development, as well as allowing access to integrated OCR and text analytics. This edition costs $2780 per user per year.
  • There’s also two types of free trial: a four-day access version that does not require a download, and a one-month access version that provides full access to Alteryx Designer.


Analyzedata data analysis software logo. Black and navy text with green and navy logo on white background.

AnalyzeData is a young company founded at the Eindhoven University of Technology. They employ cutting-edge academic technology, including award-winning technologies created by team members to produce their suite of data analysis tools

Their innovations have received multiple awards and contributed to prestigious cyber-security communities. Additionally, the platform does not require a data scientist to use.

The use cases for the platform range from telecom fraud, healthcare, and manufacturing systems.


  • Real time insights
  • No large investment needed
  • Understandable and actionable
  • GDPR compliant
  • Possibility to set up in under an hour
  • Self-service Data preparation
  • Data discovery
  • Dashboards
Photo of computer screen, depicting what the analyze data dashboard might look like.


AnalyzeData has a free version and no fixed price for their paid service. To get a quote, contact their sales team to tailor a solution for your company.


Logo for Bird Analytics, who provide data analysis tools. White text and blue bird image on black background

BIRD Analytics is a cutting-edge data analytics platform that provides businesses with simple and quick access to real-time analytics and secondary data analysis. 

In order to generate insights, the platform employs agile Business Intelligence and AI/ML models. 

BIRD Analytics also includes a flexible, built-in enterprise data center, which eliminates the need for a conventional data warehouse.


  • Ad Hoc reporting
  • Collaboration technologies
  • Data blending
  • Dashboard
  • Data Discovery, connectors, and blending
  • Chatbot
Screenshot of Bird Analytics dashboard. Black background with blue and green icons.


To schedule a demo or receive a quote, contact the BirdAnalytics team


Board data analysis software logo. Dark blue and light blue text on white background.

Board is Business Intelligence and data analysis software designed for decision-making. It blends business intelligence and organizational success management functions with a wide range of data analysis tools. It is intended to provide both business intelligence and business analytics in one package.


  • Granular Security
  • Server Clustering that allows board server workloads to be shared an  unlimited number of  times
  • Corporate Performance Management, Business Analytics, and BI
  • Using a single interface, you can analyze, simulate, schedule, and forecast
Board dashboard examples superimposed over silver laptop on white background.


Pricing information is not available online. Contact Board to schedule a free demo and get a quote. 


Datahunter logo - black text with blue logo on white background.

Datahunter analyzes every data source quickly and reliably using machine learning algorithms. 

Datahunter’s selection of data analysis tools offer a wide a varied range of features. 

Learn more about privacy enforcement, cloud migration preparation, data cleansing, and AI readiness by gaining deeper perspectives and uncovering previously unknown threats.

Close up image of dashboard, representing what datahunter dashboard might look like.


  • Automated Data Discovery developed over a decade
  • Deep Data Scan
  • Extract Data Clusters
  • Cloud Migration
  • Data Visualization
  • Deep Learning and Dashboard


Datahunter has two editions: 

  • Grow – Which includes Azure/AWS support, data file analysis, automated risk indicators, data quality recovery, and AI readiness assessment. 
  • Scale – Which includes everything in the Grow version, as well as any database or data source, custom configurations, custom AI identifiers, and custom integrations.

To obtain a quote, contact the Datahunter sales team.

There’s also a 14-day free trial of the platform available. 


DataScouts logo - black and green text on white background

DataScouts is an Intelligence platform that makes it simple to map stakeholders, investigate industry dynamics, and identify opportunities via quantitative and qualitative data analysis

You can explore a fast changing and unpredictable market environment. Utilize data to generate specific business scenarios and competitive intelligence.


  • Ad Hoc reporting
  • Alerts/Notification
  • Annotations
  • Benchmarking
  • Easy data upload
  • Automatic cleaning
  • AI-enabled suggestions
Laptop depicting DataScouts suite of data analysis tools


DataScouts is available in three different pricing models. 

  • The entry level version, Stakeholder Mapping, includes enriched company profiles, dashboards and alerts, and portfolio mapping. It costs 349 ($412) per month. 
  • Upgrading to the mid-level version, Collective Intelligence, grants access to suggestions and exploration and costs 639 ($755) per month.
  • Finally, the Competitive Intelligence version of the tool features scoring and ranking for 989 ($1169) per month.

You can also contact DataScouts sales team to schedule a free demo

The Collective Intelligence edition includes the previously listed features, as well as knowledge base buzz & feeds, suggestions and exploration.

The Competitive Intelligence edition includes all of the above features as well as Scoring and Ranking.

You are allowed to book a free demo contacting the sales team on their website.


DigDash logo - gray and orange text on white background with gray and orange square logo

DigDash is a French software platform that produces dashboards and data analysis tools for data visualization and analytics. 

The platform assists customers in better managing their firms, exploring their data, and communicating it effectively.

Their website focuses on uses of their software in the the public sector, retail, banking & insurance, and transport. 


  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Data integration
  • Data visualization
  • Drag & drop feature
  • Agile and easy to use software
  • Powerful infographics and explanatory texts
Screenshot of digdash's data analysis software, featuring graphs, pie charts and a map of france.


Contact DigDash for pricing information. You are also able to book a free demo. 


Domo logo, white text on pale blue background.

Domo is a digital business intelligence platform that integrates with today’s technology. 

Their selection of data analysis tools allows you to visualize complex data and create actionable insights. 

Domo’s marketing focuses on the ease of creating a modern business that is data-driven, and maximizes internal data use.


  • Data integration
  • BI and analytics
  • Intelligent apps
  • Embedded & extended analytics
  • Security & governance
  • Over 1000+ pre-built cloud connectors
Two cell phones depicting Domo's data analysis tools in action. Graphs, charts and figures.


Contact Domo’s sales team to schedule a 14-day free trial or obtain pricing information. 


GoodData's logo - Black text below gray and black G icon on white background

GoodData is a powerful, cost-effective, and completely customizable platform. 

Simple to handle and scale, it enables you to generate insights, reports, and a variety of dashboards. 

GoodData pride themselves on the ability to facilitate you in creating comprehensive dashboards and reports by providing quantitative and qualitative data analysis from a wide range of sources. 


  • Self-service for non-technical users
  • Real time analysis
  • Drag and drop metrics and filters
  • Super customizable interface (custom logo, branding, and colors. It also allows you to apply different brand identities for different departments)
  • User friendly
GoodData dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


GoodData offers three pricing models. 

  • The free version allows you to connect with third-party data warehouses and upload CSVs. There’s also a drag-and-drop dashboard builder. It allows for five workspaces and 100MB per workspace.
  • Upgrading to the Growth version for $20 per month gives you the ability to monitor, edit, and control team dashboards, along with access to advanced analytics and higher computing performance.
  • Finally, the Enterprise edition of the software features 150+ data sources for transferring raw data, plus access to 1TB of storage. Pricing for the Enterprise version is available on request


Gravwell's purple and red logo to the left of Gravwell text in black, purple and red.

Gravwell is adaptable full-stack data analysis software. The company offers analytics capabilities to people who need more than just text log searching.

They were created in the Internet of Things era and focus on the need for modern data insights and quantitative and qualitative data analysis for cybersecurity, business analytics, and more. 

They serve a diverse set of consumers across a wide range of industries. 


  • Cyber security
  • Unlimited Data Ingestion and data retention
  • Unlimited Ingester Endpoints
  • Automated operations
  • Data replication that helps you make sure your data stays safe and never gets lost
  • Scalability
  • Live Dashboards
Gravwell dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Gravwell is available in four different versions. 

  • The free edition has a daily data ingest limit of 2GB, unlimited retention, unlimited ingester endpoints, and an unlimited search count.
  • The Pro Edition costs $500 a month, and features unrestricted data ingestion, binary data support, tiered storage, and more. 
  • Pricing of the Enterprise Edition starts at $24,000 a year, and includes a multitude of features such as configurable data retention, built-in management, and scriptable/custom search.
  • The Enterprise Extended version of the software costs $48,000 per year and is optimized to handle a data ingest of over 100 TB per day. It features distributed web frontends and region-aware redundancy. 

Contact Gravwell to schedule a demo.  


Holistics' green and navy logo next to text reading holistics.

Holistics is data modeling and self-service business intelligence and data analysis software

Users don’t need to be able to write SQL code to use the software, and it’s designed to work without the assistance of a data scientist or IT expert. 


  • Self-service BI
  • Embedded analytics
  • Data Modeling
  • Data delivery
Screenshot of holistics dashboard


Holistics has four different pricing options. 

  • The Entry version costs $100 per month and is designed for analytics beginners. Its features include data set exploration and report building.
  • Standard costs $250 a month and allows users to access metrics sheets and map visualizations. 
  • Professional is priced at $500 a month and features unlimited reporting and user activity monitoring. 
  • Finally, pricing for an Enterprise version for large businesses is available on request. 

Contact Holistics for access to the 14-day free trial

Hyper Anna

Hyper anna logo: navy and red logo to the left of navy hyper anna text on white background.

Hyper Anna is an award-winning AI-powered analytics tool. Clients include Microsoft, IAG, and Westpac. 

Hyper Anna’s platform synthesises millions of data points in seconds to present primary and secondary data analysis insights and is useful to a wide range of industries. 


  • Intelligent insights and integration with the systems you already use
  • The ability to automate repetitive tasks
  • Business Intelligence and self-service data prep
  • Collaborative software for remote or in-person teams
  • Streamlined data consumption
Graphic of hyper anna features on purple background.


Hyper Anna’s pricing is tailored to your specific needs, taking into account factors like consumer use, data use, and scaling strategy. 

Contact HyperAnna’s sales team for a quote. 

There’s also the option of a 30-day free trial. 


Navy ibi information builders text on gray background.

ibi is a data analytics platform produced by American software company TIBCO. 

The tool focuses on the importance of streamlining complicated data via a cloud-based platform. 


  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Dashboards
  • Drag & drop
  • Financial reporting
  • Forecasting
  • Data import/export
Ibi dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


ibi does not include pricing information on their website, so contact the sales team to receive a personalized offer tailored to your needs.

A free demo of the platform can be requested at any time on the website.

Intact Analytics

Intact's logo: black and green text on white background with underscores between each letter.

Intact Analytics is an audit analysis platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and primary and secondary data analysis to identify anomalies . It then makes recommendations as to how to develop your data reading strategy. 

This enables users to make educated decisions based on 100% analyzed data.


  • Analyze 100% of your audits instead of random samples
  • Smart dashboards
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Risk-based planning
Intact dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Pricing information for Intact and a demo is available on request

JMP Statistical Software

JMP logo, black text on white background framed with navy square

JMP produces a range of data analysis tools that are available for both Mac and Windows. They focus on data discovery and visualization, along with modelling features. 

JMP was founded in the 1980’s by SAS software, and the platform features a variety of analytical techniques from a broad range of industries. 


  • Data acquisition and cleanup
  • Data visualization
  • Basic Data analysis
  • Sharing results
  • Statistical modeling
  • Group, filter, and subset data
JMP dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


JMP is available in five versions. 

  • The entry level version contains all of the features mentioned above. 
  • JMP Live is focused around collaborations and features enhanced security. 
  • Pro is predictive analytics software with advanced features like cross-validation and model comparison. 
  • Clinical is designed for drug development. 
  • Genomics is genomic data analysis software.  

Pricing and demos for each model is available on request by contacting the JMP sales team


Knime logo: black text on white background with yellow triangle.

KNIME is a Swiss-based open source data analytics, reporting, and integration platform that is used for data science. 

Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative data analysis, the tool makes it easier to interpret and analyze data.


  • Derive statistics
  • Aggregate, sort, filter, and join data
  • Extract and select features
  • Open and combine many types of files (CSV, PDF, XLS, JSON. XML, etc)
  • Connect to different hosts (Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Apache Hive, etc)
Screenshot of knime dashboard


The pricing structure for KNIME includes three tiers. All prices listed assume 5 users and 8 cores.

  • Server Small allows small teams to share and execute workflows remotely for $14,500 a year.
  • Server Medium allows you to use workflows via the browser and gives you access to REST API for $29,000 a year.
  • For $52,000 per year, Server Large gives you numerous installations, global collaboration, and the ability to integrate large teams. 

Got vast amounts of data? Check out Klint’s list of the 22 Best Big Data Analytics tools.

a vacuum cleaner vacuums up streams of data. text overlaid: "best big data analytics tools"


Looker logo: dark gray text with purple second o on white background.

Looker’s intelligent data analysis software helps you understand and experience your data, metrics, and business while providing you with a 360-degree view of your customer.

The platform caters to a wide range of industries, from Healthcare and Gaming to FinTech and E-Commerce.


  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Enhanced integration with Slack
  • Expert-approved Google Marketing Analytics Suite
  • Data whenever you need it with apps available to your phone
  • Faster queries at a lower cost
Looker dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Contact Looker’s sales team to obtain a quote and to organize a demo of the software. 


Matomo's blue, orange, and green m shaped logo next to black matomo text on white background.

Matomo positions itself as an alternative to Google Analytics, focusing on the protection and privacy of customer data. 

Their selection of data analysis tools gives you complete data ownership and security, as well as abiding by GDPR and CCPA compliance regulations. 


  • No data limitations
  • Import GA data
  • User-friendly interface
  • Enhanced insights
  • Tracking personal data
Matumo dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Pricing for Matumo’s suite of data analysis tools varies based on a number of factors. 

These include your monthly traffic, whether you host the software on your own servers or via their cloud, and the exact features you’re after. 

  • Pricing for the On-Premise edition begins at $22.50 per month. 
  • The Cloud-based version of the software begins at $35 a month

Contact the Matumo sales team to organize a free trial and for more pricing information. 

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft's power bi logo, golden background with black text.

Microsoft Power BI allows you to access your data using a wide range of cloud-based sources.

It features AI driven augmented analysis, and the ability to create interactive reports customized for your business. 

The user interface of Microsoft Power BI is similar to the Office suite. 


  • Find answers fast using leading AI
  • Improve publishing efficiency and accuracy of BI content
  • Excel integration
  • Stream analytics in real-time
Power BI's dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


The software costs $10 a month, but you can try it out for free for 30 days.

There is also a free version of the app that can be used to access and work on Power BI in Microsoft Teams.

Minitab Statistical Software

Minitab logo: black text with blue logo on right on white background

Minitab selection of quantitative and qualitative data analysis tools offer you the ability to enter statistical data, manipulate it, and identify trends and patterns. 

You’re then able to extrapolate answers to current issues your business may be facing.

Minitab focuses on applications in manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, and energy and resources. 


  • Data analysis
  • Data access
  • Automation
  • SPM (Machine learning and predictive analytics software)
  • Visual tools
Minitab dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Minitab is available in six different versions, and you’ll need to contact their sales department for a quote for the majority of these. 

Pricing for Minitab’s Statistical Software for a single named user costs around $1,700 per year


Oribi assists marketers and e-commerce businesses in statistical data analysis, helping them to gain actionable insights about their websites and traffic. 

They position themselves as an alternative to Google Analytics, and aim to remove the need for developers and analysts when using data analytics tools


  • Insights & trends
  • Event tracking
  • Funnels, correlations
  • Marketing Channel Analysis
  • Visitor Journeys
  • Reports displayable in many ways


Oribi is available in three different versions. 

  •  Optimize – begins at $450/month. It features channel analysis, budget planning, and funnel optimization. 
  • Grow – begins at $585/month. It allows for up to 500,000 monthly visitors to a website. 
  • Scale – price available on request. 

Contact Oribi for a free trial


R's logo: blue capital R on blue circle on white background.

R is a free mathematical computation language and graphics development platform. It compiles and operates on a wide range of UNIX, Windows, and MacOS technologies. 


  • Effective data handling and storage facility
  • Suite of operators for calculations on arrays, in particular matrices
  • Large and coherent integrated collection of intermediate tools for data analysis
  • Graphical facilities for data analysis and displaying
Stock image depicting what R project dashboard might look like


R is free to use


Rapid miner's gray, black, yellow and red logo to the left of rapid miner text in gray and black.

Rapidminer is a data science platform that focuses on delivering quantitative and qualitative data analysis to data scientists and analytics teams. 

It’s designed for a variety of industries to drive sales, cut costs, and minimize risks, while also assisting you in upskilling your enterprise.


  • Easy to trust, tune, and explain
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Future proof innovation, portability and extensibility
  • Deep domain expertise delivers context to the problems you’re trying to solve
Rapidminer dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


RapidMiner is available in three different plans. 

  • Studio Free, which includes unlimited data rows and full automation and has no cost
  • RapidMiner Go, which costs $10 a month, which allows you to create the best model for your business. 
  • RapidMiner Enterprise, pricing for which is available on request. 


SAP's white logo on a blue and white background.

SAP is a business intelligence software platform that was created in 1972 by five German entrepreneurs.

They define themselves through a philosophy of innovation, diversity, and teamwork. 

SAP’s Business Technology Platform enables you to gain access to data and optimize with insights.


  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Financial Report and Analysis
  • Banking and reconciliation
  • Fixed asset management
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Business Intelligence
SAP dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


SAP Analytics cloud comes with a 90-day free trial version. Contact the sales team for regular pricing.


SAS blue logo to the left of black sas text on white background.

SAS is a command-driven analytic software package that is commonly used for statistical data analysis, processing and visualization. 

The company’s name stands for Statistical Analysis Software. It enables you to use qualitative approaches and procedures to boost company earnings. 

The software is also used for applied analytics such as business intelligence, criminal investigation, and statistical modeling.


  • Data can be analyzed using descriptive, statistical, multivariate, estimating, simulation, and linear programming techniques
  • Advanced analytics will assist you in making changes and enhancements to your corporate processes
  • Data updating and modification
  • Report development of flawless graphs
  • Data entry, editing, storage, encoding, and conversion tools are used to manage data
SAS dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Pricing for SAS starts at $8,000 a year. You will need to contact their sales staff to get a customized quote for your business.

You can try different SAS products for free including their Visual Data Science Decisioning, Viya Programming, Event Stream Processing, and JMP.


Seery black sign with its logo on the top

Seery is a data analytics app produced by Qualia that aims to provide advanced quantitative and qualitative data analysis without the use of a data scientist.

 It employs complex and project-proven AI/Machine Learning methods for accurate forecasting. 

The software allows you to monitor the most relevant KPIs and can help you gain understanding and insight around repeat customers, your churn rate, and customer lifetime value. 


  • AI/Machine learning
  • Dashboard
  • Data Discovery and visualization
  • Demand forecasting
  • Predictive analytics
  • Sales trend analysis
  • Statistical analysis
Seery's dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Seery is currently free. The makers of the app, Qualia, also produce business intelligence and data visualization software called BusinessQ


Serenytics navy text next to red and navy serenytics logo

Serenytics is an all-in-one data-platform program that is designed to be easy-to-use.  

Their selection of data analytics tools allow you to combine data from a variety of sources, including from marketing APIs, SQL servers, Google Analytics, and files. 

Create interactive dashboards where you can monitor data from a variety of sources, including ads, operations, and sales.


  • Connect your data easily
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Create data joins
  • Write your own data connector
  • Load data from SFTP
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Drag and drop
  • Visualization and integrationof data
  • Collaboration tools
Serenytics dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Serenytics is available in four formats: 

  • Datavizfree – enables you to build and distribute dashboards without data prep. 
  • Starter – designed for small businesses looking for a flexible data platform to help them become data-centric. It costs $75/month and features two viewers and five dashboards.
  • Data Team – designed for medium-sized businesses, and includes limitless dashboards, data sources, and automations, as well as 10 viewers for $490 a month.
  • Dedicated – for businesses who need a wide range of data analysis features. The price is $1520 per month, and comes with a dedicated server. 

Serenytics feature a wide range of tutorial videos and demos on their website. 


Stata blue sign

Stata is a fully integrated statistical software package for data science that allows you to explore, visualize, model, and make decisions based around quantitative and qualitative data analysis

The software allows you to export graphs to EPS or TIFF for publication, PNG or SVG for the web, or PDF for viewing.


  • Automated reporting
  • Ease to automate
  • Advanced programming
  • Master your data
  • Broad suite of statistical features
  • Easy to grow with
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Interactive community
  • Broad suite of statistical features
Stata's dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Stata’s pricing varies depending on whether you are a corporation, government/nonprofit, university, or student.

  • Their Business plan rates begin at $765 per year for single users of large data sets.
  • Prices for the Business Network package start at $1,455 for large data sets.

Stata’s pricing page includes more information about the plans and options available to you. 


Stormly black sign with the logo on the left

Stormly enables you to transform your data into insights with a single click, selecting from a variety of models to obtain actionable insights quickly using the power of AI. 

Stormy’s variety of data analytics tools are designed for businesses who want to smoothly transition through the era of digital transformation.


  • Dashboard
  • Data connectors
  • Data discovery and visualization
  • Predictive analytics
  • Reporting/analytics
  • Self-service
Stormly dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Stormly has a few different pricing options for its software. 

  • The Free version features all templates and has a limit of 10,000 data points per month, with three months of data history. 
  • The Starter plan costs $199 per month and includes 250,000 data points a month and 12 months of data history. 
  • Finally, the Growth option costs $799 per month and includes 1 million data points and two years of history. 

You can try both of the paid plans for free for 30 days


Steametric blue sign with the logo on the top

Streametric is a digital management system that assists OEMs, System integrators, and plant operators in managing their water and wastewater treatment plants. 

It enables remote control, data management, and predictive maintenance tools, allowing facilities to optimize substrate efficiency without sacrificing reliability.


  • 24/7 Real-time data access
  • Predictive capabilities
  • AI
  • Cloud, and IoT technologiesSecure
  • User friendly
  • Dashboard
  • Query Builder
Streametric dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Streametric offers a demo to test the product. Pricing information is available on request


UpMetrics grey sign with an orange arrow on the top as a logo

UpMetrics believe that it is essential to combine quantitative and qualitative data analysis in order to drive results.  

They work with clients in the public, private, and social sectors to increase their community impact, and aim to assist partners with the data to make informed decisions. 


  • Dashboards
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Data connectors
  • Data visualization
  • Storytelling
  • Self-service analytics
  • Self-service data preparation
Upmetrics dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Contact UpMetrics for pricing information. There is also the option to request a demo to experience the platform first hand. 

Zap Audit

Zapliance blue sign and green

Zap Audit is data analysis software produced by Zapliance that audits your SAP.

It provides integrated audit methodology, as well as 150+ ready-to-use metrics that will function on any SAP worldwide, offering 100 percent automation.


  • Privacy and security
  • Easy to use
  • Automation
  • Process mining
  • Dashboards
  • Reporting/analysis
  • Data recovery
Zap Audit dashboard example. A selection of data analysis tools graphs, and charts.


Zap Audit is available in three variants.

  • Zap Audit Free includes all zap audit functionality but has data limitations.
  • Pricing for Zap Audit Specialist is set at $21,500
  • Zap Audit Subscription costs $40,000, and has no data limitations. 


Choosing the analysis software that’s right for your business can depend on a lot of factors. 

While some tools can represent a significant investment, for many businesses the potential ROI can be huge. 

Whilst it can be tricky to find the tool that suits your particular industry, it’s worth spending the time exploring the various free trials and demos that are on offer in order to beat your competitors.

Data analysis tools will increasingly be part of the business landscape, and companies that get in on the ground floor are sure to reap the advantages long term.

Data analysis tools can revolutionize your marketing strategy. Need help implementing it? Contact Klint to find out how we could help.

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