How to Upload Edited TikTok Videos from PC to TikTok [2021 Update]

Written By Taylor Ryan
July 5, 2020

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide to Upload TikTok Videos from a PC.

Editing in the app is slow and frustrating. This guide shows you the full process and how to use Tik Tok on Pc.

TikTok is growing- FAST. But it takes soooo much time to edit on a mobile device.

Can you upload to tiktok from pc?

Yes. I’ve put together multiple methods for how to upload a video to tiktok from a PC.

Why Should I Use a Pc for TikTok?

Using the techniques below, I was able to publish 3-4 videos per day in a fraction of the time.

I’ve reached 72.000 views and over 1000+ followers in just the first month.

Check out my TikTok channel:

TikTok feed on mobile
Pretty Good for Only a Few Months!
But I cheated- I shot video on my DSLR Camera and Edited in Adobe Premiere.


Multiple Secret Methods for Uploading Videos to tik tok from pc

Skip ahead by selecting the method below:


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Try out all these methods – read below!

Method 1: The Easiest Way to Upload Videos From Your PC To Tik Tok Using Your Browser [Chrome / Safari] on

This is the easiest [Not the BEST] way to upload videos from your PC into TikTok

Before you get too excited:
TikTok limits the features when you upload videos through your browser.

If you want more customization and still want to use the TikTok App when uploading to Tiktok – scroll down to see how its done.

How-to Video: Fastest Way to Upload TikTok Videos From Your Browser

Fast Guide on Uploading TikTok Videos From Your PC to TikTok Using Chrome

Step 1:
Go to

You can also knockout the tik tok sign up, but clicking the watch now button in the corner.

Tik Tok sign up

Step 2:
Click on “Watch now” in the upper right.

Watch Now Button

Step 3:
Click on the “Upload Video” button in the upper right

TikTok Upload videos

Step 4:
Login by clicking the top option, “Use phone or Email”

*ImportantSigning up on desktop takes extra steps. Sign up on your mobile device or use the Android emulator sign up below

Log in to TikTok

Step 5:
Log into your TikTok account.

If you don’t have an account, Sign Up to TikTok on your PC [see the quick guide].

Step 6:
Now you can upload videos straight from your computer into TikTok.

But wait~! I can’t edit!?

That’s right…You don’t have access to the editor for adding music, gifs, or advanced filters.

But this will allow you to start posting ASAP.

The more advanced process is below.

Upload Video TikTok

Going through the TikTok on the desktop should drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to push out content

Upload Video TikTok Taylor Ryan

Downside of Using the Browser for Pc to TikTok Uploads

You can’t add stickers, songs, and titles using this method.

Drafts don’t save on your mobile device.

You’re very limited in any editing whatsoever.

Method 2: How to upload an edited video to TikTok from your PC

You’ve made some really cool videos.

But the limitations of TikTok’s editor video aren’t worth the hassle. Right? WRONG!

Let’s use an an andiod phone emulator to go from PC to Tik Tok.


How to sign up, upload videos, and post to Tik Tok on Desktop PC

How to Video: Upload Videos to the TikTok app using an Android Emulator

Short Step By Step Guide to Uploading Edited Videos to TikTok From Your Laptop or PC

Step 1:
You need a software tool called an “Android Emulator.” 

What the hell is that?

An Android Emulator is an application that runs on your PC that pretends to be an Android Phone.

blue stacks download
Blue stacks interface

There are mirroring apps and a slew of other solutions. I like using the FREE one below. 

Step 2:
Go to and Download Bluestacks for FREE

BlueStacks Screen

Step 3:
Install this application to your PC. 

I did enough digging to see if anyone else got screwed using the BlueStacks platform. It’s legit. 

Step 3:
Open up the install file:

BlueStacks Screen

Step 4:
Click “Install Now

BlueStacks Screen
BlueStacks first boot


It takes 2-3 minutes. Relax.

Step 5:
Go through the setup on Blue Stacks. It’s easy. 

Step 6:
Once the application boots up, you’ll need to register with the play store.

TikTok is the only app I’m emulating an android phone. 

Step 7:
Next, you’ll be prompted to create or sign in to the play store account. 

Google Play sign in

I suggest you sign up with an existing email. 

Google Sign In

Step 8:
Accept and agree to all terms. Keep going.

Now you have access to the play store. This will give you the ability to download apps just like a regular android phone.

BlueStacks Google Play

Step 9:
Search for “TikTok” in the App Store

BlueStacks Google Play TikTok

Step 10:
the TikTok app.

BlueStacks Google Play TikTok install

It will start installing TikTok onto your bluestacks account

BlueStacks Google Play TikTok download

Step 11:
Once the TikTok Andriod App installs. Hit Open. 

Step 12:
Work your way through the sign-up flow.

I’ve selected my interest related to my niche. 

BlueStacks TikTok app

Sign up for Tik Tok on PC:

Step 13:
the “Me” icon at the bottom

TikTok app Me

You can do it on your personal mobile device beforehand or on the Android emulator on PC. It’s your call.

Step 14:
Tap the TikTok Sign up button

TikTok app sign up

Step 15:
Select the top option: “Use phone or email

TikTok app sign up

Step 16:
Tap email and put in the email that will be associated with the account. 

TikTok app sign up

Step 17:
Enter your password.

Save it somewhere because you’ll need it to get back in.

TikTok app sign up

Step 18:
Solve the captcha. 

Step 19:
Create the name for your TikTok channel.

Save the world. Get the cheerleader. The whole thing.

Step 20:

You’re in!

TikTok app with blue stacks

Importing a video from your laptop to Bluestacks to be uploaded into TikTok

Step 21:
On BlueStacks, we’ll need to set up your upload folder. 

Step 22:
Hit the “settings” icon on BlueStacks. It’s shaped like a gear on the bottom right. 

TikTok settings

Step 23:
Next you’ll see the different options of the left side within the settings of BlueStacks.

blue stacks TikTok app settings

Step 24:
Hit “Preferences” then scroll downwards.

TikTok app settings preferences via blue stacks

Step 25:
You want to select the folder where you will drop your videos to be uploaded onto TikTok

Step 26:
Hit “Change Path” if you want to drop the video files elsewhere. 

This is essentially the same as uploading files onto your mobile phone. 

That’s why Android emulators rock!

choose blue stacks TikTok app settings

Step 27:
Drag and drop the video you edited and exported from Adobe Premiere into the “Media Folder.

Note: You can also use any other video editing software than Adobe Premiere

Shortcut: You can get your edited TikTok video onto your emulated Android device quickly:

Step 28:
Find the video on your laptop. 

Drag and drop over the BlueStacks application window. It will start to upload TikTok videos right away.

If you did it right, you see this notification on your desktop.

BlueStacks notifications media upload

Step 29:
Go back to the TikTok app.

It’s finally time to upload the video from your pc to tik tok!

Step 30:
Upload the video from a pc folder to the spoofed mobile application.

Then import the video into your TikTok account like you were using an andriod phone.

Almost done – Now You Can Upload The Video from PC to TikTok

Step 31:
Hit the center button to create a video. 

TikTok icons upload video

Step 32:
Then click “allow” all the way through for the three app permissions.

TikTok allow popup via blue stacks

We’re almost there! 

Step 33:
Hit “Upload!”

TikTok Upload icon mobile version

Step 34:
Find the video you dragged over to the BlueStacks application and select it.

BlueStacks videos selected for tiktok

Once the video uploads, it might appear choppy in the TikTok editor inside of the Android emulator. Don’t worry.

That’s just how it goes. I promise the file isn’t corrupted. 

How can I find My drafts in TikTok on a different device

IMPORTANT – Drafts in TikTok can only be edited using the same device.

Basically you can’t go from emulator to mobile device (that would be too easy right)?  

You should see the timeline running below the video. The still frames shouldn’t appear corrupted.

Add a description, effects, stickers, song, hashtags, and text prior to saving it as a draft. Here is another way how to add Text to Video.

This actually improves engagement quick a bit. 

Looks like you’re all set.

Nothing additional is required if you already edited the video prior to uploading it to TikTok right?


TikTok Taylor Ryan video
This is why we shoot vertically btw

Be aware that once you publish a video, there is no way to edit it later.

I’ll put out a future guide on increasing engagement in the future if people really like this growth hack.

You should have done all the sound editing prior to uploading anyway… but it’s all gravy.

Last steps!

Add hashtags and a description of your TikTok video prior to submitting it. 

IMPORTANT: Your description goes at the bottom of your video. It may cover the bottom 3rd of a video shot/uploaded vertically.

TikTok Confirmation post in blue stacks

Method 3) How to use WhatsApp to Upload Videos to TikTok

Software downloads and transferring videos to a emulation tool can be time-consuming.

You still don’t get the same level of user experience if you do the above methods.

How to transfer videos from your PC to your iPhone [using whatsapp]

Step 1:
Download WhatsApp for your desktop

Step 2:
Next, set up your account by going to WhatsApp app on your phone > settings > then capturing the QR code on the camera.

Upload video to your whatsapp on desktop or PC then download it onto your whatsapp on your mobile

Step 3:
Save your own phone number as a user.

Step 4:
Create a group and add yourself to it.

Step 5:
Download the edited tik tok video to your mobile device.

It should be the last message you’ve sent yourself on from your pc on the the group.

I sent myself the video on my laptop and accessed it on whatsapp on my mobile.

You might want to consider this if you want to use the TikTok editor.

If your videos are above 70 MB, the file size will probably not allow you to do this.

Using an emulator like BlueStacks has some minor issues with adding text and gifs also overlays on your video.

Now you can send yourself edited videos from desktop, download them on mobile, and upload them to TikTok.

Method 4) Edit videos on PC and Upload to TikTok using WeTransfer

Edit the videos as usual on your pc.

Step 1:
Export the video on your PC.

Step 2:
Got to WeTransfer

Step 3:
Add your files:

Use Wetransfer on your desktop, laptop, or pc to upload a video.

Click “get a link”

Step 4:
Click “Get the link.”

Step 5:
After the pc upload completes, copy and paste the link in your notes or an email.

Step 6:
Pull up the link on your phone.

Step 7:
Download the video.

Step 8:
Now upload your video to TikTok like usual. ZING!

Voila, you’ve managed to upload a video originally from your laptop to tictok


Method 5) How to use Google Drive to Upload Edited Videos from PC to TikTok

Use Google Drive to Post Edited TikTok Videos

Step 1:
After editing and exporting your video on your laptop or PC.

Step 2:
Go to Google Drive:

Step 3:
Create a folder for your edited videos on google drive

Upload the video from your pc to drive.

Step 4:
Upload your video to the drive

Step 5:
Next, on your mobile device:

Download the Google Drive App IOS


Download the Google Drive App on the Playstore

It’s free up to 10 gigs. Why not?!

Step 6:
Now login to your google account and find the folder where you uploaded your edited TikTok videos.

Mobile version of Google Drive – Download the video from here

Step 7:
Download the videos directly to your mobile device.

Now these videos can be uploaded directly into TikTok.


Once thought to only be for kids, it’s obvious there’s some serious marketing potential. 

Yeah, seriously- TikTok is a real channel, with real influencers, making real content.

But shooting videos and then editing on your mobile leaves something to be desired…

The video editor on the platform is intuitive but not useful if you’re making a ton of content. 

This guide covers numerous ways to make tiktok videos on pc.

After struggling for a bit, I realized there had to be a faster process. I hope this helps.

The whole purpose of

Want to see more TikTok Growth hacks?

Was this useful?

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to use the comment section below.

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