Quality Clubhouse Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Written By Andy Parker
September 23, 2021

Clubhouse takes the audio experience to a whole new level. Think podcasts, but unscripted, interactive, and informational, And with that, Clubhouse Marketing is the newest form of social media marketing everyone is eagerly attempting to master!

An exclusive, invite-only social media app that allows you to listen to anyone and everyone. If you’ve imagined yourself being in a chatroom with the likes of Elon Musk, Felicia Horowitz, Bill Gates and so many more, Clubhouse makes that a reality!

But since you’ve arrived on this page, you’re probably wondering: how to use Clubhouse for business?

Just like any new social media platform, Clubhouse’s creators didn’t intend it to be a place to market your business. Nonetheless, given its meteoric rise in popularity, Clubhouse social app can be a valuable resource for building your brand. Not convinced? Let’s explore…

What is Clubhouse app? 

Clubhouse is an exclusive, invite-only, audio social media app. This brand new app hosts clubs and rooms for individuals and businesses alike to listen and participate in live chats. Members also get the chance to organize their own virtual rooms.

But how does Clubhouse work? It offers you a variety of clubs to join, connect and collaborate in, giving you the opportunity to engage in audio forums in an informal and interactive way!

Branded as a hotspot for “highly concentrated groups of influential people from all demographics and circles, speaking unscripted on a variety of topics”.

Clubhouse caters to everyone’s niche interests and industries – since members can build their own spaces to meet like-minded people. Drop in on conversations on poetry, data intelligence, sustainable marketing, and more!

Launched in April 2020 (yes, 2020), Clubhouse social media app introduced itself as the buzz-worthy, exclusive drop-in audio-app.

Clubhouse has marketed itself as the “ideal social app at the ideal time”, presenting itself as a new approach to podcasts and live streaming for the remote work and remote networking age.

Ray Wang, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur described the app as “the modern version of AM talk radio democratizing a digital society. The other unwritten part of the business model is a way to reward content creators with a new platform.”

The unique selling point of this innovative app? It’s the coolest hangout that leaves you with an even bigger network, industry knowledge, and a new approach to your marketing. The growth of Clubhouse social media is largely rooted in its ability to connect industry amateurs and professionals globally through a live digital platform.

Imagine you’re an unknown nuclear engineer, one day you’re hanging out in the favourite Clubhouse and Isaac Newton ‘enters the chat’ (Ok, unlikely, but if he was around in 2021, you know he’d have a Clubhouse account).

Growth of the Clubhouse social app

At over 10 million users at the time of writing, Clubhouse has grown exponentially within a short space of time. With membership being by invite only, the exclusivity marketing of the app has incited a veritable ‘race’ to join the club.

Clubhouse ended 2020 with 600,000 users, but by the end of January 2021, it saw its membership rocket to 2,000,000. In the span of over a month, Clubhouse grew its membership numbers by over 333%. Yes, you read that right, 333%.

A infographic showcasing the Clubhouse user growth over time from May 2020 to February 2021 reaching 6 million users
Source: iDeaHUNTR

Consumers were drawn to the transparency and authenticity of the app – it felt like it was a place where anything could happen! There’s no replacement for the intrigue surrounding live events, even in an era where many were limited to social distancing and remote relationships.

What can we learn from Clubhouse’s own marketing strategy?

Whilst it might seem obvious to attribute Clubhouse’s massive growth to its exclusivity marketing, the app’s success is a near perfect example of Buzz Marketing. If you’ve ever wondered about the true power of FOMO, Clubhouse is the case-in-point.

Clubhouse’s buzz marketing campaign has been dubbed a “velvet rope strategy” – and just like those nightclubs that people wait hours to get into, it’s this atmosphere of exclusivity that gets social media into a frenzy.

The ‘by invitation only’ nature of Clubhouse’s membership acts as a vibe check for the community Clubhouse is trying to establish. All new members have essentially been vetted by members of the community prior to even joining the app.

An animated pic of a woman speaking and a guy putting the information in his  mind
Source: Facim

But this campaign isn’t simply a matter of gate-keeping the app/brand with an invite-only approach. This strategy relies heavily on the value of the content that you are gate-keeping. One way to create such value is “seeding” the right people and content to create the necessary buzz.

There’s no doubt that having Elon Musk host a room on Clubhouse created that buzz, and whilst Musk might be an exaggerated example, this one of the Clubhouse tips is influencer marketing 101! 

Influencers are another key tenant of a successful buzz marketing campaign. They act as both a way to spread the word to a wider audience, and a key point of interest for their fans. The stamp of approval from any influencer (and especially Musk) is certain to generate interest.

Potential & Estimated Growth 

A large number of consumers within well-defined niches offer huge potential for a “Clubhouse marketing” phenomenon to occur.

Clubhouse started as a platform of exclusivity, but now its enviable growth has exposed its potential for purposes such as digital marketing.

And while a paid ‘Clubhouse for Business’ ads feature has yet to be released, organic reach via Clubhouse is predicted to become integral to a “holistic marketing strategy”.

Why is Everyone Talking about Clubhouse Marketing?

Clubhouse app for business has created a space for its members to connect with thought leaders and industry experts on a more intimate level. 

Imagine the proximity we once thought Instagram gave us to influencers, business moguls, and celebrities. Clubhouse closes that gap almost entirely. If you’ve ever imagined yourself in a virtual chatroom with your own personal hero, then Clubhouse social media app can make that a reality.

Taking that notion one step further, Clubhouse app for business also allows you to have an intimate experience with industry professionals and influencers in a quasi-professional space.

One can think of it as a less-formal and more interactive, audio-based version of LinkedIn! Taking networking and industry connections to the next level with this novel app that combines podcasts and webinars into chatrooms.

screenshots of the clubhouse platform
Courtesy of Telefonino

With the absence of “conventional” boundaries, consumers and industry leaders are able to meet on the same level.

For the consumer, they are able to casually chat with some of their favourite brands, creating a more solid business-customer relationship which in turn brandishes a sense of loyalty.

For the industry leader, Clubhouse marketing can enhance your reputation. The elimination of conventional boundaries allows you to openly express your brand values, on a colloquial level.

The Benefits of Clubhouse Marketing

The benefits of Clubhouse social media app showcase the potential of novel and innovative digital platforms in implementing creative new ways to market your business and brand.

Some of the benefits are expanded upon below:

Expand Your Network

How does Clubhouse work to expand your network? Whether you’re a growing business or you’ve already established yourself as a brand leader, growing your network is always an advantage!

Like many other social media apps, the functionality of the app is largely rooted in the network you build. You receive notifications when new chat rooms have been created by those in your network, and the same occurs when users follow you.

Expanding your network presents the opportunity to potentially create and nurture business relationships.

This is essentially an additional form of lead generation for your business, which might lead to partnerships, co-marketing campaigns, or even sales!

A New and Exciting Platform

While the novelty of Clubhouse branding is more of an appeal, it also poses itself as a benefit!

The novel mechanisms of Clubhouse social media present an entirely new medium for you to employ new and innovative marketing strategies as well as learning new strategies to use on other platforms.

example of the clubhouse app on a smartphone screen
Courtesy of MereMobil

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are overly saturated with the same old marketing messages. In contrast, Clubhouse marketing strategy is a veritable palette-cleanser, offering fresh insights and outlooks that can be even considered experimental.

Its novelty allows for you to get experimental with your strategies, bounce around fresh ideas and share them with an audience that wants to listen. Equally, you can observe experimental strategies proposed or tested by others, meaning there’s always something new to learn.

​​Establish yourself as a Thought Leader

The joy of Clubhouse marketing for an entrepreneur is exposure!

Once you’ve created your value, consolidated your brand identity, you can position yourself as a thought leader. Remember, everyone in the Club has already been vetted just to gain entry – through thoughtful contributions throughout your Clubhouse ecosystem, users will start to recognise you as an industry expert.

One of the greatestt Clubhouse tips is to transition from listening in to hosting and moderating. Becoming a thought leader in your industry gives you the credibility, professionality, and reliability that gets more people to pay attention to you and your brand!

Receive Feedback Directly From Your Target Audience 

One of the benefits of a Clubhouse marketing strategy is the ability to initiate a direct and open, two-way channel of communication between you and your audience, allowing you to receive valuable feedback from your audience.

Clubhouse takes the two-way communication a step further than other social media platforms have ever dared however, by allowing you to reply to this feedback in real-time.

Feedback forms or comments on your brand posts can only give you so much. This two-way model of conversation in an informal and comfortable setting lets you meet your customer expectations.

When you’re interacting with your audience live, you engage in a constructive dialogue that not only helps you improve your business, but reassures your audience of your dedication to your brand values.

This open channel of communication reinforces your ability to listen, and that’s what every customer wants.

Exclusivity coupled with Inclusivity

Another aspect of Clubhouse marketing that is rarely taken into consideration is its demolition of in-house exclusivity.

While you can find some of the biggest names and brands on Clubhouse, users can find your name and brand on Clubhouse social app as well!

Naturally, we always turn to the big names on social media, but Clubhouse app for business gives everyone a platform to become influential in their industry. It removes the formal restrictions of marketing your brand and allows you to reach who you want, fellow entrepreneurs and customers alike.

What can we learn from Clubhouse marketing?

Where most social media platforms utilize various media formats (visuals, text, and audio), this one has drop-in audio chatrooms as its unique selling point.

With anything new, there’s always something for us to take away from our experience, and here are a few Clubhouse tips for you!

Adaptability Across Social Media Channels

Using Clubhouse social app allows you to switch up your digital mediums. Diverge from the conventional media posts and engage in live conversations.

Foster an approach of adaptability with your marketing and content strategy with Clubhouse. When you engage in Clubhouse branding, you expose yourself to an entirely new medium that helps you evolve your marketing.

example of the clubhouse app on an iphone screen
Courtesy of FactsChronicle

With the hype of Clubhouse app for business, there is a future for audio-based content on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

The two platforms already feature live content, but the evolution of Clubhouse marketing will foreseeably encourage live content for marketing strategies.

A Possible Return to Organic Networking

The intimacy of live conversations and the erasure of “conventional” boundaries on Clubhouse foreshadows a return to organic networking.

Clubhouse social media app eliminates the impersonal nature of online networking, and the characterless act of “follow” and “add”. It brings to life all of your connections, and provides personal interactions with your network.

illustration of clubhouse app open on a phone screen with headphones and a woman smiling
Courtesy of TechCrunch

Live audio rooms and clubs allow you to interact personally with everyone you connect with. This is essential as your number one goal is to express and showcase your value.

Organic networking allows you to create a professional relationship that is dynamic, interactive and even fun! 

While your competitors are connecting in a disconnected fashion on other social media platforms, Clubhouse app for business is connecting you on a much more intimate level with your industry and target audience.

How to use the Clubhouse app for business?

Need some Clubhouse tips to give your business a boost? These Clubhouse marketing tactics have been proven by some of the best marketers out there.

Follow the following Clubhouse tips and your strategy is sure to be a success in no time.

Clubhouse Marketing: “Strategy to Get” to “Strategy to Give”

There is a general philosophy for marketers of a “strategy to give” and a “strategy to get”.

Approach Clubhouse marketing with a strategy to get. Clubhouse social app is filled with like-minded business owners – you’re not there to compete, but rather to connect and network.

Your initial approach to Clubhouse marketing should be centered on creating value. In order to create this value, you need to gain knowledge, connections and leads. 80-90% of your time should be allocated to asking and getting.

Once you’ve mastered your “strategy to get”, and created your value, you need to adopt a “strategy to give”. This strategy is rooted in offering your value to your target audience. What are you going to be offering when you join in on conversations or start up your own chatrooms?

In this part of your initial strategy, you need to consider how to transfer your brand to Clubhouse in an engaging manner. Keep in mind, your only source of “solid” content is your profile, the rest is what you say!

Build your Profile

The first step to becoming an industry persona is your profile! While connecting in rooms is a simple way to connect with other entrepreneurs and brand marketers, the best impression is made through your profile.

All Clubhouse entrepreneurs stress that the first three lines of your profile are the most important! Explain who you are, what your business/brand is, and what your intentions are. Your profile is your business card on Clubhouse.

examples of the benefits of clubhouse
Courtesy of H Central

Your profile is what will help initiate your conversations with others in Clubhouse, and help others reach out to you as well as make it easier for you to reach others in your industry. 

Join Industry Rooms and Clubs

In order to connect with your industry, you need to be a part of industry clubs. Clubhouse marketing is all about being proactive – by jumping into conversations pertaining to your brand.

But don’t just join for the sake of joining and adding to the noise. You make an impression by standing out with relevance, interest and intention.

Joining niche chatrooms means you’re more likely to stand out, compared to general rooms. For example, if you’re a catering business that specializes in vegan food, you’re better off joining niche rooms for vegan businesses compared to rooms for general catering businesses.

When you join niche rooms, you also find your target audience, whether that’s like-minded businesses or consumers whose values and interests align with your brand.

Be strategic in your choice of room, then start connecting with people who provide value for you. Joining niche rooms also maximizes your chances of being given the stage and getting exposure!

Start your Own Room

Take a step further in Clubhouse branding and start your own room!

Once you’ve gotten the right footing and mastered the ins-and-outs of Clubhouse, and built your own Clubhouse network, you can start and moderate your own room.

Joining niche rooms does expose you to your industry experts but starting your own niche room lets you create your value!

An image showing how to create your own room as the club leader
​Source: AdWeek

When you create and moderate a chatroom, you become the expert! You encourage your target audience to listen to you on your stage.

This also presents an opportunity to receive feedback, allows your audience to ask questions and lets you ask questions back!

Examples of Interesting/Effective Clubhouse Marketing

But how does Clubhouse work for marketing a business? Clubhouse marketing offers a unique opportunity for brands to incorporate the platform into their digital marketing strategies. 

Word-of-Mouth Campaigns

Take an unconventional page out of Focus Brands former CEO Kat Cole’s handbook and offer your audience a treat. The former CEO took a cheeky approach and offered her audience free Cinnabons, which left her audience buzzing about her and her brand.

The approach taken by Kat Cole was quite simple. She made herself available to her target audience, offering up a room for “office hours” to entrepreneurs and startups, and at the end of each chat she would collect addresses and send over a batch of Cinnabons.

Even though Cinnabon is already known for its baked goods, this offer allowed Kat to create a word-of-mouth campaign. Everyone that had attended her office hours room, returned with more listeners and potential customers.

For two-weeks, across various virtual rooms, Cinnabon was all anyone could talk about!

​​Room Sponsorship

Room sponsorship is a Clubhouse marketing strategy that big brands have already taken to, and even smaller brands have successfully used this approach in getting their name out there.

Nail polish company OPI, teamed up and sponsored Jaleesa Jaikaran, a well-known beauty influencer, who she hosts the Beauty Room.

A picture showing information about the beauty room
Source: Clubhouse

Teaming up with influencers and sponsoring their rooms is a simple approach that only requires an engaging host, but the potential to develop engaging content for your brand is huge!

For small businesses, it’s easier to look for influencers who are trying to consolidate themselves on Clubhouse social media. Aim for influencers who have already gained some traction on the app to really get your brand out there.


If you’re looking to kickstart your brand recognition on Clubhouse, then collaborations are an effective means of achieving this goal.

Clubhouse allows users to engage in collaborations in the form of “talk shows” and “discussions”, which in turn exposes one collaborator to the audience of the other.

The Growth Channel engages in collaborations on Clubhouse. Once a month, the Growth Channel co-moderates the Go, Go, Startups! club alongside Jingle where they host startup founders to discuss their business journey.

The Growth Channel has already established itself as a market research and campaign strategy company hosting up and coming startups. Depending on your business and your marketing approach, you can find yourself on either end of this collaboration marketing technique!

Engaging in collaborations not only helps you tap into a potential customer base, but it also allows you to connect with bigger and more influential leaders in your industry, thus allowing you to create your value and showcase what you have to offer.

The PROFIT System

Alternatively, if you want a more solid and consolidated example of effective Clubhouse marketing strategy, the Social Media Examiner offers the PROFIT system.

The PROFIT system is a marketing strategy that employs effective marketing with the reward of organic traffic, and audience satisfaction. It combines various Clubhouse marketing techniques into a give and get system.

Positioning is the first and defining step of your Clubhouse marketing strategy. You need to establish how you want your brand to be perceived.

Are you reaching out to network or to discover an untapped customer base?

This step is employed in the creation of your profile, as well as your brand value on the app.

Return on Intention is very much rooted in your consolidated strategy of creating value on Clubhouse – the two-fold strategy to get-and-give.

Offer is the selling of the value you’ve created. What you have to offer has to be consolidated once you’ve established your positioning for your desired audience.

graphic representation of profit - 6 blocks each with a letter spelling "PROFIT" sit on top of piles of coins
Courtesy of Deskera

When your desired audience hears you speak, they’re going to want you to put your money where your mouth is and show them the value of what you’re trying to promote.

Funnel is related to creating and growing your network both in an out of Clubhouse social app. This is where you make the distinction between your customer-base and your business connections.

For your customer-base, the funnel allows them to interact with you further both in and outside the Clubhouse app and prompt engagement with your brand.

For your business connection, the funnel allows professional engagement and networking and could give you further insight on the machinations of your respective industries.

Intentional Traffic and Conversion is when you showcase your value and offer it directly to both your customer-base and network.

Tracking the Data is the last conclusive step in this give and get strategy. On an app like Clubhouse, it is necessary that you track whatever data you gather and collect, particularly in the stages of value creation, offering and funneling.

This is essential in allowing you to best optimize your Clubhouse marketing strategy. 

What is the future for marketing on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse wasn’t initially purposed for marketing businesses, however it’s popularity has created a new platform for business growth and created the concept of “Clubhouse marketing”.

The buzz around Clubhouse branding has even sparked rumors that major social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter are working on their own drop-in audio app.

It is evident that Clubhouse has contributed to the evolution of digital marketing and content strategy. It offers businesses owners and entrepreneurs a fresh new approach to communication, networking and exclusivity marketing.

Still left wondering how to use Clubhouse for business? Clubhouse marketing strategy transforms professional networking into informal virtual roundtable talks with anyone and everyone.

Considering Clubhouse social media is only just over a year old, but has gained such traction and popularity, this app is one “trend” you should prepare to take advantage of. The potential for Clubhouse as a platform to sell grows with each new business and brand joining.


By this point, do you really need any more convincing?

Clubhouse branding offers you a unique opportunity – no other social media platform offers you the direct networking and marketing opportunities like Clubhouse social app does.

A perfect example of the dynamic nature of social media, marketing and networking combined!

But additionally, marketing on Clubhouse offers the ability to be a first-mover in unchartered territory. For those who dare, big wins are up for grabs.

Regardless of the size of your business, Clubhouse gives you the chance to leverage this social media platform in your marketing strategy. What better way to grow and promote yourself than on one of the most exclusive social media platforms to date.

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