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50+ AI Marketing Tools

Written By Tanu Dhamija
November 21, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) digital marketing tools are expected to, and already are changing the way we interact with all forms of web and media on a daily basis.

The benefits of automation via AI tools include:

  • higher precision
  • speed
  • fewer mistakes
  • drawing out insights from large amounts of data
  • adaptions to existing business models via progressive learning algorithms.

Similarly, AI has been changing the face of digital marketing and how we allocate budgets.

Some of the benefits of using AI digital marketing tools for growth-hacking include:

  • Customer insights: machine learning digital marketing tools helps us gain a better understanding of consumer needs. Analyzing customer data can help predict what they want and when is the best time to offer your products.
  • Elevating user experience: AI-powered techniques such as augmented reality has helped enhance the users’ shopping experience.
  • Targeted marketing: AI helps in determining a brand’s target audience. This further helps in creating marketing gimmicks depending on the individual needs of customers.
  • Automating mundane tasks: AI automation helps automate mundane tasks that do not need any human intervention. Employees can focus on more important tasks and help boost productivity instead of working on repetitive tasks.
  • Improving ROI & ROAS: AI analyzes data and provides actionable insight to empower decision-making that helps to reach the right audience. This helps improve sales, return on investment and ROAS. ROAS stands for Return on Advertising Spend and is used to quantify the impact of marketing strategies.

For the sake of this article, when we use mention “AI” we are referring to “machine learning.”

Below is our list of the over 50 best digital marketing tools that use AI (machine learning) to create marketing strategies for brands. The order is casual.

AI Ad Optimization Tools for Digital Marketers

1. Albert.ai – AI Tool for Paid Social Media Campaigns

Launched in 2010, Albert is a self-learning digital marketing tool that uses real-time data analysis and artificial intelligence-driven platforms to deliver advertising solutions to brands and marketing agencies.

It helps customers build a powerful brand, attract new audiences, improve cross channel customer experience, drive sales and increase return on investment.

Albert is an autonomous digital marketer that analyzes the data to help companies build optimized ads across all key digital channels. This includes channels with better budget allocation such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
  • Gmail
  • YouTube
Albert Insight & Management Framework
From Albert

Albert AI Pricing

Pricing vary from customer to customer. Contact the company to find out more about albert.ai pricing model.

2. Adext.ai – Use AI to Create Ads on Facebook and Google Ads

Adext uses artificial intelligence to improve Facebook and Google Ad conversions. Adext AI is the only Artificial Intelligence Software as a Service platform that uses machine learning to test up to 20 audiences per ad to find best performing audiences.

It also automatically updates ads budget at a cross channel level (Facebook, Ads Manager, and Google AdWords). Adext AI generates around 480 updates per every selected ad every single day, which humans can’t do.

Predictive Algorithms, data science and model fitting also helps brands and agencies in locating new audiences that can help the business grow.

Adext Audience Optimization Platform
From Adext

Adext pricing

Adext offers pricing plans which include an essential plan for $299/month (up to $5,000 monthly ad spend) and professional plan $777/month (up to $25,000 monthly ad spend).

The company also offers 15 days free pilot. To learn more about the solutions for monthly ad spend over $50,000 book a live demo.

3. Pattern89 – Artificial Intelligence for Ads

Pattern89 is a digital marketing AI for ads on channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google.

It works in a systematic way to help clients know what kind of campaign and creative elements such as imagery, color or emoji would work.

By the click of a button, Pattern89 AI helps optimize ads. At the same time it also boosts in-flight campaign performance and analyzes what creativity in the ads worked the best.

Pattern89’s free AI-driven ad creative assessment analyzes more than 2,900 creative dimensions. This helps provide reliable and relevant optimization techniques, as well as actionable insight.

It finds which image, color, emoji or copy parameters will perform best for a particular brand and improve sales and ROI.

Pattern89’s AI analyzes billions of data points on a daily basis to help companies in optimizing their ads for greater performance.

Pattern89 Pricing

Pattern89 offers free AI-backed ad assessment.

4. Optmyzr – AI PPC Tool For Digital Marketers

Optmyzr helps manage pay per click (PPC) accounts by automating tedious and repetitive tasks.

It is a tool that saves time for PPC professionals by handling Bing Ads and Adwords with the help of a friendly platform.

Optmyzr helps improve PPC account performance with one-click optimization.

It suggests ways to improve the quality of accounts by expanding or eliminating keywords, changing bids on display networks and adjusting the placement. These and other similar operations make a campaign more lucrative and profitable.

Optmyzr One-Click Optimization
From Optmyzr

Optmyzr Pricing

Optmyzr offers pricing plans to be paid monthly:

  • Pro plan- $499
  • Pro+ Plan-$799
  • Enterprise – price available by contacting the company.

Optmyzr tools are designed for PPC experts and beginners. The company also offers 14 days free trial of its solutions with no credit card required.

5. Kenshoo – AI Software Tool for Marketing Insights

Kenshoo is a digital advertising technology platform that helps companies with marketing insights, planning, and activation at scale across most effective digital channels.

Some of these channels include Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Google, Apple Search Ads, Pinterest, and others.

The company uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict and keep up with the ever-evolving customer journey.

Solutions such as the global Amazon advertising platform help use customer and product insights to create rewarding eCommerce advertising.

This engages customers to brands and products and improves revenues.

Kenshoo's Global Amazon Advertising Platform
From Kenshoo

Kenshoo Pricing

To get insight into Kenshoo’s products and pricing models fill a form to get a personalized demo.

6. MobileMonkey – Integrated Chatbot Tool for Digital Marketers

MobileMonkey is a chatbot software for Facebook, native web chat, and SMS. The company uses its own patent-pending chat marketing technology, OmnichatⓇ.

This technology enables MobileMonkey to offer companies a multi-platform chatbot builder

From one platform, marketers can write content for a single chatbot funnel that is optimized for various messaging platforms, and the device in use by customers and leads.

Its chatbots make sure leads are not missed with 24/7 virtual assistance, scheduled sequences to nurture them, and real-time lead alerts when it’s time to close a sale.

The MobileMonkey dashboard helps marketing teams visualize campaign data and take action when and where it matters the most.

MobileMonkey Pricing

MobileMonkey offers 5 pricing plans:

  • Free Forever Time limited offer
  • Pro for 21.75$ / month
  • Unicorn for 51$ / month
  • Team for 299$ / month
  • Enterprise custom pricing available after talking with a representative.

Visit the MobileMonkey company website to find out more.

7. Octane AI – AI Chatbot for eCommerce

Octane AI builds technology that helps to improve conversational commerce and personalized communication between merchants and their customers

The platform helps improve customer’s shopping experience leading to a rise in sales. Octane AI is an easy way to create and manage bot that helps merchants engage with their customers.

An automated and interactive chatbot helps improve customer experience, strengthen the brand and drive sales.

Chatbots have multiple functions:

  • sending abandoned cart messages
  • answering customer queries automatically
  • helping to find products
  • sending out receipts and shipping messages
  • Setting up customized campaigns

Octane AI Pricing

Octane AI’s pricing plans vary on the number of messenger active people and the number of SMS sent.

Based on this, the company offers three pricing plans. The first is the basic plan with a $9 starting price per month. Second comes the pro plan with a starting price of $209 per month. Lastly – the enterprise plan for which clients can request a demo and find out about the tailored price personally.

The company also gives a try any plan for free for 14 days offer.

8. Optimail – AI Marketing Software For Email

Optimail is an email marketing tool that uses artificial intelligence to personalize customer marketing aligned with customer preferences and behaviors.

This AI growth-hacking tool seamlessly integrates with Optimove to analyze customer behavior based on any recent interactions, a product they looked for and content they visited.

Using this information and its proprietary algorithms, Optimail tailor makes campaigns as per each individual customer to ensure engagement and purchase.

In addition, the software identifies the message to be delivered and when to be delivered. This further ensures the message is relevant for customers and kept out of the spam folder.

Some benefits of Optimail include improved email relevance; an increase in sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Optimail Pricing

Request for a demo to find out more about Optimail and its pricing plans.

9. Pathmatics – Digital Marketing Insights Platform

It is an artificial intelligence digital marketing platform that utilizes data insights to provide visibility into the digital ad performance of various brands and competitors across the industry.

Pathmatics Explorer, Custom, and Connect provide insight into advertising data across all digital channels. Channels include video, native, desktop, social, mobile, mobile videos, and display.

It helps agencies in creating better and more competitive campaign strategies.

This platform also helps brands in making better media decisions, budgeting and ways of reaching the target audience.

Pathmatics Pricing

Pathmatics has 3 packaging options that provide different benefits. Pricing is presented personally after filling out a form and scheduling a custom insights session with the company.

10. Persado

Persado offers AI and machine learning to generate language that works best with target audiences and segments.

It uses algorithms to analyze individual audience and pay attention to what they are clicking on.

Following this, Persado uses said data and machine learning algorithm to find out which emotional phrases are most likely to attract audiences’ attention.

The company generates these messages for landing pages, social media, text messages, push notifications and ads across many platforms.

This is a game changer.

One of the AI growth-hacking tools that might end up putting content writers out of work.

Persado’s rich data analysis helps find content that connects best with the customers.

Persado’s AI-powered knowledge base has over 1 million tagged and scored words, phrases, and images in 25 different languages.

Explore Persado's AI Platform
From Persado

Persado Pricing

To know more about Persado’s AI-based solutions request for a demo on the company’s website.

11. Datasine Connect – Audience Discovery and Content Marketing Insights

Datasine Connect is an AI-powered content personalization platform that helps connect customers with their preferred content.

It combines psychology with artificial intelligence to help marketers find the right content for the right kind of audience.

The company analyses past campaign data of a brand to find the most engaging content.

Datasine Connect then uses this data to create actionable insights. This is done to identify the most impactful visual and written content to attract individual customers.

The purpose of this is to enhance the digital experience at scale to further ensure future conversion rates and deliver higher ROI for marketers.

Datasine Connect Pricing

The company’s monthly pricing plans include free plan, pro plan (monthly-£99/month & annual-£79/month) and Enterprise plan (request a quote).

You can also sign up for a free version for a 14-day trial period.

AI Tools For Content Writing

12. Acrolinx – Copywriting Using AI

Acrolinx is a highly scalable and proven AI software for enterprise content creation that helps align content with the marketing strategy.

There are four main functions of this software:

  • Firstly, it is an authoring tool that captures the way an enterprise communicates.
  • Secondly, it aligns the content as per guidelines.
  • Thirdly, it reduces the editorial process with the help of automation.
  • Lastly, the software also analyzes the performance of the content.

Acrolinx helps create content with the right language and style that attracts the right audience and suits the brand.

Some of its other benefits include customer satisfaction, lower costs for translating and copy-editing, fewer errors in documentation and faster time to market the content.

Acrolinx Pricing

To find out more about Acrolinx pricing, reach out to the company.

You can watch a demo to learn more about its products.

13. AI-Writer – Digital Marketing AI Writer and Content Spinner

AI article generator software writes unique and information-dense articles suitable for blogs, websites or for SEO content generator.

The AI text generator re-words already written articles using text spinner. AI-Writer’s text generation abilities help create an automated article writing software to generate automatic articles that scales.

AI-Writer Pricing

It offers three types of pricing packages:

  • AI-Writer Basic. It is a personal blog content generator that churns 20 pieces of content/month and costs $19/month.
  • AI Writer Standard. A personal AI article creator that produces approx 60 content pieces per month and costs $49/month.
  • AI-Writer Custom. The company provides customized packages with an enterprise-scale content maker to create even more unique content. Contact the company to find out about the pricing model.

14. GhostWriter.ai – Machine Learning Content Marketing Tool

GhostWriter is an AI-powered engagement platform that helps create engaging content in a few clicks.

Better content helps improve ROI and save time and money. Company’s Lookalike Profiler gathers data on target audiences and helps create content relevant for them.

Lookalike Predictor is an AI tool that helps predict engagement of the client’s next ad campaign. This helps make data-driven decisions.

Content Creator learns from style, topics and way of writing to help write creative and engaging content.

Ghostwriter.ai Pricing

Ghostwriter.ai offers 30 days free trial to register and create higher quality content.

It offers pricing plans billed monthly and annually. Visit the website to schedule a demo with the company to get the price.

15. WordAI – Machine Learning Tool Creates Content From Keywords

WordAI is an automatic spinning tool that has the capability to convert a list of words into meaningful sentences.

Artificial intelligence is relied on by Word AI to understand paragraphs and sentences and rewrites the article automatically with the same readability as a human writer.

Examples of languages supported by Word AI include French, Italian, and Spanish. Prior to rewriting the sentence, Word AI checks the article to find out its meaning.

Based on the understanding of the sentence, it spins the text to create content that looks like human writing.

WordAI uses synonyms that make sense, can write titles and completely re-writes sentences so it can’t be detected by Google as spun content.

Word AI Version 4 Video
From WordAi

WordAI Pricing

WordAI provides a three day trial period for free. It offers two pricing plans, Turing yearly plan for $347/year and monthly Turing plan for $49.95/month.

16. Stackla – Content Marketing Inspiration And Recommendations Software

Stackla’s AI-powered user-generated content platform and asset manager discovers and recommends the best and most engaging user-generated visual content across all marketing touchpoints.

Stackla’s multiple-stack management helps digital marketing professionals to discover and curate user-generated online content from different regions, brands and teams.

This helps in creating a personalized experience for customers and standing out with authentic, relevant, fresh and cost-effective user-generated content at every touchpoint including ads, websites, emails, and others.

To sum it up:

  • Stackla aids to create an engaging and personalized web experience that leads to more engagements and conversions
  • It can help create cost-effective and powerful ads with the help of user-generated content
  • It helps in boosting email performance by making them more personal which leads to fewer unsubscribes and more click-through rates
Demo for Stackla Visual Content Engine
From Stackla

Stackla Pricing

The company offers a personalized demo with personal pricing options that can be scheduled on the website.

17. INK – Machine Learning Digital Content Writing Optimization Tool

INK is a digital content writing tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to optimize websites and blog posts in one place.

You can download the INK app and add the companion plugin to the WordPress site. It is a real-time AI-powered platform that allows you to write and self-optimize to create more engaging content.

INK’s to-do card structure helps to prioritize tasks that are more important to ensure content optimization.

Equipped with advanced algorithms, INK reads and analyses the competitor’s content to suggest improvements and recommendations to help create unique content.

INK AI platform
From INK

INK Pricing

INK offers two package plans – INK Free and INK Pro.

Read more about your preferred package and app options by visiting the company’s website.

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AI Tool for User Experience – Growth Hacking

18. Arimo – Behavior and Conversion Rate Optimization for Marketers Tool

Arimo is a behavioral AI software that tracks online shoppers click-by-click web activity in order to predict their next action and probability to make a purchase.

Behavioral AI helps give an insight into customers’ minds and ways to influence customer activity.

Using this, marketers can create personalized incentives and product recommendations to improve the chances of conversions.

Arimo uses machine learning in order to predict sales forecasts and implications of things like regional events, marketing activity and even change in weather on sales.

This helps managers to work out staffing and inventory issues at retail locations.

Arimo Behavior Prediction Platform
From Arimo

Arimo Pricing

Clients can sign up to schedule a demo to learn more about the pricing and solutions.

Data Enrichment (Lead Aggregation/ Lead Scoring) AI Tools – Growth Hacking

19. Acquisio Turing – Marketing Campaign Automation Tool

Brand managers, digital marketing agencies and local SEM resellers use Acquisio’s AI-based software to conduct marketing campaigns at scale.

SEM software uses machine learning and automation to launch, manage, optimize and report Google Ad campaigns and Bing Ads.

Customers can attain greater social media advertising success on Facebook and Instagram with the help of advanced analytics and A/B testing.

Acquisio also provides a trading desk for native, video, display and audio ads across various platforms such as smartphones, desktops, tablets, and connected TV.

Powered by machine learning, Acquisio Turing helps optimize bids and budgets for campaigns of any size and at scale.

Acquisio Pricing

Acquisio offers 3 pricing plans: Standard, Professional and Enterprise. All of these are have flexible pricing models varying on the number of accounts, monthly ad spend and terms of the contract.

You can also obtain a test drive to know more about the company and product offering.

Visit the website to larn more and talk with a representative to get your price.

20. BounceX – Behavior Analytics for Marketing

It is an AI-powered customer behavior analytics engine that identifies visitors, provide relevant email notifications and personalize the website.

BounceX helps in identifying visitors by device and bring a unified view of customers allowing companies to form real-time connections with them.

Better identification leads to targeting nearly 8x more visitors with high performing abandonment emails.

A relevant message is sent on the basis of customer behavior with the help of category, product, and cart abandonment modules.

BounceX also ensures re-engaging the customers as much as 6 months later with new offers on the products they are interested in such as price drop and back-in-stock notifications.

It helps identify high-intent and low-intent behaviors in real-time to accordingly automate on-site messaging dynamics.

The company helps maximize sales by providing message continuity between, devices, sessions, and channels.

BounceX Customer Behavior Analytics Engine
From BounceX

BounceX Pricing

To find out the pricing and know more about the publishers or agencies & advertisers solutions request for a demo.

21. Datasift – Data Discover For Marketing On Popular Social Media Networks

Datasift helps discover, structure and analyze human-generated data shared on blogs and social media platforms without compromising data privacy.

Its platform helps connect to human data from multiple social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, Bitly, Reddit, blogs, and others in real-time.

This is done with the help of data augmentation, filtering language and classification engine.

Insight into audiences and behavioral traits help optimize content and improve customer experience.

Datasift Pricing

The company offers flexible pricing. Contact to find out.

22. Diffbot – Digital Discovery Tool for Articles

Diffbot uses technologies such as machine learning, computer vision algorithms, and natural language processing to extract data from web pages and web scrapers.

Automated APIs extract clean and structured data without site-specific training and manual rules from discussions, articles, and products.

The company’s Crawlbot can extract data and create a structured index of any site.

Its Knowledge Graph provides highly accurate data on companies, people, products, discussions, and articles on the web.

It gives a 360-degree view of all these entities and how they are linked to each other.

Diffbot Transform Web Into Data
From Diffbot

Diffbot Pricing

Diffbot offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Free Trial for two weeks
  • Startup for 299$ / month
  • Plus 899$ / month
  • Enterprise with a custom pricing available after talking with a representative.

Visit the company website to find out more.

23. Import.io – Scraping Tool for Growth-Hacking and Digital Marketers

The company offers two products Import.io and Import.io Premium.

Import.io is a SaaS product that allows users to convert unstructured data from any web page into a structured and machine-readable format without any coding.

Import.io Premium provides a team of web data integration experts who help extract the strategic value of web data in an easy and affordable way.

They handle all data extraction needs for clients. With the help of a highly efficient and scalable platform, customers can process thousands of URLs concurrently or on a specific schedule to access a million rows of raw data.

Import.io Pricing

The company provides free access to features and data used for simple web data extraction projects.

Book a meeting to learn more about the price of the premium version.

24. Datorama – Integrator and Data Tools for Technical Marketers

AI-powered technology, Datorama TotalConnect helps connect and bring together all the marketing data in one place.

The company’s Insights Engine uses machine learning and visualization to give a holistic view of all the marketing data to make smarter decisions.

Marketers can create and share insightful dashboards across teams with the help of Datorama’s user-friendly KPIs and data visualization layer.

Datorama’s Activation Engine helps in turning insights into actions by connecting the right information to the right kind of people.

The engine helps alert teams of any new and important findings or pause campaigns to modify them.

Datorama Marketplace is a marketing ecosystem that users can access to in-built user-friendly and instantly deployable marketing solutions.

Datorama Pricing

To find out the pricing model and know more about its AI-powered marketing intelligence users can request a demo or talk to a professional.

25. Drift – Inbound Marketing Tool

It is a conversational marketing platform that uses words and actions to connect leads with the right person in the business.

Drift bot helps connect best buyers with the right sales team in real-time.

It is an intelligent virtual assistant. It provides:

  • 24/7 support
  • Helps qualify leads
  • Helps to book meetings.

Drift videos is an enterprise-ready video platform that helps start conversations and share real-time desktop and mobile notifications.

Drift Siftrock helps keep the emailing list up-to-date. It updates job changes, phone numbers, titles from email signatures and removes out-of-date contacts from the email list.

This ensures that none of your leads miss any of the emails that could potentially convert to sales.

See Dift On Your Site
From Drift

Drift Pricing

The company has varied plans for individuals, teams, and enterprises. Plans for individuals include Free plan $0 and Standard plan $50/month billed monthly.

Plans for teams include Pro Plan-$400/month billed annually and Premium Plan-$1,500/month billed annually.

To know more about enterprise plan chat with the company.


26. Salesforce Einstein – Predictive CRM And Enrichment

Einstein uses deep learning, machine learning, predictive analysis, smart data discovery and natural language processing to give sales teams better insight into building human relationships.

AI teams help increase productivity and make CRM more predictive with the help of customer data and unique business processes.

AI-based solutions help teams and companies to discover actionable insights from data, recommend actions to close deals and automate processes.

This ensures that sales reps are free to build a better 1:1 relationship with clients and to stay one step ahead of customer needs and competitors.

Salesforce Einstein Pricing

The company provides 3 pricing packages:

  • Einstein Predictions75$ / month. Provides automated discovery and predictive insights.
  • Tableau CRM Growth125$ / month. Offers complete analytics platform for all your data.
  • Tableau CRM Plus150$ / month. Implements advanced analytics platform with AI built in.

27. Tanjo – Ai Market Research and Customer Discover Software For Marketing

TAP (Tanjo Animated Persona) helps market researchers understand their potential customers and what attracts them.

Tanjo’s AI-driven animated personas help marketing teams to simulate customer behaviour and find out how they will behave to a product or brand prior to launching the campaign.

To create models of customer behavior, the company collects data from the government, census and  Nielsen’s partner program.

Tanjo Animated Persona
From Tanjo

Tanjo Animated Persona Pricing

To find out about the pricing of Tanjo Animated Persona, schedule a demo with the company.

28. Klint Marketing – AI Tool Implementation

Klint Marketing offers digital marketing services such as marketing plans, branding, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, and content marketing.

The company leverages machine learning and big data to help identify new customers and recommend products to them.

It builds relationships with customers to help companies and brands thrive.

It provides a single place to bring data into a single and centralized repository. Colibri’s advanced data science techniques help predict if and when an event might occur.

Klint Marketing Pricing

Klint does not have a common pricing packaging. It adjusts the price according to the supplemented service.

Contact the company directly to know more about its products and services.

29. Conversica – SMS and Email AI Tool

Conversica’s AI assistant helps deliver personalized human touch via authentic conversations over SMS or emails.

Sales AI assistants bring in sales by engaging with buyers to determine their interests, activating unresponsive demands and bringing back former customers.

This AI growth-hacking tool can potentially change the way marketers source and generate targeted leads.

They promptly communicate to identify hot leads and hand them to salespersons to help generate sales and revenues.

The company also ensures customer retention and expansion of accounts by engaging buyers throughout their entire journey.

Conversica Pricing

Conversica offers tailored prices. Clients can also sign in to get a free trial of the automated sales assistant.

To know how Conversica converts leads to sales, request for a demo.

30. Exceed.ai – Customer Engagement AI Automation

Exceed automates customer interactions that are done manually with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It uses AI-powered assistant and human representatives to generate qualified lead over chat, email and book meetings.

While AI assistant takes care of chasing leads, human reps can focus on closing qualified deals at hand.

Automation and playbook help maintain follow up on leads until they say yes or no. AI chatbot answer questions and book meetings for sales reps.

Exceed.ai Inbound Lead Qualification
From Exceed

Exceed Pricing

At Exceed.io pricing starts at $1,500 / month for 20,000 leads and unlimited use cases (playbooks).

Click on “get quote” to get more detailed information about solutions and pricing. Clients can also request a demo to find out more about conversational AI assistant.

31. Hubspot – marketing software

Hubspot marketing software helps in improving website traffic, converting leads and improving ROI.

Hubspot’s Predictive Lead Scoring uses machine learning to score contacts in a database on how likely are they to convert into sales.

The database is sourced from websites, emails, CRM and social media platforms.

Hubspot uses behavioral and field data to record the most useful information about prospective customers and present customers.

These details can be used to conduct predictive lead scoring and personalization. Hubspot also delivers a machine learning-based content strategy to generate more traffic with less content.

Hubspot Marketing Hub
From Hubspot

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot offers pricing plans on the basis of products and solutions. Packages namely are:

  • Started – 46€ / month
  • Professional – 740€ / month
  • Enterprise – 2944€ / month

It also offers free access to marketing, customer service, sales, and other tools in Hubspot CRM.

Schedule meetings with Inbound Growth Specialists to know more about HubSpot’s AI-powered marketing software on the company’s website.

32. Lead Crunch – Digital Marketing Lead Generation Tool – Machine Learning

Lead crunch uses artificial intelligence and ‘vectors marketing’ to find leads that are most likely to convert into lucrative clients.

It helps to identify potential customers that have similar attributes to existing clients.

Each of the lead passes through a multi-touch validation process backed by certain quality guarantees such as no duplicates, email and phone number verification, etc.

The platform keeps learning from the outcomes of every lead generated. Therefore, the results keep getting better and better.

Lead Crunch Pricing

Lead Crunch offers custom pricing. Contact Lead Crunch to find more about solutions to generate more leads.

33. Salesdirector.ai – Sales Pipeline Analysis Too

SalesDirector is an AI-powered revenue intelligence platform that helps capture activity data, new leads and enhancing CRM.

It uses machine learning to ensure deals pull through by analyzing sales pipelines and activities of reps such as call, sales email, and meeting with the potential client.

SalesDirector also helps them through the entire sales cycle. This involves coaching reps with SMS & slack training and just-in-time reminders.

Company’s CampaignHub helps identify the effectiveness and performance of campaigns in real-time.

The company also automates CRM data entry to capture every interaction between sellers and buyers via email, SMS and meetings, etc.

SalesDirector Pricing

SalesDirector.ai offers tailored pricing. Fill out a form in their website to get your price.

A demo can be scheduled with the company to find out how the AI-based Revenue Intelligence Platform works in increasing sales and marketing effectiveness.

34. SaleUp – AI Marketing Software For Lead Generation

SaleUp helps clients focus on most-promising leads.

The company’s lead scoring helps to estimate the success of marketing channels on the basis of leads generated, identifying hot leads, preparing methods to score potential customers and keeping the focus on the most valuable leads.

The company creates a lead scoring matrix that assigns value to each lead and helps engage in leads with the most scoring.

The matrix uses the points system in which points are assigned as per certain actions and criteria such as content downloads, website visits, email click-throughs, etc.

SaleUp Lead Scoring Dashboard
From SaleUp

SaleUp Pricing

Get in touch with Saleup to find out more about the solutions and pricing it offers.

35. Zetahub – Omni Channel AI Automation Tool

Zetahub is an AI-powered digital marketing automation tool that helps in understanding the customers to communicate with them on an individual level.

It processes billions of data points to provide a unified view of your customers.

AI-Powered Predictive Intelligence helps understand the customers to find the target audience and what to say or do to achieve conversion.

The company creates 1:1 communication for every customer in varied digital channels. This helps build apps and sites which generate personalized content to connect better with customers.

ZetaHub Marketing Cloud
From Zetahub

Zetahub Pricing

Get 1:1 personalized demo with the company to find out more about its product offering and pricing.

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AI tools for Enterprise Automation – Growth Hacking

36. Indico – Sales Workflow and Automation Software

Indico’s Intelligent Process Automation system (IPA) helps automate workflows for unstructured data such as images, documents, text, messages, and others to support operations and improve sales.

The company classifies documents, information from contracts and data from customer interactions. It is then used for automated analysis to help view crucial themes and topics across all customer touchpoints.

This relevant data helps create actionable insights that IPA uses to help accelerate response time to new audiences, improve customer services and improve operational efficiency.

Indico has created a base model that consists of over 500 million labelled data points which are enough to understand human language and context.

Indico Intelligent Process Automation
From Indico

Indico Pricing

Indico offers custom pricing. Contact the company to find out more about it and its intelligent process automation solutions.

37. Emarsys – AI-Powered Marketing Platform

Emarsys’ AI-powered marketing platform ensures personalized interactions between marketers and customers across all digital channels such as email, social media, and others.

This helps in building loyalty, improving the customer journey and ultimately increasing revenues.

Its AI marketing techniques help to predict customer behaviour in real-time and create a personalized experience for each and every customer.

Emarsys also uses machine learning to collect and store customer data, create a unified customer profile and enhances it with the help of AI-generated smart attributes such as the probability of purchase and engagement, etc.

Emarsys also provides a real-time marketing automation platform to automate marketing strategy starting from the first customer touchpoint.

Emarsys Customer Data and AI Platform
From Emarsys

Emarsys Pricing

As many other in this list, Emarsys offers individual pricing. Request for a demo in order to understand its pricing plans, how they works and their solutions

38. Motiva.ai – Strategy and Audience Targeting for Digital Marketers

Motiva.ai uses machine learning to adapt to a company’s marketing strategy and use it to ensure better customer engagement at any scale.

Motiva.ai’s Eloqua app improves marketing strategy right from finding audiences to optimizing messaging to ensure conversion.

The app saves manual labor of hundreds of hours per year. It finds weak campaigns and boost performance, works easily with multistep campaigns, finds optimal send time for better response rate and find actionable insights to find new audiences and content strategies, etc.

Motiva AI Machine Learning
From Motiva

Motiva.ai Pricing

Motiva AI pricing is based on the number of active, unique contacts in your Oracle Eloqua contact database.

“Active” means emailed in the last twelve months. There are no “seats”, and no limits on emails or data.

Tiered pricing begins at $1000 per month. For a more specific quote for your team, contact Motiva.

Try the Eloqua app for free by installing Motiva AI Cloud which is a plugin that works well with Oracle Eloqua campaigns.

It can help in optimizing email campaigns to ensure improvement in response rates by 10-30%.

39. DigitalGenius – CRM and Customer Management Machine Learning Tool

It is an AI-powered platform that puts tasks such as customer support on fully automated or guided automation mode.

DigitalGenius Full Automation connects with CRM and Customer Service Console to derive historical customer data transcripts.

This data helps AI recognize the best resolution to a query from various tasking and routing cases.

A platform is created to resolve the simplest and most repetitive tickets within the customer support team. This platform gives a health check to DigitalGenius implementations in real-time.

Flow Builder helps improve the journey of repetitive customers by testing new actions and reviewing their outcomes.  

DigitalGenius Agent Guided Automation product sends recommended resolutions to your agents for approval before sharing it with customers.

It provides a selection of actions and responses on the dashboard of agents. This helps them to resolve the issue in the most effective manner.

Guided automation product also guides the agent to continue interaction with customers even after resolution.

This keeps the customers satisfied and helps improve revenues and increase retention rates.

DigitalGenius Pricing

As many others in this list, Digital Genius has a custom pricing model.

Contact DigitalGenius sales representative or request demo to get your price.

40. Bloomreach – Retail AI and Commerce Digitalization Tool

Bloomreach Search & Merchandising (brSM) is an open and intelligent platform that helps understand customers to create relevant brand experiences at any scale.

It uses advanced algorithms along with tools such as visual merchandising, predictive insights and testing to create customer experiences that can lead to conversions.

These tools help optimize visitors’ browsing, search and landing page experience.

brSM uses advanced attribute extraction, natural language processing along with visitors’ past search data to deliver the most accurate and relevant products.

The tool helps:

It also helps personalize product ranking as per visitors’ needs.

  • personalize product ranking as per visitors’ needs
  • understand data and find out under-performing products and personalizing product displays
  • improve search and browse behavior by understanding customers and their unique preferences
  • set up and analyze A/B testing to track brands, search products, and queries

Bloomreach Pricing

Bloomreach has custom pricing. Reach out to them or look at free live demo to get a better understanding.

41. IBM Watson Marketing – AI Suite of Services

Watson Marketing is an AI-powered digital marketing platform that helps understand and engage relevant customers at scale.

Watson’s omnichannel marketing automation helps deliver personalized customer experience across channels to drive sales.

Its marketing analytics helps get a deeper understanding of customers and campaign performance.

This helps in knowing the customers and engaging them with your brand in a better way.

AI-powered customer experience analytics and insights help optimizing customer journey by connecting all the interaction points and getting predictive insights to increase conversions.

Watson’s AI-powered mobile marketing helps to personalize messaging through in-app messaging, SMS messaging and push notifications along with AI-powered preferred locations.

Company’s AI-powered content management and real-time personalization tools to create tailored experiences for customers at scale.

IBM Watson Marketing Pricing

Custom pricing offered. Book a consultation with Watson Marketing solutions to find out more about its AI-powered marketing platform.

42. LiftIgniter – AI Conversion and Tracking Software

LiftIgniter is a single platform that uses machine learning to personalize customer experience at scale.

It helps to improve the rate of conversion by making relevant and timely recommendations without jeopardizing end user’s privacy.

LiftIgniter uses first-party behavioural data to help personalize products as well as content recommendations on site.

It ensures visitors do not see the products they have previously purchased, new and returning customers see relevant and personalized recommendations on every visitor.

LiftIgniter also does intelligent content curation to ensure visitors stay longer ultimately leading to improvement in sales.

LiftIgniter Pricing

LiftIgniter’s pricing plans include a Velocity plan from $499/month, an Enterprise Starter plan from $1499/month and an Enterprise Pro plan available upon contacting the company.

43. People.ai – Customer Data Insights for CX and Marketing

People.ai’s AI-driven Revenue Intelligence System captures all types of customer data such as activity, contacts, and engagement to gather actionable insights.

People.ai’s marketing leadership solutions use AI to measure the influence of a campaign or an event to improve account-based marketing efforts.

It also offers sales leaders solutions that help increase the productivity of sales teams.

People.ai’s AI for Sales helps to benchmark data such as time spent on a particular account and number of accounts a salesperson has engaged to uncover hidden coaching opportunities.

Sales operation solutions help improve the productivity of customer-facing teams. It helps to increase reporting accuracy, improving CRM data quality and gain more visibility throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

People.ai uses artificial intelligence to give a 360 view of customer activity to drive actionable insights.

People.ai Platform Overview
From People

People.ai Pricing

Pricing plans are available privately after completing a form in get a demo section.

44. Smartly – AI Tool For Social Media Publishing

Smartly.io automates marketing software for Instagram and Facebook advertisers in an assistive way.

The software helps create highly personalized and on-brand advertisements.

It also manages campaigns seamlessly with the help of fully automated campaign creators and macros.

The platform puts together elements such as images and video assets pulled from the retailers’ product catalogue.

It also tests a retailer’s ad campaign to find out the optimal budget distribution for a particular goal. Smartly measures the incremental revenue generated from an ad with statistical significance built-in.

Smartly.io Create Campaign
From Smartly

Smartly Pricing

Smartly calculates its fee based on your monthly ad spend:

Less than 100,000€5,000€
100,001€ – 150,000€5.0%
150,001€ – 200,000€4.5%
200,001€ – 350,000€4.0%
350,001€ – 500,000€3.5%
More than 500,001€3.0%
Smartly.io Pricing

The company also offers fee percentage calculation on its website depending on the spend range.

Request a demo to know more about Smartly.io’s products and services.

45. Troops.ai – Machine Learning Based Sales Process Tool

Troops.ai is a SaaS platform that integrates Slack and Salesforce to help work in collaboration, run an efficient sales process and drive sales.

It helps automate routine sales management tasks which give more time to coaching opportunities.

Troops.ai gives real-time pipeline analysis and tracks team performance with the help of Salesforce API monitoring.

Request A Demo for Troops.ai
From Troops

Troops Pricing

Troops.ai offers various pricing plans. Starter Plan is free of cost, Automate Plan is $19/user/month, Integrated Plan is $34/user/month and Collaborate plan is $49/user/month.

Get a free demo by Troops.ai to understand what kind of solutions they offer to help the sales team to achieve higher efficiency.

Other AI Growth-Hacking Tools

46. EssayBot – Chatbot Tool for Digital Marketing

Powered by artificial intelligence, EssayBot offers unlimited search databases, auto writing suggestions, sensitive plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, MLA and APA citations and unlimited essay downloads.

It is a personal AI writing tool that provides relevant content and paraphrases to create unique essays.

EssayBot Pricing

Tailored price. Contact EssayBot to find out your price and how it works.

47. LivePerson – Conversation Chat Tool For Boosting Customer Engagement

LivePerson’s AI-powered conversational platform that sells products, answers customer queries and provide support on messaging channels such as Facebook Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and others.

The chatbots engage with the customers on the brand’s mobile application or website. LiveEngage is a platform that provides a single place where employees can message consumers on any digital channel.

LiveEngage makes it easier to manage and monitor millions of conversations.

Call-to-messages helps to instantly switch phone calls to text messaging conversation.

Messages ensure the customer does not have to stay on hold for a long time to get answers to their queries or make transactions. Call-to-message helps improve sales, maximize productivity, and reduce costs.

LivePerson Pricing

Individual pricing. Request a quote or a demo to get your price, learn more about LivePerson products and solutions.

Quick Tip:

Texting via email or social media is fine, but why not make a real call?

As you have all the phone numbers lined up, make sure to call and follow up with them in person to increase your conversion rate. 

48. Firedrop.ai – Digital Design Tool For Drafting Visuals and Concepts

Firedrop.ai Logo

Firedrop.ai uses an AI design engine to help the enterprise design team in generating design concepts at scale.

It helps automate and scale the design of social media ads, in-page display ads, banner ads, website landing pages, flyers, brochures, and print layouts.

Firedrop Automated Design Engine (FADE) uses machine learning and proprietary clustering algorithms to automate designs with the help of two primary generation engines.

Firedrop also helps automate repetitive steps within the design production workflow.

Sacha by Firedrop.ai is an AI web designer that helps design landing pages automatically by working around the content provided.

Design Personality engine takes into account the inputs by the client to design webpages as per the project or business.

Sacha also helps to build and manage web pages on mobile devices.

Firedrop Pricing

As most of others you have to get in touch with the company to get the individually adjusted price.

49. Weblium – Design Templates and AI Suggestions

Weblium is an AI-powered website builder that provides 500+ designer-made templates that could fit any business.

These templates are created on the basis of deep UX analysis of different business industries.

TemplateMonsters’s AI design supervisor controls actions and fixes any designer errors such as incorrect colors or unpleasant fonts combinations instantly.

The website will get built-in SEO and can be viewed on any device or screen size by default.

The design of the website will fit all platforms such: mobile, tablets and desktops.

Smart UI kit provides smart design elements that give advanced editing options for color themes and fonts of websites.

Customers also get a personalized email that matches the website and brand. Weblium also offers free landing pages website templates which can be fully personalized as per brands.

Weblium One Design Fits All Platforms Black and White Mobile
From Weblium

Weblium Pricing

Weblium offers three types of subscription plans:

  • Free plan (sign up)
  • Pro plan $8.25/month ($99/year)
  • Premium plan $16.60/month ($199/year).

Request a quote to know more about the company and their website templates.

50. Unbounce – Marketing Software for Intent-Based Exit Popups and More

Unbounce is a landing page software that helps marketers in creating high converting landing pages in a visual editor.

Some features of Unbounce landing page software include 100+ templates to choose from, UnbounceBuilder to drag and drop elements, using a successful landing page to create a duplicate for a new campaign, create mobile-responsive pages and others.

The company’s landing page analyzer helps monitor data collecte from lead generation landing pages created on the Unbounce platform to analyze the client’s landing pages and make personalized recommendations.

It also gives customized reports on page speed analysis and SEO on the basis of Google’s technology and best practices.

Unbounce does the analysis of landing pages on nine specific performance parameters such as mobile responsiveness, page performance, trust & security, and others.

Unbounce Pricing

Unbounce provides a 14-day-free trial.

Aside of that, they offer annual and monthly pricing plans to choose from.

Plans billed annually:

  • Enterprise – starting from $399+/month
  • Premium – $159/month
  • Essential – $79/month.

Plans billed monthly:

  • Enterprise – $499+/month
  • Premium at $199/month
  • Essential at $99/month

Also, new customers can click on this link to avail exclusive 20% off on their first 3 paid months.

51. Evolv.ai – Testing and Optimization Tool For Marketing Web Managers

Evolv is a testing and optimization solution that is developed by amalgamating artificial intelligence, deep learning, and evolutionary algorithms.

This solution has the ability to revolutionize testing and optimization capabilities. With Evolv, marketers can test customers’ experience ideas and improvements at the same time.

It helps marketers to squeeze in a year or two worth of testing into a month to accelerate gains from the optimization programs.

Evolv gives results much faster compared to traditional A/B testing solutions.

Testing many ideas helps marketers in improving customer experience at scale and achieving a significant rise in conversion rates.

Ascend AI-Powered Optimization
From Evolv

Evolv.ai Pricing

Contact the company to get your custom pricing plan.

Earlier this year, Evolv Technologies acquired Sentient Ascend.

Find what’s best for you!

Artificial intelligence is the future of digital marketing. Internet is full of data that needs to be managed and manipulated to discover ways to connect the right kind of customer with the right kind of brands but without compromising on privacy.

AI helps companies in identifying target customers, delivering a personalized experience to them, engage them and keep them delighted across multiple digital channels, device types, and formats.

Therefore, in order to survive and thrive it is crucial for marketing departments to invest wisely in the AI and machine learning marketing tools.

Consider working with us, Klint Marketing to implement growth strategies and marketing tech stacks to improve your marketing funnel!

Want more?

Take a look at some more growth hacking and marketing automation tools!

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