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Written By Gints Gailis
August 13, 2020

With some celebrity influencers cashing in nearly $1M per sponsored post, influencers with 1 million followers or more can make anywhere from $100K-$250K per post.

But a lucrative role as a social media influencer isn’t reserved for the ultra-famous and ultra-followed.

Even Nano (1000 followers or less) and Micro-influencers (1001-10,000 followers) can look forward to profits between $40K-$100K for posts sponsored throughout the year.

While the Amazon Influencer Program (AIP) has yet to net its marketers a competitive kickback at the level offered by campaigns on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, AIP is not to be overlooked when it comes to a lucrative way to connect followers to merchandise.

As the world of influencers and social media stars continue to look for new and interesting (and lucrative) ways to expand their cashflow and reach. The opportunities presented by the Amazon Influencer program are growing with respect to the greater affiliate marketing landscape.

Nano and micro influencers can join Amazon influencer program
Nano and micro-influencers are welcome to join

What are amazon influencers?

Amazon’s indomitable worldwide market reach as an e-commerce heavyweight reach provides a consistent and evolving stream of products that need marketing and buzz. Due to the massive global scale on which Amazon operates, social media influencers play an important role in directing their fans to niche goods.

Amazon has products; social media influencers have followers — it’s a natural conclusion that connecting the two will is a beneficial relationship for both parties. This is where the Amazon Influencer Program comes into play.

Start With amazon Influencer program
Sign up, if you have audience in one of the supported platforms

How does a Amazon Influencer make money?

Participants in the Amazon Influencer Program are influencers from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube. These people get compensated for the sales of products through Amazon via a special link. 

Set up your amazon store front
Build store front

As followers buy products through the influencer’s unique Amazon page, the followers’ purchase is the influencer’s profit. 

different earnings flow from Amazon
Different earning categories

This is not to be confused for Amazon’s sister’s program, Amazon Affiliates, and Amazon Associates, where shoppers make their purchases through a link on an affiliate’s own webpage.

amazon influencer  earnings chart
Influencers Dashboard and earnings summary

What is the Amazon influencer program?

The Amazon Influencer Program (AIP) partners with social media influencers to drive sales and market Amazon’s extensive product lines.

Launched in 2017, the Amazon Influencer Program provides accepted influencers with their own Amazon Storefront. Influencers direct their followers to the storefront’s unique vanity URL, where followers can shop from a selection of products hand-picked by the influencer.

Though the specific percentages are dictated by the product type, generally speaking, each qualifying purchase can earn an influencer of up to 10%. At this rate, the AIP provides a straightforward stream of income.

Merely for choosing and promoting the products of the influencer’s choice. With the entire Amazon site to choose from, an influencer’s storefront can be as niche or unique as they are.

Explore detailed: Amazon influencer programs earning chart.

How are Amazon Affiliates different from Amazon Associates?

Applying to be an Amazon Influencer through AIP and signing up for Amazon Associates have similar benefits. It’s important to note a few significant differences between the two programs when choosing which to use.

Amazon Associates is open for anyone to join. The Amazon Influencer Program does not have guaranteed enrollment, and applicants must meet certain requirements before they will be accepted.

Both Amazon Associates and Amazon Influencers make money on completed sales transactions, but how they direct traffic is different. Amazon Associates direct web traffic by posting unique links to products on webpages and platforms.

Users click the Amazon Associates’ link, and a completed purchase earns the Associate a commission. Amazon Influencers do not post specific links to products, but direct their followers to their own vanity Amazon Storefront, stocked with products the influencer has chosen. Once a purchase is completed via their storefront, the influencer receives their commission.

Amazon Associates’ commission is much lower at 4%-8.5%, where influencers enrolled in the Amazon Influencer Program can earn up to 10% commission on products purchased on their storefront.

Amazon influencers Earning compared
Amazon associates VS Amazon influencers

How to become an Amazon Influencer?

Becoming an Amazon Influencer includes three clear steps. What is less clear is the criteria of how many followers do you need to be an amazon influencer, or what deems an influencer’s content suitably shoppable by Amazon’s standards. 

There are guidelines, but an exact answer to either of the above is not expressly stated by Amazon.

Applying to be an Amazon Influencer is as simple as submitting the influencer’s social media account with the most followers; permitting Amazon to connect with the influencer’s account so that Amazon can assess the influencer’s content, follower count, and engagement metrics; and, upon approval, authorizing Amazon to access the influencer’s social media accounts so they can publish on the influencer’s behalf.

Sign up and get started as
Sign up, and start earning

Amazon will review your account data in order to decide if your social media channel and influence is relevant to the program.  Amazon will analyze the number of followers you have as well as the type of content you post.

The application is easy, but the acceptance rate is competitive. It stands to reason influencers with a large following have a higher rate of acceptance than those who do not.

Step by step guide to become a successful amazon influencer

  1. Build Social following on one of the social networks. 
  2. Start As Nano Influencer
  3. Fill in Amazon Influencer Application
  4. Wait for Acceptance
  5. Start with getting to know Storefront
  6. Setting up payment add tax information
  7. Customizing a store looks
  8. Make a product list 
  9. Start Advertisement, Drive traffic
  10. The best part, Earn money
  11. Track your sales, follow the best selling products, and optimize.
  12. Keep it consistent  

Step by step guide for Amazon influencers
Simple step by step guide on how to succeed as amazon Influencer

Apply here to become Amazon Influencer.

What are amazon influencer requirements

In order to become an Amazon Influencer, the criteria of status as an influencer need to be met. Influencers must be active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and/or YouTube.

While anyone can apply, Amazon will not accept participants who have not established influencers with a significant number of followers and reach. Amazon does not disclose how many followers are needed to meet the minimum, and definitions for an “influencer” are varied. 

The general agreement is that 200 followers are the absolute lowest someone could claim as a Nano-influencer, with other sources defining the threshold as 20,000 followers and up. In the end, it’s Amazon’s decision as to who they accept.

Interested influencers need to apply with the social media account that has the most influence and followers, and give Amazon permission to access their account (and post to social media on their behalf, as well as follow and unfollow accounts.). 

Some users won’t feel comfortable handing over that level of control to Amazon, so the cost-benefit of enrolling in the Amazon Influencer Program is one that each influencer needs to evaluate for themselves personally.

In order to enrol in the Amazon influencer program, you will also need to fulfil demographical requirements, as at the moment Amazon Influencer program is operating only in the U.S.A., the UK, Canada, and India

Amazon influencer demographic requirements
You must follow Amazon Influencer programs demographical requirements

Apply here to become Amazon Influencer.

How to Find Amazon Influencers?

Engaging an influencer is more complex than merely finding them and determining they should amplify a brand. An influencer must not only be a good fit for the brand, but they should reflect the vision and message of the brand.

A consistent and unified message across platforms is the key to establishing and maintaining a strong brand image; the Amazon Influencer should augment these efforts.

There are several excellent ways to search and find the Amazon Influencer that best represents the brand. The most straightforward way is to use an influencer tool like Upfluence or HypeAuditor, or one of the many hundreds of influencer search tools available online.

tools to find  influencers
There are several tools to help you find Influencers

A more nuanced approach is to source the influencer organically by reviewing hashtags, top brand buyers, followers, and fans. By searching the hashtags that are most closely aligned with the brand, it provides an easy entry into the conversation around the product or products that are similar. Repeat hashtaggers may reveal an influencer who is already amplifying the brand, and thus a natural fit for a relationship as an Amazon Influencer.

The same can be said when reviewing the brand or product’s top customers. Repeat customers, followers, and fans singing the brand’s praises can be transformed into brand ambassadors who speak from personal experience and delight with the product. Why not capitalize on their loyalty and their enthusiasm for the brand?

How much money do Amazon influencers earn?

Commission rates for Amazon Influencers can range between 1% for video games and consoles
up to 10% for a product from one of Amazon’s fifteen private-label brands

how much Amazon pays in commission
Influencers with amazon can earn up to 18000 USD a year

The Amazon Influencer Program presents a revenue opportunity spanning anywhere from a handful of dollars per month up to $18,000 in income for the year. 

While AIP alone may not provide the kind of gains influencers are looking for, enrollment in the program offers an opportunity to augment income through a simple web storefront.

Amazon categories earning chart.

Once you’re starting on amazon, it is essential to know that not all the products will bring in the same earnings. Amazon is sharing its revenue differently from category to category. We made a simple chart to visualize how different categories will bring in different profit margins.

Amazon categories earnings chart 2020 update
Amazon Influencer Program shared earning chart Associates Central, Source more detailed explanation on revenue shares from Amazon Influencer Program.

Amazon influencer Restricted Products

Not all the products are supported by Amazon for influencers to promote. This is especially important if you are considering enrolling in the program. These products could not only result in zero shared revenue but also cause risk to suspend your account from further promotions and freeze your eligible product earnings

Amazon restricted products
Amazon has a list of restricted products for Influencers

List of products restricted for amazon influencers to promote:

*Note that the categories refer to specific products, there might still be other products in the category that are eligible for revenue sharing

  • Live animals, reptiles, fish and similar
  • Alcohol and cigarettes 
  • Fine art, artefacts 
  • COVID 19 supplies
  • Cosmetics
  • Currency
  • Diet supplements and vitamins
  • Drugs, pharmaceutical products, medical devices
  • Guns, weapons, explosives 
  • Food and dietary products
  • Sex-related 
  • Theft devices
  • Surveillance equipment 

Full list: here

Amazon bounty program

Earning just from regular affiliate products is good, but it can seem slow for some influencers. Amazon has introduced a gamification element allowing its influencers to earn even more by participating in the Amazon bounty program

Amazon bounty program is almost the same as regular product recommendations product, but instead of product, influencers are recommending Amazon services and Amazon products.

amazon bounty earnings chart
How much can you earn form Amazon bounties

Examples of Amazon services and Amazons products are:

For these recommendations, Influencers are paid differently than from regular product recommendations. Influencers are getting paid fixed costs per certain action the lead performs. 

amazon bounties and amazon product list
Amazon Bounties

Examples of Amazon bounties 

  • The visitor signs up for a trial for Amazon music
  • The visitor activates paid plan on Amazon prime
  • The Users upgrade monthly plan

Amazon has made a list of all available bounties for influencers to engage with. Choose ones that resonate best with your audience. From the experience of active Amazon influencers, Amazon Bounties work great with display advertising on your site. 

If you need more detailed information About the Amazon bounty program, we have listed comprehensive resources here

Amazon influencer list:

We have found a couple of influencers that have been successful with the amazon influencer program. You can check out their profiles and analyze the content they have been posting and hashtags they have been using. These accounts will serve as a great inspiration and guidance on whether the Amazon influencer program is something you would like to enrol in. 

Should I become an Amazon Influencer?

Now that we have presented how the Amazon influencer program works, the real question comes, should you become an Amazon Influencer?

This choice can be different depending on your starting point factor. 

  • Starting Amazon influencer program  with a large social media following 
  • Starting Amazon influencer program  without a large social media following 

Start the Amazon Influencer Program with a large social media following.

If you already hold a social media following within one or more social networks supported by Amazon, it makes it more comfortable for you to try out the Amazon program. Consider whether the offered deal from Amazon resonates with you and your audience. 

Browse categories, and the products you can advertise with Amazon. Estimating simple figures on potential income and effort required should illustrate how lucrative this income source could be. 

We have outlined the Pros and Cons of being an Amazon influencer to help you decide. 

Start the Amazon Influencer program without a large social media following.

If you are not a social media influencer on any of the platforms supported by Amazon, you either have to build up the influence from the ground up or bring it from the channels where you have it. 

Building up a dedicated social media audience from zero can be a time-consuming process. You have to think about how much time and effort you can allocate for this, and will the end rewards be worth it?

build your social media following and impact
Build your Social Media Follower base and increase impact

In nowadays, Social media following and impact on the audience is in high demand. Once building social media following you can consider multiple monetization options, other than the Amazon influencer program. Social media following can be monetized with direct brand partnerships, affiliate marketing, online courses, video ad marketing, and others. 

We have listed helpful considerations of the Pros and Cons of being an Amazon influencer

How to succeed as an amazon influencer?

We hear this question a lot, and we have the answer. Your success as an Amazon influencer depends on two main factors:

  • Your dedication to the program 
  • Your audience’s activity and quality

Amazon influencer success starts from you. 

Being dedicated to the program will allow you to set up and craft beautiful storefronts and find the best products for the needs of your audience. Aligning communication messages with your audience can take time but have shown tremendous results on revenue one can generate from the program. 

Your audience will determine your Amazon influencer success.

Not a single influencer audience is the same, but your audience is the one that will determine how successful your journey will be as an Amazon Influencer. The influencers that have closer relationships with their audience and hold trust from them will also be likely to sell more to their audiences. 

In order to maximize the engagement of your audience, think about: 

Be honest with your audience. Openness to your audience about your Amazon partnerships can result in even more support and understanding than you expect. 

Pros and Cons of being an Amazon influencer?

Being an Amazon influencer can be great, but it also brings along some consequences. We selected considerations for influencers starting up with Amazon, go through our list, and decide if the pros can outweigh the cons of being an Amazon influencer. 

Pros of being an Amazon influencer

  1. You can promote any product you choose
  2. Own your store with Amazon storefront 
  3. Amazon is a reputable platform 
  4. It can turn into a passive income source.

pros of being amazon influencer
Pros of being Amazon Influencer

Cons of being an Amazon influencer

  1. You will have an additional thing to manage, your own store 
  2. Amazon offers low percentage shares for its influencers 
  3. Sharing access with Amazon might seem uncomfortable with some influencers 
  4. Becoming too commercial is a concern for influencers to lose the trust of their audience

Cons of being amazon influencer
Cons of being Amazon Influencer

Expand your Influencer earnings.

Amazon is the e-Commerce leader when it comes to consumer goods. The market share and trust Amazon holds is a cornerstone for the success of their business. Amazon has built its empire with the help of affiliate marketers.

Now Amazon has taken the next step to grow its business and developed a dedicated influencer program. Influencers are represented with a lucrative way to generate more revenue from their following with a trustworthy and straightforward store like Amazon.

We can expect more and more people are joining this platform as well as Amazon expanding to more social media networks and product categories.

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