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27 Content Writing Samples: How to Massively Increase Traffic with 1 Post

Written By Andy Parker
August 8, 2021

In this post, we take a look at 27 content writing samples that generate a massive traffic percentage for their sites. 

There are certainly heaps of content writing tips you can learn from the most popular websites around.

But we wanted to focus on smaller websites that are punching above their weight when it comes to content. 

Use these content writing samples to find out how smaller businesses have massively increased their traffic with one article.

Let’s dive right in.

How We Chose Our Content Writing Samples

We analyzed hundreds of websites on Ahrefs for this post (seriously, it took ages). 

After some deliberation, we decided on two main requirements for a piece of content to make the list:

The content writing samples had to drive at least 15% of traffic

Photos of city sunset with line of cars in traffic

It’s not that uncommon to see sites where multiple pages achieve a similar amount of traffic. 

We were after sites that had produced one or two stand out pieces of content that played an integral role in driving traffic for their sites.

In many cases, the selected posts achieved even more traffic than their site’s Home, About, or Product pages.

The content writing samples had to rank for at least 300 keywords

Randomly jumbled scrabble tiles

It might seem a bit strange, but we weren’t that interested in the actual amount of monthly traffic a page was drawing. 

For some industries, monthly traffic is not a good indicator of whether a page is actually driving conversions. 

For example, a page that only sees 100 visitors a month is doing great if 10 of those visitors convert for the site and sign multi-million dollar contracts. 

Likewise, a niche topic may attract a small amount of traffic, but a high ranking on Google means that it’s a successful post. 

In order to narrow our search, we decided to look for pages that ranked for at least 300 keywords

List of 27 Content Writing Samples

We’ve organized our list of content writing samples broadly by industry.

If there’s a specific niche you’re writing about, check out the relevant section on the list to find out what works for a company within your field.

Consumer, Education & Services Content Writing Samples

Food Waste in America in 2021 – Research/Stats

Screenshot of RTS content writing samples

Company Name: RTS

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 25.2%

Length: 2800 Words

Organic Keywords: 1264 keywords 

Referring Domains: 769

Organic traffic: 1417 monthly visitors 

Waste management company RTS have generated 25.2% extra traffic with their well-presented post exploring statistics and facts around food waste in America.  

RTS logo, black text white background

Why it works: High quality images are used liberally by RTS throughout the post, which assists in presenting them as an authority within their industry. 

Statistics are a great way to increase visitors and backlinks to your site, and they’ve managed to snag over 700 referring domains with this post alone. 

The writing style is serious without being inaccessible, which is perfect considering the subject matter.  

RTS have also produced a PDF e-book of their post, requiring readers to provide their email address to receive a free copy.

This is a fantastic way of boosting their mailing list, and it’s a valuable tip for any marketer or content writer who is looking to capitalize on high-performing content.

Finally, RTS’s post is a good example of content optimization. The original article was published a couple of years ago, but they have optimized it by updating the current year in the title so that it remains relevant.

Avoiding Comcast’s Early Termination Fee – Guide

Screenshot of Billtrim content writing samples

Company Name: Billtrim

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 48.7%

Length: 800 Words

Organic Keywords: 1285 keywords 

Referring Domains: 71

Organic traffic: 2600 monthly visitors 

This post gives readers a step-by-step process to avoid paying an early termination fee to telecoms giant Comcast. 

It’s published by Billtrim, who provide their customers with cheaper household bills.  

Billtrim Logo, black text white background

Why it works: This is a really well targeted blog post that will appeal to exactly the type of customer that Billtrim is attempting to attract. 

Consumers who search for a way to avoid paying an early termination fee are more likely to be interested in Billtrim’s service than those who don’t.

The post capitalizes on this by including a link to the purchase page toward the end.   

Top 10 Neighbourhood Platforms for Connecting & Collaborating – Listicle

Screenshot of NewDream content writing samples

Company Name: New Dream

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 45%

Length: 800 Words

Organic Keywords: 572 keywords 

Referring Domains: 49

Organic traffic: 683 monthly visitors 

New Dream is an environmental and social justice organization that focuses on empowering communities and improving well-being.

The post suggests ten different online platforms for reaching out to your neighbours, with the tenth item on the list “In Real Life”. 

NewDream Logo, orange and blue text white background

Why it works: Aside from sticking close to the core goals of New Dream, this listicle acts as a useful resource to anyone looking to reach out to their neighbours. 

The content is short and digestible, and includes a link to a related post at the end to encourage an extra page view from visitors.  

The writing style is friendly and relaxed, which really fits with the focus of New Dream. 

60 Awesome Ice Breakers for Orientation & Beyond – Listicle

Screenshot of Presence content writing samples

Company Name: Presence

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 21.2%

Length: 4500 Words

Organic Keywords: 1538 keywords 

Referring Domains: 24

Organic traffic: 3000 monthly visitors 

Presence produces software for schools, and this listicle providing 60 different ice breakers is a valuable resource for their target market of teachers and educators. 

Presence Logo, white text navy background with orange laptop graphic

Why it works: The relatively high word count for this post is necessary to adequately explain the different icebreakers. 

By producing such a comprehensive list, Presence have created a ‘go-to’ resource for their audience that’s easy to share and refer back to. 

Content writing samples like this really illustrate how straightforward and clear writing can generate traffic. There’s also liberal use of GIFs to break up the post. 

With over 3000 visitors per month from this article alone, it seems likely that it has generated a significant amount of conversions for Presence.

Japanese, Finnish or Chinese? The 10 Hardest Languages for English Speakers to Learn – Listicle

Screenshot of Unbabel content writing samples

Company Name: Unbabel

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 21.1%

Length: 1100 Words

Organic Keywords: 349 keywords 

Referring Domains: 78

Organic traffic: 542 monthly visitors 

SaaS business Unbabel provides real-time AI powered translation for business executives. 

This post draws on their area of expertise to find out which language is the hardest to learn for English speakers. 

Unbabel Logo, blue text white background

Why it works: Rather than providing a resource that readers can refer back to, Unbabel’s post drives traffic by creating a hook and covering an interesting topic.

The advantage of listicles is that they pique the curiosity of the audience. Namely, “I wonder which 10 languages they’ve picked, and which one is the most difficult?” This post is interesting in that it is casting quite a wide net: there are many people who would find this topic compelling, not just business executives looking for a translation service. 

By appealing to a larger audience, Unbabel will probably have a lower conversion rate percentage, but possibly a higher conversion rate in real terms.

The post still draws a significant chunk of Unbabel’s monthly traffic many years after it was posted in 2015, so this strategy is clearly a viable option. 

Ecommerce Content Writing Samples

Screenshot of Metrilo content writing samples

Company Name: Metrilo

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 38.9%

Length: 2250 Words

Organic Keywords: 452 keywords 

Referring Domains: 63

Organic traffic: 301 monthly visitors 

Metrilo is an ecommerce analytics and marketing platform, and this savvy post directly targets their ideal customer. The article induces FOMO in Metrilo’s audience, and lists trending products from a variety of different categories within ecommerce.  

Metrilo Logo, white m logo on blue background

Why it works: This post has two targets: those who are considering setting up their own ecommerce brand, and those who already own some form of ecommerce business and are looking to diversify or expand. 

Most business people are already aware of the power of ecommerce analytics, and this post subtly directs readers to use Metrilo as their tool of choice. 

Merchandising Types and Examples – Guide

Screenshot of Reflektion content writing samples

Company Name: Reflektion

Percentage of Total Site Traffic:39%

Length: 2850 Words

Organic Keywords: 1067 keywords 

Referring Domains: 56

Organic traffic: 712 monthly visitors 

Reflektion produce ecommerce analytics and personalization software that improves customer experience. 

Their guide about merchandising takes a deep dive into this subcategory of retail, providing the reader with a valuable resource. 

Reflektion logo, black text, blue logo on white background

Why it works: Reflektion’s post is highly targeted toward business people within the retail and ecommerce world, and examines the topic in a great amount of depth. 

H2 and H3 headings break up the content into more manageable chunks, and answer any questions a reader may have. 

Content writing samples like this are a great example of how effective clear and concise writing can be. 

The post attacks the subject in a no-nonsense way, omitting any slang or colloquialisms. This is perfect for the target audience.

Top 11 Other Sites Like eBay: eBay Selling Alternatives in 2019 – Listicle

Screenshot of nchannel content writing samples

Company Name: nChannel

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 42%

Length: 2000 Words

Organic Keywords: 2282 keywords 

Referring Domains: 181

Organic traffic: 6125 monthly visitors 

nChannel is a SaaS business that provides integration software for ecommerce in order to increase automation and reduce repetitive tasks.

Their post provides a list of 11 alternative sites to eBay for selling. Judging by the high traffic percentage and real terms traffic, this is clearly a popular query for their target audience.  

Nchannel Logo, black text white background

Why it works: One of the really clever aspects of this post is that it is serving two purposes. 

Firstly, it answers a common question for ecommerce businesses that would already qualify as potential customers. 

In providing alternatives to eBay though, the post also creates potential customers: the more platforms they sell on, the more they need integration software. 

nChannel have produced a blog post that provides a solution to their audience, and in providing that solution they create more potential customers. 

The personal style of the writing really works, and the compact nature of the text allows readers to quickly skim the list if they choose. 

Top 200 Footwear & Shoe Brands List – Listicle

Screenshot of channelape content writing samples

Company Name: ChannelApe

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 85%

Length: 5800 Words

Organic Keywords: 3614 keywords 

Referring Domains: 99

Organic traffic: 4695 monthly visitors 

ChannelApe is a real-time inventory software service for ecommerce. They’ve created the comprehensive listicle of footwear and shoe brands, with 200 entries.

Channelape Logo, navy text white background

Why it works: Each item on this mammoth listicle receives a one or two line summary, yet it still racks up a word count of over five-and-a-half-thousand! 

This is almost an online directory of footwear brands, and it’s quite smart. 

Not only does it drive traffic for being the longest resource around, it also provides backlinks to ChannelApe’s potential customers. 

Any marketers working for the listed companies may well notice the backlink and spread the word about ChannelApe’s product. 

They’ve effectively published a list of the customers they’d like to work with, and packaged it in such a way that it generates nearly 90% of their monthly traffic and almost 4700 monthly visitors. 

Finance & IT Content Writing Samples

The Difference Between ‘Net 30’ and ‘Due in 30 Days’ – Guide

Screenshot of apruve content writing samples

Company Name: Apruve

Percentage of Total Site Traffic:31%

Length: 850 Words

Organic Keywords: 372 keywords 

Referring Domains: 53

Organic traffic: 777 monthly visitors 

This guide sheds some light on a common confusion around terminology in invoicing. It’s produced by Apruve, who are a SaaS business that produce invoicing and billing software. 

apruve Logo, green text white background

Why it works: The article gets straight to the point in clarifying the difference between ‘Net 30’ and ‘Due in 30 Days’.

However, it then expands upon the question by offering a few suggestions for ways to improve invoicing.  

It finishes by explaining to readers how Apruve cuts jargon and could be a great way to enhance their payment systems. 

This well-structured article is a good example of a business solving an audience query while effectively positioning itself as a viable option. 

10 Best School Website Designs (and How They Did It) – Listicle

Screenshot of morweb content writing samples

Company Name: Morweb

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 21.3%

Length: 3000 Words

Organic Keywords: 495 keywords 

Referring Domains: 28

Organic traffic: 1125 monthly visitors 

This listicle provides 10 examples of well-designed school websites. It’s produced by Morweb, a CMS and a web design agency that caters to nonprofits and associations. 

morweb Logo, gray and green text white background

Why it works: Morweb’s post is well structured with a friendly writing style. Each item on the list carries a couple of subheadings explaining what they liked about the site and how each school built it. 

This is great, as visitors who have landed on the page are highly likely to be thinking about building a website for a school that they work at. 

Morweb use this to their advantage: half of the sites in the list were produced on their own platform. 

This is an ingenious way of exposing their portfolio of work to site visitors without simply listing it as a “Portfolio”, which is much less likely to draw traffic! 

What is DHCP? Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol – Definition 

Screenshot of efficientIP content writing samples

Company Name: EfficientIP

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 75.5%

Length: 800 Words

Organic Keywords: 754 keywords 

Referring Domains: 51

Organic traffic: 5400 monthly visitors 

The article features a breakdown of Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, explaining everything from configuration data to usage scenarios.

EfficientIP is a network security and automation company. 

efficient ip Logo, black text white background blue logo

Why it works: The clear use of bolded headers makes this piece of content very skimmable and easy to consume for readers.

 In addition to this, the meta description for this content is very strong: it is short, answers the question in one sentence, and is much more concise than competitor websites on the topic.

EfficientIP’s straightforward explanation of a complex topic is clearly popular, generating over 5000 monthly visitors and 75% of all website traffic.

Marketing, Sales, and PR Content Writing Samples

How to See Your Youtube Subscribers – Guide

Company Name: Klint Marketing

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 29.8%

Length: 827 Words

Organic Keywords: 401 keywords 

Referring Domains: 18

Organic traffic: 444 monthly visitors 

Here at Klint Marketing we have our own example of a piece of content drawing a significant percentage of traffic. 

Our most popular post explains how businesses and individuals can see their youtube subscribers. 

Klint Logo, blue text gray background

Why it works: The post begins by running the reader through the query, providing screenshots to make the process easier. 

It then expands on this by also helping the audience to find the analytics section for Youtube. 

Rather than explicitly looking to generate clients here, the purpose of the article is to draw readers in by answering a common query. This then leads to visits to other pages on the Klint site, or subscription to the mailing list. 

Toward the end of the post we see a CTA form prompting readers to download a free PDF copy of the guide in exchange for providing their email address. 

You don’t always have to directly sell your product via a blog post. It can be equally useful to “warm up” leads for conversion later down the line. 

Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Hashtags in 2020 – Guide

Screenshot of Mavsocial content writing samples

Company Name: MavSocial

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 24.9%

Length: 1200 Words

Organic Keywords: 862 keywords 

Referring Domains: 45

Organic traffic: 944 monthly visitors 

Mavsocial, who produce social media management software, use this guide to explore the array of features, unwritten rules, and best practices when using hashtags on Facebook. 

mavsocial Logo, gray and red text white background

Why it works: There are many best practices when using social media, and this can be a little bit daunting if you haven’t used a platform as a business before. 

This blog post clearly explains some of the pitfalls to avoid with hashtagging on Facebook. It’s a reasonably specific query, and the post does a great job of providing clarity. 

This serves to improve the likelihood of audience members purchasing the product. It also acts as a good resource for existing customers, which can only improve customer satisfaction. 

The best content writing samples often speak to their audience in a down-to-earth manner, and this post is no exception. 

Best Time to Post on Instagram – Research/Stats

Screenshot of Brand Mentions content writing samples

Company Name: Brand Mentions

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 33.5%

Length: 4900 Words

Organic Keywords: 950 keywords 

Referring Domains: 119

Organic traffic: 3370 monthly visitors 

This comprehensive research post comes from Brand Mentions, a web and social listening tool. 

Over the course of nearly 5000 words, the post takes a deep dive into a myriad of research and findings around Instagram.  

brandmentions Logo, white text purple background

Why it works: High quality research can be really effective at drawing traffic to a website, and this post is no exception. 

The post answers the core question: When is the best time to post on Instagram? But it also explores hashtags, content length, type of content, and finally examines the best time to post by industry. 

The downside of research posts like this is that they can take a significant amount of time to collate, and this may not be possible for all businesses. 

That said, the rewards can be large: the company draws nearly 3,500 monthly visitors and 33% of their traffic through this post. 

As Brand Mentions are already performing significant amounts of statistical analysis to provide their current service, it makes complete sense for them to publish a post of this nature. 

It will also encourage backlinks through other businesses using their research images and citing them. 

Learn more about marketing on social media with Klint’s guide to the 60+ Pros and Cons of Instagram

imstagram logo with a positive and negative sign

How to Write a Press Release in 7 Easy Steps – Guide

Screenshot of JustReachOut content writing samples

Company Name: JustReachOut

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 64.6%

Length: 3200 Words

Organic Keywords: 1048 keywords 

Referring Domains: 212

Organic traffic: 2964 monthly visitors 

This high-performing post from JustReachOut guides readers through the process of writing a press release. 

JustReachOut provide software that enables businesses to engage in PR without partnering with an agency. 

Justreachout Logo, white text navy background

Why it works: This post neatly fits into the mission of JustReachOut: to enable businesses to perform their own PR. 

It’s a definitive guide, covering what you should say in a press release, how you should say it, and when you should release it.  

There’s also some clever CTAs dispersed throughout the post, which give the founder’s take on some of the points of action that are raised throughout the guide. 

The relaxed writing style is also a good call for a guide of this length: it would be more difficult to read the post if it was more formal. 

New Instagram Updates and Features for Your Campaign (2021) – Guide

Screenshot of Embedsocial content writing samples

Company Name: EmbedSocial

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 18.8%

Length:12,900 Words

Organic Keywords: 1565 keywords 

Referring Domains: 103

Organic traffic: 2652 monthly visitors 

Embed Social’s post was originally published in 2019, and has since been updated periodically to account for new Instagram updates.

The business is a social media management platform that allows clients to capture reviews. 

embedsocial logo gray, blue and orange text white background

Why it works: Content writing samples like this are great examples of anchor linking. When it comes to more complex topics and longer pieces of content, the amount of text can often become overwhelming. 

Anchor linking helps because it allows readers to immediately jump to the sections within the post that they find most relevant.

One of the reasons the post is so long is that Embed Social have added new additions to the existing post rather than starting again from scratch. 

This avoids two pages competing for the same keyword (“instagram updates”), and ensures that monthly traffic remains high for the post. 
Embed Social has an ongoing process of content optimization – which is good practice for any blog. By continually adding to their post and updating the year, they are ensuring it is always competitive.

Donald Trump on Twitter: 2009/2020 Analysis – Research/Stats

Screenshot of Tweetbinder content writing samples

Company Name: TweetBinder

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 29.3%

Length: 1900 Words

Organic Keywords: 1647 keywords 

Referring Domains: 200

Organic traffic: 2428 monthly visitors 

TweetBinder is a social media analytics platform, and their post about Donald Trump analyses the Twitter activity of the 45th US president. 

tweetbinder black logo  and text white background

Why it works: This is an interesting tactic. TweetBinder have effectively presented an article that showcases the abilities of their platform. 

And they’ve driven traffic to the post by focusing their research on a controversial figure that was renowned for his use of Twitter and receives a high-level of public interest.

This is perhaps not the most evergreen piece of content: should interest in Donal Trump wane, it seems likely that this post would steadily lose traffic. 

However, this could take many years. TweetBinder has struck gold here, in the short to medium term at least. 

5 Types of Market Segmentation & How To Use Them – Guide

Screenshot of Remesh content writing samples

Company Name: Remesh

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 39.2%

Length: 2500 Words

Organic Keywords: 2076 keywords 

Referring Domains: 72

Organic traffic: 3400 monthly visitors 

Remesh is an AI research platform for employee & customer experience. 

Their guide to five types of marketing segmentation examines how segmentation can provide businesses with valuable insights. 

remesh logo black text white background

Why it works: This post’s frequent subheadings really break up the text, and with such a dense subject matter this is reality important. 

It’s also worth highlighting the use of a table of contents. This is useful for SEO purposes, and it also allows readers to jump through the text to the sections that are most relevant. 

The post also includes videos that demonstrate the product Remesh produces. It’s a good way to visually demonstrate the effectiveness of the platform for solving the problems the article discusses. 

21 Tips on How To Get More Views on YouTube for Free – Listicle

Screenshot of Unamo content writing samples

Company Name: Unamo

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 42.9%

Length: 2600 Words

Organic Keywords: 3762 keywords 

Referring Domains: 160

Organic traffic: 2700 monthly visitors 

Unamo produces SEO and social media analytics tools for marketers, and this post provides readers with 21 tips on how to boost their views on Youtube. 

Why it works: This is another example of a business casting a wide net with a keyword. Many of the readers of the post will not be the marketers that Unamo are targeting. 

But because their post is attracting 2700 views, even if only 5% of visitors are marketers, they’re still attracting 135 potential customers to their site.

Unamo also cover the subject in depth, using language that both marketers and your average layman would understand. 

25+ Best Email Tracking Apps for Gmail & Outlook (2020) – Listicle

Screenshot of Leadboxer content writing samples

Company Name: LeadBoxer

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 29%

Length: 3600 Words

Organic Keywords: 1829 keywords 

Referring Domains: 97

Organic traffic: 602 monthly visitors 

A listicle from lead generation platform Leadboxer, this post presents 25 email tracking apps for sales representatives that will allow them to track leads more effectively. 

Leadboxer logo navy text white background

Why it works: It might seem a bit strange that LeadBoxer have effectively made a list of their rivals, but when you consider that they rank first, it makes sense! 

This is a really good way to rank for a search term within your industry. 

LeadBoxer don’t trash their competition, but they do offer a compelling case for how their platform can successfully solve the problem that readers are facing. 

There are also a few links to other blog posts on the site, which is a good way of generating further page views. 

100 Best Architecture Firms in the World – Listicle

Screenshot of Architecture Quote content writing samples

Company Name: ArchitectureQuote

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 22.9%

Length: 12,500 Words

Organic Keywords: 531 keywords 

Referring Domains: 100

Organic traffic: 405 monthly visitors 

ArchitectureQuote is an outreach platform and online directory of architects. This post picks 100 of the best architecture firms in the world and presents them in a handy list. 

Architecture quote logo black text white background

Why it works: While lengthy, this post is effective for a number of reasons. Firstly, each item on the list includes links to the companies mentioned, and the LinkedIn profiles of their CEOs. 

It also acts as a useful resource for anyone looking to learn more about large architectural companies, due to the large number of businesses listed.

Productivity and Analytics Content Writing Samples

The Real Meaning of Accountability in the Workplace – Guide

Screenshot of Range content writing samples

Company Name: Range

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 26.5%

Length: 1000 Words

Organic Keywords: 655 keywords 

Referring Domains: 63

Organic traffic: 2150 monthly visitors 

Range is a productivity platform, and this post around accountability in the workplace examines the different ways staff can work more harmoniously together. 

range logo white text black background

Why it works: Range provides a lesson in how to write a good title for Google here. 

A quick Google search for “accountability in the workplace” has Range’s article as third. 

The SEO title also includes the words “Here it is:”, which are absent from the heading in the post. 

It’s only three words, but somehow it draws your attention and provokes a click. 

This is also a well-targeted article, as individuals searching for workplace accountability are likely to be potential clients for the productivity platform.  

Manager and Employee Feedback Examples: How To Give Feedback at Work – Guide

Screenshot of Leapsome content writing samples

Company Name: Leapsome

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 34%

Length: 3300 Words

Organic Keywords: 1319 keywords 

Referring Domains: 36

Organic traffic: 1581 monthly visitors 

Employee engagement & performance management platform Leapsome generate a third of their traffic from this excellent post around giving feedback at work. 

leapsome logo black text purple background

Why it works: This guide is really authentic, describing common concerns around providing feedback at work.

It gives solutions to these problems, and feedback examples for how readers can implement the solutions provided. 

This is yet another example of a company driving traffic when they provide a valuable resource. 

Different Types of Knowledge: Implicit, Tacit and Explicit – Definition

Screenshot of Bloomfire content writing samples

Company Name: Bloomfire

Percentage of Total Site Traffic: 33%

Length: 950 Words

Organic Keywords: 1555 keywords 

Referring Domains: 34

Organic traffic: 1490 monthly visitors 

Bloomfire, a knowledge sharing platform, neatly summarizes three different types of knowledge in this digestible post. 

bloomfire logo white text black background

Why it works: One of the ways in which this post succeeds is that it provides a simple answer to a question. It’s important to remember that successful posts don’t always have to be long guides. 

Instead, Bloomfire has taken a query that’s relevant to their industry and answered it within 1000 words. 

Sometimes, a well targeted short blog post can drive the same traffic as 10 longer ones. 


There’s no hard and fast formula to creating high traffic content. The content writing samples that feature on this list come in a wide range of different lengths and formats. 

Whatever size your business is, great content can prompt traffic, backlinks, and ultimately conversions. 

As we’ve discovered though, there are some tricks that will help you achieve this traffic. 

Content optimization should be a permanent part of any content creation, and content writers should always be checking to see if they can improve their post to gain greater traffic.

Likewise, a well-written post that focuses on an existing part of your site – like your about or testimonial page –  is an innovative way to draw traffic.

The one thing that all of the posts in this article have in common is that they provide value for the reader

This should be the most important consideration for anyone writing a blog post. 

Need help creating great content for your blog? Contact Klint to find out how we could help you create content that drives traffic.

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