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What is Facebook Jail and How You Can Avoid it

Written By Dumi Margin
April 22, 2021

You might be asking – what is Facebook Jail?

Jail isn’t exactly the word people are looking forward to hearing – especially not if they are the ones put on trial. We genuinely hope you haven’t been in this situation. However, you might have been put into Facebook Jail

Yes, as unbelievable as it sounds, even a social media platform like Facebook has a jail. 

They miss the iron bars and the orange jumpsuits part, but you can still be punished in some ways. 

No jail is fun, so make sure to avoid it! Gif from Tenor

Why would you get punished? Well, remember that part called Terms of Service most of us only press ‘agree’ on and skip without reading? Unfortunately, you most likely broke one of those. 

If you are a business page owner or an active Facebook user you should make sure to go through their Terms of Service to avoid potential repercussions. 

Luckily for you, if you don’t have the patience to go through all those pages, we are here to help! 

Keep on reading and get all the tips and tricks to stay out of Facebook Jail! And maybe we may help you escape one if you’ve already been imprisoned!

What is Facebook Jail?

It may come as a surprise, but Facebook Jail has been around for a while. 

Back in 2019, Mark Zuckerberg initiated the reinforcement of stricter measures to protect the Facebook Community

As a result, the term “Facebook Jail signifies the ban of private profiles or business pages for a designated period.

An illustration of a jail cell with Facebook logo in the middle
Image from line

The reasons to be banned from using your Facebook account can vary and include:

  • Terms violations 
  • Spammy content 
  • Suspicious logins 
  • Hate speech 
  • Extremism

Upon committing any of these offences and violating Facebook Community Conditions, Facebook will ban you from:

  • Liking 
  • Sharing
  • Posting content
  • Sending friend requests 
  • Commenting on posts

So, if you ever notice someone mentioning “I am in Facebook Jail,” now you know that it means they broke one of Facebook’s Rules of Conduct.

What gets you sentenced to Facebook Jail?

Nobody enjoys reading never-ending pages of dull content. It’s boring, and often hard to focus on. 

Still, it may be a good idea to scan through the content of the Terms and Conditions page. It can help you understand the most important rules and avoid further trouble. 

Unfortunately, a lack of information on these rules can carry consequences. 

So, let’s make sure we don’t make any mistakes and end up in a dreaded Facebook Jail

Keep yourself awake and read the Terms of Service. Image from Tenor

Sadly, it does happen that even the best of us sometimes make a mistake. Suddenly, you may find you have accidentally violated Facebook laws. 

What happens next? Usually, what Facebook does upon being alarmed about potential spammer includes:

  • Suspending your account 
  • Ban you from Facebook login
  • Ban you from commenting, posting, and liking 

The consequences of being a spammer are harsh. So, let’s check out what actions should we avoid!

What are “spam actions” on Facebook?

We have all come across a spammer on our social media. Spam actions include any type of over-posting the same content or taking the same action multiple times in a row.

The following actions may be regarded as spam actions

  • Many friend request in a short period of time
  • Images and videos shares that are highlighted as spam 
  • Multiple posts of similar content
  • Excessive comments
  • Too much tagging
  • Overposting in groups too fast

We have some good news though! Facebook perceives older and more established accounts more favorably. So, if you have been on the platform for a longer period,  you are less likely to get banned

Even in cases where you have committed a violation, Facebook will spare you from punishment if you have a long and clean history with them! 

We are not suggesting you start spamming Facebook users just because you’ve had an account since Facebook’s early days. Spammers aren’t exactly a popular group with Facebook either. 

However, you may still be able to get away with a small violation granted you are a loyal Facebook user.

While Facebook is the focus of this article, we want to make sure that all of your social media accounts operate perfectly! 
In case you have a LinkedIn account, make sure to check our LinkedIn ShadowBan article to steer clear of any risk of suspension on this platform.

How long can you be sentenced to Facebook jail?

Nowadays, the inability to use your social networks even for a day can be quite annoying. 

As people of habits, we love to check our social media constantly. We also love to use them to stay in touch with our friends and family members.

So, being banned from using your Facebook profile is not a situation you will welcome with your arms wide open.

However, if you end up in this situation, you will probably ask a question: How long does Facebook jail last? 

When Facebook puts you in “jail”, the final sentence often varies depending on the violation. Generally, you can get sentenced to a short-term ban or, if you are unlucky, to an everlasting one. 

Two astronauts talking to each other:
Astronaut 1: "One hour on this planet is 7 years on Earth."
Astronaut 2: Great! We will wait here to get out of facebook jail."
Image created in-house

Short-term sentence – Access to Your Facebook Page is temporarily blocked

A short-term ban means that you will not be able to access your account for a short amount of time. 

It ranges from a few hours ban to a maximum of 21 days. After that, you get your account back. 

We genuinely hope you will not get any type of sentence. However, if you do, short-term ban is not too terrible, right?

Long-term sentence – Your Facebook Page Is Permanently Suspended

An everlasting or permanent suspension means that you can no longer access your account as it has been deleted. Unfortunately, you will not be able to retrieve your account.  

Permanent suspension or a so-called “life sentence” applies in two situations:

  • When you repeat spam actions, or
  • Take forbidden actions punished by Facebook. 
Actor Liam Neeson talking on the mobile phone. The text in white says: "I have a particular set of skills that always get me thrown into Facebook Jail."
Image by Convosight

What are the consequences of being sentenced to Facebook Jail?

Rarely any wrongdoing goes without consequences. Hopefully, your offence was not too big, and your consequences are mild. However, in an unfortunate turn of events, your punishment can have some dire repercussions.

For advertisers and company managers, both temporary and permanent suspensions can result in a significant loss of time and money spent on the account development.

As a business owner, to ensure you don’t end up in Facebook Jail, try to avoid doing the following:

  • Using fake accounts
  • Posting nudity or sexual content
  • Using hatred and threats directed to a group or an individual
  • Posting content related to self-abuse 
  • Posting racist and discriminatory content

Any of these actions can result in people assuming that your business is a scam. And rumors travel quite fast on the Internet.  

Violating Facebook rules may lead to:

  • Negative feedback
  • Bad reviews 
  • Audience loss 
  • Client dissatisfaction 

A disastrous outcome for any business that you should prevent from ever happening!

What is the purpose of Facebook Jail? 

Every successful company wants to serve its clients to the best of their ability. Facebook is no exception. Facebook wants to ensure their users protection and satisfaction with their service. 

Social media channels are a fantastic resource of valuable knowledge, inspiration, and ideas. Channels help people stay in touch, and allow them to create communities that can be extremely beneficial. 

Still, it may happen that a user may be subjected to an offensive post, hate speech, or extremism. As a result, Facebook developed the infamous “jail” with a purpose to ensure security and respectful behavior towards its users. 

By putting accounts in “jail”, Facebook is minimizing discrimination and disrespectful content!

Light red background with two-dimensional letters in grey and white saying: "Good Vibes Only."
Image by Gympass

How do you know if you are in Facebook Jail?

Unfortunately, you are not notified when your actions risk sending you to Facebook Jail. As a result, you might not even realize it until it is too late. 

Many users do not notice that their account is suspended. This happens because Facebook sends an email to the support inbox. It may happen that they don’t notify you at all! 

So, how do you know if you are in Facebook Jail then? 

Well, have you unsuccessfully tried to publish, like or comment on your Facebook profile? We are sad to inform you but you are most likely in jail.

If you have attempted to take actions on your profile and failed, it means that Facebook has suspended you.

Hopefully, you only got a temporary suspension and you will be able to get back to Facebook soon! 

You can still relax as Facebook ban will not block your Instagram account, so you will be connected to social media!

The image with the text notifying that the post has been blocked. The text says: "This Feature is Temporarily Blocked. You recently posted something that violates Facebook policies, so you're temporarily blocked from using this feature. For more information, visit the Help Center. To keep from getting blocked again, please make sure you've read and understand Facebook's Community Standards."
Image from Mainwashed

What can you access if you are in Facebook Jail?

For frequent users, Facebook Jail can be tough and irritating! Not only will you be unable to access your profile but Facebook will also ban you from chatting on Facebook Messenger. 

It is an extremely difficult situation, especially if you use Messenger to interact with your family and friends, or your clients if you are a company owner.  

Being trapped in this prison is frustrating. Even users who can still access their profiles will be put in a read-only mode, which can be extremely problematic if you are running a business.

In the very worst cases, Facebook will ban you from accessing your account!  

So, while serving your sentence the following actions will be put on hold:

  • Commenting
  • Liking
  • Posting
  • Messaging

Your Facebook Ads Manager will also be disabled and it may affect your online company. As all of these activities are central to operating a business on Facebook, you should ensure that you aren’t breaking any rules!

Don’t be devastated! Soon you’ll be able to post again! Image from Giphy

How to get out of Facebook jail early?

We would assume that all prisons are boring. Facebook Jail is probably not an exception. 

No one signed for a closed chat or scrolling around the feed without commenting and pressing like or share!

So, is there a way to make a prison break? Of course there is! 

Your ban can be lifted earlier than the assigned date. All you need to do is call Mark Zuckerberg on his personal phone and he will solve everything. So simple, right?

Finally free! Image from Giphy

In all seriousness though, the solution to escaping from Facebook Jail is to try and contest their decision with the Help and Support Center. 

If you are lucky and if Facebook establishes that your post didn’t violate the Rules of Conduct, they will remove the ban. 

If not, your only solution is to be patient and wait until you “serve the sentence.” 

Still, being banned from Facebook gives you an opportunity to do a detox and try other things such as:

An image presenting various logos of online social channels.
Ideas to pass the time while banned from Facebook. Image by Minterest

Tips to avoid Facebook Jail

If you want to remain a good citizen or if you’ve pulled off The Shawshank Redemption from a Facebook cell, you need to ensure you aren’t spammy and disrespectful ever again! 

Business owners should pay special attention not to spam since spamming will avert potential clients from checking out your offer. 

Overposting can lead to a further suspension because your content is against Facebook’s Community Standards. 

To avoid the bans and loss of audience, we have made a list of best tips to avoid ending up in Facebook Jail! Make sure to take a look at them!

A white cockatoo looks at camera through a hole in the wall of a cage. White text overlaid: "there is no prison that can hold me"
Image from Pinterest

Do not over-post – Keep Your Posting Frequency to 2 Posts a Day

You are not the Flash and you do not have to share a bunch of posts in only five minutes. 

In fact, there are numerous studies of facebook posting frequency citing that you should keep your business page posts to a limit of two a day.

Overposting will put you straight behind bars because you will be likely considered a spammer instead of a “hero.”

Nobody likes profiles that pop up every second with a new post. We are pretty sure you also either skip them or hide them from your wall. So, why be that person yourself?

The best way to ensure you are not spamming your followers is to take some time, ideally a few hours, between every post. 

This way, you will avoid the risk of account suspension and have time to check each post once more and make it even more attractive! 

Try to post regularly and moderately which will significantly diminish the chances of getting banned and will increase engagement with your followers! 

In case you do not have time for that, try to prepare a schedule beforehand for each of your planned posts. There are numerous excellent scheduling tools that you can try out to improve your posting time on social media!

Maury Povich is sitting in a studio with brick walls, and reading from a leaflet. The text on the image says: "If you're a spammer, there's a 100% chance you are!.. On our ignore list."
Make sure not to end up on the ignore list! Image from ImgFlip

Be original – Don’t publish other people’s content on Facebook

What do you enjoy more: the same picture that you have seen on every second profile or something new, funny, and exciting? We are quite sure the answer is the latter! 

Everybody loves originality and uniqueness. It is innovative, makes a better impression, and is usually extremely engaging since it deals with the current topics. 

Even Community Managers recommend that you post original content for various reasons including lower risk of an blocked account and ending up in Facebook Jail.

Make sure to avoid plagiarism, as this is a sure-fire way to land in Facebook jail. Be creative and think outside the box.

Original content will increase trustworthiness, attracting both your current audience and new users to engage with your content! 

What’s more, you will have a one-of-a-kind profile with a unique vibe! 

Finally, the more original the content, the less the chance to be marked as spam by other users. Take into consideration that originality applies to text and links as well! 

We have listed some fantastic ideas to ensure you are always fresh, up to date, and original!

  • Make sure to post high-quality content.
  • Keep in mind what your audience loves and is interested in.
  • Always aim at triggering an emotional response.
  • Offer incentives if you are a business owner.

Mix up your content offering – make video content, infographics, blog posts – variety is key for audience engagement.

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Image from Quotes Master

Automated Software – Automated Scraping and Republishing

Even for people whose jobs it is to work with social networks, finding the time to post regularly can be a struggle.  

It is quite common that sometimes you don’t respond to every one of the thousands of messages you receive. 

Luckily for all social platform users, automation technology has evolved to the point that you can use it to maintain your social accounts! 

Automated software offers fantastic mechanisms that are time- and cost-effective for practically every online business.

However, you have to be aware that together with benefits, this software can also be a highway to Facebook Jail.   

What happens is that with automation, your Facebook activity is faster compared to manual work and you may end up unintentionally spamming your users. 

Inaccurate automation can increase the risk of alarming Facebook that you are a spammer or robot instead of a human. So, make sure to be careful when using the tools and we are sure you will enjoy great benefits in no time!

An illustrated image of a person standing in the middle of a navy blue background surrounded with automated software. The person is looking at the floating screen that gives him different automation tools: Automation Testing, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Big Data Testing, IoT Testing, Blockchain Testing, Performance Engineering, Security Testing.
Carefully use automated software. Image from TestingWhiz

Your followers are not always your friends – Remove Fake Followers

Unfortunately, not all of your Facebook followers are likely to be your most devoted fans

More likely than not, there will be a small percentage of your followers who dislike what you are posting and will be vocal about it. 

However, until they start trolling your content, you won’t know if you have an imposter in your audience. 

Why these people follow certain profiles and try to drag them down or destroy their reputation remains a mystery.

However, what may happen is that the “haters” decide to:

  • Report your posts 
  • Dislike your posts
  • Leave negative comments

The best solution here is to avoid conflicts by detecting those accounts and blocking them. 

Blocking these accounts will prevent them from being able to view your posts and take action against them. 

As a second option, you can denounce them to Facebook as trolls. Unfortunately, those who report other people’s posts as spam are usually using fake accounts.

Taking responsible action and notifying Facebook to deal with the issue will ensure that you stay on the safe side, while the troublemaker may end up in Facebook Jail

A flock of sheep, with a wolf in sheep's clothing standing in the middle.
Be careful with your followers! Image from Life Hack

Check before you tag – Don’t Over-do-it

You probably got tagged sometimes in a photo you were not even in! Truly pointless and slightly irritating, right? 

To prevent your audience from ever feeling this way, make sure not to tag people who are not in the photo. Also, do not tag those who are not connected to your post.  

Over-tagging in photos is an act of spamming, and guess what? Facebook punishes spammers with some time behind bars! 

So, always ensure that the users you are tagging know you and you know them. If you tag unfamiliar people, you might be reported as a spammer or a scammer. And Facebook has some strict rules for those!

Curiously, Facebook does not consider mentioning users in the comment section as an offence. So, in case you do need to tag people, do it in the comments and avoid being put in jail.

Screenshots of two Facebook activities. The first shot is a notification window showing three new notifications that a user has been tagged. The second shot shows an image of four friends smiling and a Facebook option to tag yourself on it.
Make sure to tag the right people! Image from wccftech

Use short URL links inside posts – URL Shorteners Work

URL links are also carefully scrutinized by Facebook. 

Improperly attaching links or repeating the same link can put you in front of the grand jury! And their decision is usually some time in Facebook Jail. 

Keep in mind that sharing the same link in multiple posts within a short period, just like any other form of over posting, can be considered as a spam action

In addition to this, let’s be honest, the longer the link, the less pleasing it looks. 

So, for aesthetic and legal reasons, you better try to shorten the URLs

Luckily, there are lots of useful websites such as goo.gl, wp.me, or bit.ly that can help you with this task.

Two screenshots of the same Facebook post. The screenshot shows a post with a short URL link vs. a post with a long URL link.
Always work with short links! Image from Moz

Keep your facebook business page info clear and updated

Facebook officials and users do not really enjoy accounts that are “mysterious”. On the contrary, they try to avoid them as much as possible. 

To stay out of Facebook Jail, make sure to always remain transparent about who you are. 

If you display all the relevant data in the Page Info and Page Owners sections, people will be less likely to report you. 

By clearly stating your information on your Facebook profile, you are showing your followers that:

  • Your profile is real
  • There is an actual person behind the profile 
  • You are not a spammer 

Even if they see something they do not like, they might write you a message instead of going straight to the three dots and report button.

A simple task for you that will ensure your safety and make your followers happy!

A person in a black hoodie with an indiscernible face. The face is completely dark. The background is black.
Show people who you are. Image from Digiconomist

Be careful when changing important Page information

Upon creating your private profile or business page on Facebook, they will require you to provide some necessary information.

The info you need to add includes:

  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Payment methods

The provided information is a proof of your legitimacy. Hence, any sudden change and action taken in these fields can alarm Facebook authorities.

We have already established that Facebook doesn’t like to have the red light turned on, and any action that may provoke it may put you in Facebook Jail!

Therefore, in case you really need to change any information, make sure to do it by the book. Also, upon changing the info, ensure that you are not using any Facebook advertizing tools for at least 7 days.

This way, Facebook will know that nobody stole your account or uses it for suspicious activity.

Illustration of Coyote chasing Roadrunner. The scene from Looney Tunes Cartoon.
Don’t be too fast! The faster you run, the bigger the chances Facebook will catch you! Image by BCNN1

Do not act like a spammer on Facebook. Period.

In case you haven’t remembered it by now, let’s repeat – Do not act like a spammer

The list of spam actions is a long one and it includes: 

  • Unoriginal content
  • Speedy posts
  • Overposting and over-tagging
  • Too many messages 

A particularly sensitive and easily disappointed group that you shouldn’t trigger with too many messages are your clients

So, avoid too many push messages and notifications for the promotion of your business. 

Your services might not interest some people. As a consequence they may report you for spamming their inboxes.

Do not cross the line and take your time when promoting your business page. 

Instead, try to have everything arranged and scheduled. In the long run, it is better to work a little longer to achieve the goal, than to lose everything because you have become Facebook’s prisoner!

A woman in a grey dress sitting at the office desk, holding a computer mouse. There is a telephone, file cases, and a computer screen on the desk. The woman laid her upper body on the desk and covered herself with a huge number of white sheets of paper that have red letters on them saying "spam."
Do not be a spammer. Image from Forbes

Use a single device. Logins from all over the world looks strange…

One simple rule to follow when it comes to Facebook accounts is not to have more than ONE on ONE device. 

Be prepared, if you are using more than one account on your phone or computer, Facebook might once again think you are a spammer. 

Unfortunately, if Facebook decides to prosecute you, there is a high risk that all of the accounts will be blocked, rather than only one. 

On the bright side, at least you have some company in Facebook Jail! 

However, to avoid any risks make sure to link no more than one account on your device, especially if you are a business owner. 

Make sure to inform employees who work on the company’s Facebook account that they should have only this page open on their working computer. 

Then, you are ensuring your staff is fully focused on their work, and you stay on the safe part of the law!

A man holding a cup of take-away coffee and a phone. He is searching his Facebook profile on his phone.
One account – one device. Image from Medium

Avoid inappropriate content on Facebook

The truth is – nobody who followed the code of conduct ever got in trouble! It’s a general rule that can also be applied to Facebook users.  

Following Facebook’s directions is a sure way to stay out of Facebook Jail. One of these directions is that you should only post appropriate content. 

If you are interested to learn more about what kind of posts you should refrain from posting you can find more information in the Community Standards, specifically in the Safety and Objectionable Content sections. 

In short, you should avoid posting text, photos, and videos that imply

  • Discriminatory speech
  • Violent content
  • Sexual content
  • Sexual solicitation
  • Cruelty and insensitivity 

If you violate some of the terms with your posts, the posts will be deleted and you will be jailed

And as we have mentioned, Facebook jail goes along with the complete temporary or permanent loss of your page, which can be the end of your business as well.

Need more? Make sure to read about posts that are not allowed on Facebook, and secure your Facebook freedom and your followers’ happiness.

Be careful, and stay out of trouble!

It’s important to remember here: better safe than sorry! If you’re not sure whether your content will breach Facebook Community guidelines, just don’t post it.

An older lady with grey hair, holding her purple glasses at the edge of her nose and looking. The text on the image says: "'The Grandma Rule,' Don't post anything online that you wouldn't want your Grandma to see!"
Think and check before you post something. Image from Blogger

What should you remember to avoid having your facebook business page end up in Facebook jail?

Most marketers depend on the media they share as a key component of their customer communications, so make sure you upload the best content your customers want. 

Being held back by a reckless action will cost you your audience, not to mention valuable time, and money.

Facebook’s terms are something you have to pay attention to constantly, especially if it is the platform that you use to run a business. 

Take into consideration that Facebook’s terms & conditions are ever-changing. So if you are unsure if something is wrong, reread the community guidelines or seek advice.

Remember! Spamming is still the first reason that pages get suspended.

If your social media posts are relevant, original, entertaining, and honest, you are on the right path to staying out of Facebook Jail. 

Moreover, your customers will reward you with likes, shares, comments, and a lot of screen time. 

Make sure to follow our Best tips to avoid account suspension and we can assure you that you will be miles away from getting into Facebook Jail.

Need help scaling and managing your social media? You know that’s what we do right? Check us out and get in touch, Klint Marketing.

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